Monday, October 8, 2012

Reelity Bites New Episodes!

It's been awhile since I blogged about Reelity Bites,
and since my previous post, there are 4 more new episodes (and more to come) of it on Reelity TV, yay!! :D

Whether you like me or you hate me, I think the one main entertainment of watching me on Reelity Bites is that you can see all my horribly un-photoshopped unglam angles and have a good laugh about it hahaha!
Even I look at those episodes and feel like laughing at my own face :p

Plus even in my own videos I can angle my camera so that I look good LOL
But on a reality show channel where I'm given tasks so difficult to cope with already that I don't even have the time to bother how to pose in front of the camera... I don't really have a choice, do I? :p

Unglam or ugly on videos, I guess it's quite okay afterall,
because it reminds us all that nobody is all that perfect-looking! :)
Especially when pictures online can always be photoshopped and people think that I/we have no flaws
when in actuality we have as much flaws as everyone else!
We're all the same everybody~~~ :D

Okay, I hope you all will enjoy the new episodes!
Let's go!

Watching the Amnesia episode again, I really miss my yellowish blonde hair!!!
It was one of my last episodes on Reelity Bites with yellow hair, so please do watch it! T~T

In this episode, I challenged (*ahem* I was forced to...) one of the SCARIEST games ever created - Amnesia!

Whether the game is scary or not, you decide,
but some people actually tweeted me that they got scared just watching the episode! O.O
And I tried my best to be brave for all of you okay... hahah okay maybe not :p

Watch it now!

Some screenshots of the Amnesia episode :D

LOL my face really cannot maintain..........
"bor bi bor bi tolong tolong save me zjdhskjd"

"SMLJ is this???!!!"

HAHAHA sorry my face really cannot maintain...

I think I almost got a heart attack recording this episode, so please watch it okay! :p

In this episode of Reelity Bites, I got to visit Battle Bunker at Funan IT Mall Level 5
where I got to see this giant armored statue, do some magic with my pixie dust (my favourite whoopwhoop!), play around with a dismantled bear head,
and maybe piss off one or two guys with my antics.. I don't know :p

Watch the Warhammer 40K episode here:

PIXIE DUST ~*+*~*+*~
okay fine it's just normal cheap glitter lol

Nobody hangs pig heads outside people's houses anymore, too expensive!
Hang these cheap bear keychain's heads instead! Quite cute and can show your softer side also lolol

I look kind of pleased in this picture
but Daniel (the shop manager) didn't seem to share my feelings..
hmm I wonder why~~

Hahahaha okay I was OBVIOUSLY pleased!

And with that expression, I guess I can qualify to be clingy girlfriend's best friend now as we share new strategies on how to cling onto our boyfriends even more!!! muahaha

LOL jokes aside, please check out the Warhammer 40K episode here! :)

And tadah!
The Fan Mail episode!

It's my first Reelity Bites episode after I dyed my hair black...
And it was a SUPER HORRIBLE bad hair day T~T
Honestly speaking one of my worst-looking episodes ever because I was SOOO not used to handling my new black hair at all (now got experience liao!) and it looked mega cock lah!
Plus I had a huge hole in my fringe and I didn't know T~T

also imho, the episode was really funny hahaha!
Must watch from the beginning till the end!
Here's a side of me you'll never get to see on my blog, ever :p
Forget about the un-chioness, it's one of the best episodes on Reelity Bites so far if I do say so myself!!! :D :D

And finally, here's the latest episode of Reelity Bites
in which I stepped out of my comfort zone totally and put my own life on the line!
I played with FIREARMS!!!

When it comes to shooting games like CS and L4D2 I'm ALWAYS a burden to my friends,
wasting health packs, accidentally provoking the witch, and needing them to protect me from zombies and whatsoever but not contributing to the kills at all..

So remember to watch how this burden in shooting games fares when she plays with REAL guns! :X

Me trying to look as cool and as secret agent-y as possible :D
Never hit the target nevermind, at least must try to look cool and zai!!

What's the story behind the two producers, Fin and Joshua, and I in this picture?
And what's with my smug expression?? :O
MUAHAH! Find out by watching this episode:

Again, thank you guys for supporting Reelity Bites so far! :)
Please do watch out for more upcoming episodes of Reelity Bites (and many other shows) on Reelity TV!

There are A LOT of exciting new episodes coming up but I don't want to be a spoiler heheh you'll just have to wait to find out :p

Last but not the least, super big thanks to Fin, Joshua and Rudy for all the effort they've put into Reelity TV all these while!
All these exciting experiences wouldn't have been possible at all without them :')
Thank you guyssssss!

And to you all who are reading this post, I love you all!! :)

This section is for online sites or shops who are keen in advertising on Reelity Bites / Reelity TV! :)

The advertising part is quite a new thing, so the advertising rates are probably lower than they will be in future...

Please contact the producers of Reelity TV for the advertising rates here:

So far, we have done a few episodes (the recent ones) with sponsored apparels from some blogshops, so you can go take a look! :)

I really look forward to working with more of you because it will be a good exposure to your website!
I feel that the crowd that Reelity Bites reaches is way more than my humble blog alone can achieve, so it's definitely a platform worth looking into! :)

I'm also thinking of posting an additional instagram shoutout on my personal ig account @pxdkitty (apart from the crediting on Reelity Bites episodes) for blogshops that advertise on Reelity Bites,
if the producers are agreeable to it :)

Lengthy post, but thank you all for reading once again!
Love you!!!

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