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MARIGOLD HL Yoga Singapore 2012

In celebration of World Osteoporosis Day in the month of October,
MARIGOLD HL Milk presented its first signature event “MARIGOLD HL YOGA SINGAPORE 2012” at Fort Canning Park on 14th October! :)
This event was proudly presented by MARIGOLD HL Milk in support of Osteoporosis Society (Singapore) aimed at promoting a healthier, balanced lifestyle and stronger bones amongst Singaporeans.

Yina  and I were a part of this event too, thanks to NuffnangSG! :)

It was an extremely heartwarming sight to see an overwhelming number of about 500 yoga participants getting together super early on a Sunday morning for this exciting event! :)

I'm usually late for almost everything (oops!)
but because I was really looking forward to it, I made the effort to wake up at 4AM to prepare
and so I was one of the earliest to reach that day hehe! :)

I did yoga back in school for some PE lessons before and I remember my teacher saying that it's really good for your body,
so when I got to know of this event I was more than happy to join it! :)

One of MARIGOLD HL’s missions is to raise awareness of osteoporosis so that can people can take steps to prevent it through better nutrition and exercise,
and it’s widely reported that Yoga is an exercise that can build bone health and increase bone mineral density.
Also, by loading up on calcium early through drinking milk, it prevents degenerative bone disease such as osteoporosis.

So this event with a mass Yoga session plus MARIGOLD HL as the organizer is perfect in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day! :)

Yina and I all dressed up in yoga pants for the occassion!
Okay.. maybe not real yoga pants but it's still suitable for it! :p
Mine was a pair of super comfy and soft Harem Pants from a shop at $15 cause sports shops were selling yoga pants for $79.90 hahah!

We first had breakfast at the VIP tent catered from Four Seasons
and my favourites were the Egg Sandwich and Fried Bee Hoon!
Super yummy and they definitely perked us up early in the morning! :D
I think I had 3 servings of the sandwich and 2 helpings of fried bee hoon.. plus I also had char kueh, fried crab meat claw, sping rolls etc.
What a heavy breakfast lol!

But not to worry, we did give our bodies some time to digest before doing the yoga! :)

The event was hosted by deejays from Mediacorp radio stations from Class 95, YES 93.3 and Love 97.2,
and when we saw Jean Danker, Yina and I immediately went up to her to ask for a picture! :D
She's sooo pretty and I love her gorgeous eyes!

Before the mass yoga session commenced, there was first a Wellness Bone Health Talk by the President of Osteoporosis Society (Singapore).
Did you know that unlike the usual misconception that Osteoporosis is a women's disease, men can suffer from it too, although at a later age?
Women get it earlier because of menopause when there is a rapid loss of bone mass
and excessive bone loss causes bone to become fragile and more likely to fracture.
So it's equally important for both men and women to lead a balanced and healthier lifestyle to properly care for their bones! :)

And we all received a participant pack with yoga mat included!!
I got the blue mat and Yina got the pink one, so pretty!! :D

After the talk, the hour-long yoga session began!
It was such an honor that we were led by the famous and experienced Yoga Master (also the World Champion 2008-2009), Master Yograttan Dev Kapil,
and his instructors from One Wellness Fitness Club! :)

Ahhh my lost and confused expression got captured :x
When the yoga session started, I was so lost and couldn't catch up at the beginning
But I slowly got used to the pace and did alright in the end, if I do say so myself hahah
At least I know I tried my best! :D

Huge thank you to Jayne and Gabby (yay Nuffies!!) for helping us take the pictures! :)

After several poses, Master Dev said "Okay now we're done with the stretching"
and my instant reaction was "You mean that was only the stretching??"

Hahaha I felt so fail cause I was already perspiring and panting at that moment!
But everyone around me looked fine...
Note to self: Please exercise regularly, you're getting weak!!

And then the real deal started!

I wouldn't deny that it was challenging for me, but it was still so much fun doing the different yoga poses with everyone! :D
The air was crisp and fresh at Fort Canning Park, the weather was friendly that day, all our spirits were high and we were doing yoga which is extremely beneficial for our body!!

Some of us (me included!) actually "rolled over" and stumbled in some positions cause we couldn't balance and it was pretty funny
but nobody gave up and we all gave it our best! :)
There were many instructors who walked around to guide us as well whenever we struggled with the different positions so we were in good hands.

And check out how flexible these instructors are.
Many of them are probably middle-aged but their bodies are very toned and slender!
I am officially a huge fan of yoga and am seriously thinking of signing up for yoga lessons :p
Sorry for being kiasu but I really want to get their kind of figures at 50 the healthy way (no lipo, no surgeries etc), it would be a dream come true!!
Plus of course the numerous health benefits yoga can offer ;)

Stretch, stretch and stretch! :D
Master Dev told us about how the different positions affects the body
such as how some postures can stimulate the pancreas, prevent constipation, give you better blood circulation etc!
I really like his way of guiding us because he explains to us what we're doing exactly, he makes things lively and humorous,
and he says stuff like, "We can't do that (pose)? Nevermind, we'll do it with one hand first!"
and simplifies it for those who have a hard time catching up :)

Yina doing her best, still with a happy face!! :D

There was an adorable little boy behind us! :)
At the start I saw him doing the yoga poses with his daddy too, but I think he got tired and settled for kachang puteh in the end~
So cute!!

We ended off the mass yoga session with breathing techniques which helps in circulation in your body and also relaxation!

Feeling a little weary after the hour-long yoga..
And the most refreshing feeling was indulging in a pack of MARIGOLD HL Milk right after it! :)

My favourite flavour of MARIGOLD HL Milk is the original one
because it tastes awesome both chilled and warm.
Sometimes when I can't sleep in the night, I will warm up my MARIGOLD HL Milk and then go to bed!
I think it really helps with sleeping better,
plus it is a lot less fattening than having supper because MARIGOLD HL Milk is low in fat! :)

MARIGOLD HL Milk is a specialty milk with superior nutrition providing those seeking a healthier lifestyle with the perfect balance of highs and lows daily.
It is HIGH in calcium, protein and vitamins and LOW in lactose and fats.
It also contains the unique BonePlus formulation with Vitamin K & D which work synergistically to assist in calcium absorption.

For better bone-health, an adequate daily intake of calcium, protein, vitamin D and such are essential to the body
and there is no better way to getting these than by drinking milk! :)

Yay for a balanced, healthier lifestyle and stronger bones!

Then there was a special Yoga Dance performance by Master Dev and his dancers.
Their flexibility and control over their body is simply breath-taking, especially Master Dev!

Through this event, I learned that it is important to have a good balance of exercise and a balanced diet rich in calcium such as drinking milk,
and that Yoga is a type of weight bearing exercise that can help build better bone health/increase bone density!

I'm going to make it a point to exercise more often (and sign up for yoga lessons if I can)
and drink milk daily (currently my fridge has 4 cartons of MARIGOLD HL Milk in Original and Chocolate flavour haha)!
Osteoporosis, I'm so not letting you get to me!! :p

Yina and I showing off our perfect balance!

Love your bones, love MARIGOLD HL Milk! :)

I really like the taste of MARIGOLD HL Milk since I was in secondary school
and it's not just yummy to drink on its own,
I often use it in cooking scrambled eggs, cakes, bread and what not too! :)

And we saw people taking pictures with this frame and we went over to join in the fun haha!

"Hey sexy lady...~"

Yina and I both got interviewed by Mediacorp! :D

And then the moment we've all been waiting for - The Carnival!!
There was a mini carnival set up at the side
and there were MARIGOLD HL games booths, free FRAX bone-health screening conducted by Osteoporosis Society (Singapore), an inflatable castle for kids, free popcorn and free candy floss at the snack stations, and a Rodeo Cow!

There was so much fun stuff going on we literally didn't know where to start!!

There was also a MARIGOLD HL cow mascot which was super adorable at the event
and I danced to Oppa Gangnam style with it hahaha!

Yina at the Pool Table!
Yina is really good at games, way better than I am
so I opted for just the easy games while she tried everything!! :D

Me at the Golf station, carrying my huge bag which looks super suspicious hahah
We later got smarter and placed our bags down at a corner of the games booth while we were playing the games :p

There was also a simple puzzle game where we could win a MARIGOLD HL glass cup if we clear it within 1 minute!
I like easy games where I can win hahah yay :p

Isn't the glass cup pretty?
I love cups with markers on it to tell you how much you've drank
cause I'll try to drink exactly to the measurements on the markers all the time hahah cheap thrill :D

Some of the other cute prizes we can win from the games!
These are rainbow LED star shaped lights!

Me at the Basketball booth!
I think it's meant for kids but I guess Yina and I were feeling super young at heart that day lol!

I loved the games booths and I miss all the simple games like this!
They're simple but they made me really really happy!
My brother saw these pictures and said "Whoa why like so fun like that!"
and I said "Yah it IS fun!!"

The pink and yellow LED Star Shaped Lights we won from the basketball game! :)

And then there was a MARIGOLD HL Milk booth where you have to balance the ball on a declined plane to try to get it to roll upwards towards you (does this make sense?) by the amazing laws of physics (which sadly I do not know of),
and the closer it gets to you, the better the prize you'll win!

The top prize was a Mystery prize and Yina was super determined in aiming for that!

I, on the other hand, was a lot less ambitious and aimed for my ball to not fall off the board and at least get into a hole for a prize and I will be happy enough HAHAH

It was a goodie bag full of cute MARIGOLD HL products - tumbler, towel, colour pencils etc!
Told you she was really good at games hahaha I must ask her to teach me!!!

Us with our prizes and looking all sweaty and quite cui from the yoga lol!

And yay, FREE SNACKS!!
We took the popcorn and candyfloss cause the queues were the shortest :D
And we allowed ourselves to eat all the snacks and food we wanted that day because we worked out!
Feels good to indulge and be guilt-free!

And then we challenged the highlight of the entire Carnival - the Rodeo Cow!
It's usually a Rodeo Bull like those you see from TV shows but a cow would definitely suit the event by MARIGOLD HL better! :)

I've honestly never seen a Rodeo Bull/Cow in Singapore before and was quite impressed that they had it there.
But I was initially reluctant to try it because I always see people get thrown off the bull and I was scared hahah
But Yina said it was a rare experience and we should both try it, and so we did! :)

Conquering the Rodeo Cow wasn't just about how much arm strength you have,
but also about getting the right balance to hold your place! :)

Just like having a balanced lifestyle and also doing the difficult positions in yoga, it's all about the perfect balance!

I think I managed to balance on it for 15 to 20 seconds before I got thrown off
SUPER THRILLING!! But I think I was sort of screaming and looked really unglam too lol
But I'm glad that I conquered my fear and got to try it, thanks to Yina hehe!

They were also giving away free balloons at the event and we borrowed it for a picture! :)
I'm glad that all the people there were so obliging and friendly
cause they made my Sunday morning even better than it already was!

All in all, the event was splendid and I couldn't ask for more! :)
An educational and informative talk to get things started, a good yoga work out, lots of nutritious MARIGOLD HL Milk for everyone, tons of fun games and prizes plus yummy indulgent snacks - my Sunday was perfect!

They mentioned that there is a possibility of a "MARIGOLD HL YOGA SINGAPORE 2013" next year and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

And hopefully next year, I will see more familiar faces so we can all participate together cause it's an event too awesome to miss! :D

Do "Like" MARIGOLD HL Milk's Facebook Page for more updates on the post event happenings,
pictures from the events
and also notifications should they hold another mass yoga session next year! :D 

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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