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Interview with Jade Seah

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I was given the honour to conduct a short email interview with Jade Seah recently and I'm so excited to be sharing it with you guys today!!! :D

First of all, here's some background information about Jade! :)
"Jade is the founder of online boutique maryjulian ( Jade first came into the spotlight in the local media scene when she took part in the 2006 Ms Singapore Universe Pageant, where she bagged the title of ‘Ms Photogenic’ and also emerged as first runner-up...[She] join[ed] Mediacorp Studios as a full-time Artiste in 2006...Seen as a role model for young women, Jade was chosen to front numerous successful campaigns for reputable brands such as Nivea Visage, Fisherman’s Friend and Ciba Vision. Not one to rest on her laurels, Jade believes in constantly striving for greater things. After five years in the media industry, she decided to take a bold step toward fulfilling one of her biggest dreams – starting her own fashion label."

And yes, Jade is definitely a role model to me!
She has the looks, she's got the brains, and she's definitely got the style!

Read on to find out more about Jade and...
I know it's hard, but try not to fall in love with her heheh! :p

Pictures credit to 
Edited by: Rachell Tan

Inspired by the love of Mary and Julian, my grandparents, and their sense of style, maryjulian was created, with its modern take on vintage styles. Designed for the independent woman who likes to create her own style, maryjulian is stylish but never lavishly follows trends.

While from a simple background, my Peranakan Gran, Mary, has always stressed the importance of being neat and presentable. You’d never catch her or Grandpa even going to the nearby shops or market dressed sloppily. There’s always been a sort of basic minimum standard, like combing one’s hair, wearing clean and neatly pressed clothes, and putting some thought into mixing and matching one’s clothes.

It was not an easy start for them, but my grandparents were very much in love and in true love story style, they managed to overcome the odds and were married for more than 50 years. They were very close, right till my grandpa’s death three years ago. Gran still feels the loss, and it was this ‘never-ending love story’ that inspired me to create maryjulian.

I find beauty in juxtaposing elements; modern pieces with vintage elements; classic cuts with unconventional details, tomboy shapes with girlish details.

Quality pieces that will not easily go out of style are favoured; find dresses that can easily be dressed up or down to suit various occasions, separates ripe for layering and instant wardrobe updaters that will go with and refresh your current wardrobe.

The dream is for every woman to not only look gorgeous, but to truly feel and believe that she is. The quality of a garment; its cut; the way it drapes and falls, the feel of the fabric against the skin, are all factors that affect one’s final look.

Quality is key and the devil truly is in the details.

The maryjulian philosophy is very much a mirror of my own personal style – I love juxtaposing elements when dressing; modern pieces with vintage elements; classic cuts with unconventional details, tomboy shapes with girlish details. Quality is key, good material is king, and interesting details excite me.

I do like to borrow from the boys – men’s shirts, tee-shirts and slim-cut pants and berms – but I always mix these with a touch of femme – I still love being a woman! Men’s slouchy tops are great for balancing out short, fitted bottoms, or tucked into a form-fitting pencil skirt.

I am up to date with key trends and I take inspiration from elements that I like in each season, but I’m not ‘trendy’ in that most of my favourite and most-worn pieces I have kept and worn for years – impossible with truly ‘trendy’ pieces. Quality pieces that will not easily go out of style are hence what I look for.

I also love dresses as they are great for I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days – better if they are dresses that can easily be dressed up or down to suit various occasions; with sneakers and a casual duffel for day, with sexy, strappy sandals and a tiny clutch for events and dinners. Similarly for separates – I look for those ripe for layering and piling on the accessories, and also for instant wardrobe updaters for each season to keep my look current – ones that will go with and refresh what’s in my current (and ever-expanding!) wardrobe.

I wouldn’t call them ‘must-haves’ but my many tee-shirts are ‘mainstays’ and ‘go-tos’ for days when I’m uninspired or need to pull something together fast. I love tee-shirts – mostly in a boyfriend, slightly slouchy fit. They go with everything – I like them tucked into a smart pencil skirt with a blazer for a smart-casual vibe; they dress down my sequin and lace (I love texture!) separates for day; perfect foil for piling on the accessories when paired with a simple bottom like a pair of well-worn jeans; with shorts and kicks for an easy, comfy, run-errands outfit…everything, really!

The plan has always been to be an internationally recognised brand. If the time is right to set up a brick and mortar store, and if we deem that this will move us closer to this vision, then we will.

I love fashion, and it has always been a dream for me to establish a fashion label. I enjoy coming up with designs, and the greatest satisfaction is when customers tell me they love wearing my clothes, or when I spot ladies looking fabulous in my designs.

I take inspiration from my travels and from people and things around me. There is so much beauty in the little things that surround us each day, and I have the luxury of meeting so many interesting people all the time that I’m (very thankfully!) not short of inspiration.

Trends really do come and go, but pieces that fit and flatter your personal body type will always make you look good. So invest in well-fitting pieces, and get to know a good tailor – whatever doesn’t fit properly, get your tailor to cut down and take in so it does.

Personal style is something that will never go ‘off-trend’, so don’t just blindly copy what’s ‘in’; take time to develop your own individual style.

Also, there is something really exciting coming your way
and I can't be happier to be a part of this! :D
My hand-picked maryjulian collection will be launching soon and it will be pretty awesome!
It will be a special selection of my favourite pieces from maryjulian designs and you'll be able to get them from Jipaban soon!

What to expect?
Striped knitted tops (my super favourite currently!!!), studded crop tops, a gorgeous graphic dress and aztec denim shorts!

This isn't the full collection yet but it looks so promising already :D
maryjulian had numerous impressive collections so far, but this is one of my favourite collections ever!
I'm quite certain that you girls will love it too :)

So keep your eyes peeled for maryjulian's upcoming launch!

I'm really thankful to be given a chance to interview Jade Seah, and I'm hoping that in the near future I'll get to see her in real life and take a picture with her!! :D
There is so much to learn from her amazing personality and her drive to improve herself constantly
without any signs of complacency despite all her successes!

If you'd like to know more about Jade,
do check these links out!
Twitter & Instagram: @jadeseah

And it's shopping time! :)
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Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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