Monday, October 29, 2012

Rachell Tan x maryjulian

Remember my Interview with Jade Seah blogpost where I mentioned my hand-picked maryjulian collection which will be launching soon? :)

Wait no further because you can now purchase these pieces at! Yay!! :D

It's an amazing collection and I absolutely love every single design!
They're all super wearable, comfortable, chic and trendy,
and best of all, you can get them affordably at Jipaban!

I love the Arachnid Stud Top in all 3 colours because studded pieces are the best to pimp up a simple outfit!
Everyone can look effortlessly chic with this crop top paired with a basic pair of shorts :)

When it comes to studs, I personally feel that the quality matters a lot.
There are studs that are glued on and flat, which are usually the cheapest form of studs,
and there are those which are more three-dimensional and securely fastened on your apparels.
And as expected of maryjulian's standards, the Arachnid Stud Top uses the high quality gunmetal studs which won't fall off easily, which makes the top even more worth getting! :D

Arachnid Stud Top (White)

Another unique design about the Arachnid Stud Top which makes it so attractive is the gorgeous web design on its back!
It's sexy, it's enticing, but at the same time it's still conservative enough for those who don't wish to show too much skin :)
I personally think it adds an air of mystery to the person wearing it,
and this effect is further enhanced when you choose the Arachnid Stud Top in Black!

Arachnid Stud Top (Black)

But of course, too much of black and white clothes in your wardrobe wouldn't be fun.
So maryjulian's new launch also has an Arachnid Stud Top in a sweet cheery Yellow! :)

Arachnid Stud Top (Yellow)

Also, if you haven't already caught up with the graphic dress trend, you NEED to get this Coisley Graphic Dress from maryjulian!
Graphic dresses are all the rage right now and they don't only look trendy and classy, but they're also extremely flattering to the figure!

And there's just something about the psychedelic prints on the Coisley Graphic Dress that makes it so eye-catching and alluring, and it is currently one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe! :)

Coisley Graphic Dress

In addition, the optical illusion design incorporated into this dress further enhances your figure to give you an hour glass silhouette!
Best choice for a more formal and sophisticated event :)

But on lazy days when you simply don't feel like wearing anything tight-fitting
or when you feel conscious about your tummy (or if you're going for buffets or a big meal),
conceal that little tummy bump with this snuggly knitted pullover from maryjulian! :D

One thing I love about the Reight Striped Pullover is how stretchy and comfortable the material is!
I wore it once on a warm sunny day recently, but the fact that it's knitted and long-sleeved didn't give me much problems at all :)
It's thin enough for our summer all-year-round climate, but comfy enough for you to even sleep in it!

Reight Striped Pullover (Navy)

It's uneven hems (shorter at front and longer at back) is also a simple but ingenious design!
I can fully appreciate this because I'm fond of tucking in my knitted tops at the front but I like it draping down gradually towards the back.
When my other knitted tops have hems of equal length, it can be quite a hassle to tuck so much material from the front into my shorts without significantly increasing the shape of my waist line, which can cause quite an unattractive bump from the side view :/

Thankfully I don't have this problem with the Reight Striped Pullover! :)

Also, if you've noticed, unlike other oversized / bat-wing long sleeved knitted tops, the sleeves of the Reight Striped Pullover is tight-fitting at the forearm.
And to me, this creates a very strong visual impact!
Sometimes, oversized clothes may make people look bulkier although they are slim in actuality.
But with the tight-fitting sleeves, it suggests to others that you're actually really slender, but just dressing down comfortably in something casual and oversized ;)

In all, the snug material, gorgeous choice of cutting and also design (I love thick stripes!) of the Reight Striped Pullover makes it my definite top pick out of this entire already impressive maryjulian collection! :)

And because it's so stretchy and wearable, it's an obvious MUST-HAVE for girls of all sizes!

Reight Striped Pullover (Black)

Last but not least, the new maryjulian collection hasn't forgotten about girls' undying love for denim shorts! :)
With its bright aztec details peeking out at the pocket, the Tyra Aztec Pocket Denim shorts is as versatile as your basic denim shorts, but even prettier.

For me, it's slightly longer to be worn as it is, but it fits perfectly when rolled up at the hem! :)

Tyra Aztec Pocket Denim

I'm so excited about this collection because the pieces are simply amazing and yet super wearable
and I'm sure you girls will love it as much as I do!
So remember to check out this awesome maryjulian collection which I handpicked

If you love this collection too, do feel free to drop me a comment on the NuffnangX app to let me know as it would definitely make my day! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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