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Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

I met up with Ting recently for a lunch date and also Thai massage! :)

I don't usually get to meet my friends much because they're either busy with school or work,
and thankfully it was Ting's recess week so I got to meet her yay!

Ting is one of my best friends from VJC (all my friends from vj are damn smart, but please don't ask me why I'm like that hahah)
and how first we met was quite... amusing!

So I used to be in the House Committee for Phoenix house in VJ, and Ting was from House Comm for Aquila.
And there was once there's a VJ-versus-some-other-school floorball match and the House Comm people went down to cheer for VJ (but we all didn't really know each other yet).
There I was cheering with my high pitched voice for my classmate who was in floorball,
and then from a distance away I heard similar high pitched screams and I looked over,
and then I saw this pretty little girl and immediately I knew I wanted to be her friend!
Plus she was holding onto the same pink metallic Sony Ericsson phone as I was!!
But I didn't approach her then cause I was shy~~ LOL

(this might look quite ancient to some of you younger peeps hahah)

So after that day, I went to tell my classmate about how I saw this girl cheering at the floorball match who was similar to me
and somehow Ting told her classmate (also from floorball) about me,
and both our classmates from floorball are like BFFs
and so through some cute coincidence, I got to know Ting hahah!

And even though we don't meet very often,
when I met Ting the other day,
our likes and dislikes and our habits are still soooo similar it's quite freaky hahaha!

We ate at Pasta de Waraku (The Central) and ended up choosing the same Spicy Soup Pasta
and we both have the habit of adding lots of chilli flakes into our cream based pastas haha!

Ting is another one of those girls in my life who look good even without make up (unfair!!!)
just like my elder sister and my cousins all T~T
Why am I the only one who can't live without it omgdjsfh
Okay, sometimes applying make up is quite fun.. sometimes only. But removing make up is always a chore!

I'm so hungry and tired (I only slept for 3 hours) but I'll try to smile for a picture *weak smile*

Ting and I coincidentally both ordered soup pastas because we like things that are wet hahah
Err.. I mean like soggy Hokkien Mee, cream pastas that aren't too dry etc!
Do you guys like soggy food too?
Cause my mum says I'm a bit gross for liking all the mushy food though lol!

Nevermind! Look at the watery egg omg! :D
Looks good right?
Yeah.. especially if you're looking at this at night and all the cravings start coming in :S

Then after lunch we spontaneously decided to go for Thai massage at Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage! :D
I only had 3 hours of sleep prior to meeting Ting and my shoulder and neck muscles were super stiff from long hours in front of the computer so I really needed some perking up from a massage,
and Ting had cheerleading training in the evening so a massage to help relax the muscles first could really help her as well! Yay!

Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage
49A Boat Quay
Singapore 049838
Tel: 6536 3306
Mon - Sat: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
(Walkable distance from Clarke Quay MRT and Raffles Place MRT)

Looking all excited to go in!
Thankfully the place was easy to find because I'm quite bad at directions hahah :p

You can check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sabaaisabaaithaimassage
And it's quite a well-known Thai massage boutique with lots of people leaving good testimonials! :)

The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by the pretty rose petals on the floor, soothing music, a nice relaxing ambiance and their super friendly staff -
perfect first impression!

Then they helped us cleanse our feet and served us ginger tea before commencing the massage!
I love the scrub that they used on our feet cause immediately after cleansing, my skin feels super soft and nice woohoo!

Happy faces cause we're feeling super pampered already! :D

A peek inside the massage rooms! :)
Feels like I'm in Thailand heheh
I love that feeling of being overseas but I'm not really overseas! Does that make sense? :p

We were allocated to one room each and were told to get changed into the outfit they provided!

If you know me, I'm a very conservative person and am extremely shy about showing people my body even if it's a female therapist hahah :x
So I don't always go for massages cause I'll feel embarrassed lol
but I'm really really glad that Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage doesn't require me to take off my clothes at all! :p
And to me, that's one major plus point for them and I will definitely go back to them for more massages in future!
I think a number of girls might share the same concerns as me about taking off our clothes for massages, so if you're going to Sabaai Sabaai, you won't have to worry! :)

Yes, we're all ready for our massage!!!
We chose to get the Traditional Thai Massage that day :)
They have other choices such as Aroma Thai-Oil Massage, Foot Massage etc as well.

Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage specializes in traditional Thai massage
and this Thai style massage uses both palm, thumb, elbow & feet to concentrate on the pressure points of your whole body depending on your preferences pressures.

I chose the medium pressure and it was perfect for me!
Intense enough to target problem areas, and bearable enough for me to enjoy the massage completely! :)

During the massage, the therapist will provide therapeutic stretching for your body, apply the right pressure at spots you would never be able to hit by yourself, help you tone your energy lines etc,
and it simply leaves you rejuvenated immediately after it!

Unlike your usual massages, traditional Thai massage requires a lot more proper training (and to practice it you actually need to be certified!) because the therapist will be stretching your body from top to toe,
and the amazing after-effects aren't something you can just achieve from going for normal massages!

The therapists at Sabaai Sabaai are all extremely skilled and also certified therapists.
And being reputed for their awesome skills since 2009, it's no wonder that they're a must-visit tourist spot in Singapore as well!

Even the brief head massage they concluded the session with was really good!
It definitely ended the massage with a perfect closure :)

After the massage, I felt super revitalized and my muscles weren't tight anymore!
It was my first time having Thai massage and I'm in love with it!
In fact, it's easily the best massage I've ever gotten! :D
The therapist was able to apply pressures at the exact spots I told her were tight and problematic for me (especially neck and shoulder), and she helped me relieved a lot of muscle tensions in other parts of my body,
and although the session was only about an hour long, my body felt restored as if I just had 8 hours of sleep! Amazing!

At the boutique, we also saw a few working adults going for massage as well
and Ting and I were saying that they might be there during their lunch break for some perking up from all the tiring work stuff too!

Ting, who had an ankle injury before the massage, said that her ankle felt better after the massage and she later texted me at night that she was able to hit her stunts during cheerleading training thanks to the massage! :D

I also read online that Thai massage can help provide greater potential of physical and athletic skills
and prevent joint sprains, muscle strains and tears and re-injury to previously traumatized joints and muscles, which I think is applicable to Ting's case!

So for people who often do sports (both boys and girls!), you might want to consider going for traditional Thai massage from time to time to help with your performance!

Huge thanks to our therapists at Sabaai Sabaai who were so patient, professional and sweet to us!
We'll definitely be going back for more massages in future!

:D :D

And thankfully, the prices at Sabaai Sabaai are super reasonable and value-for-money considering their effectiveness and awesome skills, so we can go back there often! :D
They also offer packages if you're a regular customer so you can save more!

Took instant photos with their therapists and left our testimonials for Sabaai Sabaai! :)

If you're interested in going for massages, or for Thai massages in particular, Sabaai Sabaai is one that I will personally recommend! :)

Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage
49A Boat Quay
Singapore 049838
Tel: 6536 3306
Mon - Sat: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
(Walkable distance from Clarke Quay MRT and Raffles Place MRT)

Ending off this post with a picture of us and our big baggy clothes, hahah totally unplanned!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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