Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Staycation (MBS) Part 1

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I just realised I have a ton of pictures of places I went and stuff I did that I haven't updated yet!

I'll try to catch up asap!!!
I'm sorry :(

But by the time you're reading this post, my face is probably as swollen as a chipmunk because I'm getting 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted in a few hours!
I'm quite scared for it actually....
So if I do post any pictures for the next few days, it's probably a "hey look at my oversized swollen cheeks" or "oh look I'm a chipmunk" kind of picture hahah!

I'm actually.... going for braces soon!
Will update this space about it if you girls are keen :)

This is going to be largely a picture post cause my brain isn't working much at 3am so I can't type properly anymore... T~T

Anyway, here's a few pictures from my "fake holiday" in Singapore with my family hehe!
I think it's called staycation but that term felt a little too formal, idk :x
We booked a hotel at Marina Bay Sands and had an amazing night view (and day view) of Gardens By The Bay!

I think I was the only one in my family who took this as a real holiday lol!!
I even packed a luggage properly like I would if I went overseas okay hahah
My mum and my brother still left some of their stuff at home and went back to get it once, cheat one :p

I even brought a hair curler along with me :)

Camwhoring in the hotel room!
See my cute otaku boyfriend playing with his handphone games behind
HEHEHE otaku :p

Lots of OOTD shots because I really liked this outfit!
I was wearing a fake collar from by the way! :)

And then we went to buy chocolates at Chocolate.Candy.Delicatessen!

Talking about chocolates.. I think I'll go get some now, brb.

okay done, I'm back with a nutella sandwich ;) ;)

What's better than chocolate?
Chocolate wrapped in super cute and pretty packaging!
I'm a sucker for packaging sometimes..

And my boyfriend bought "manly" chocolate hahaha!
He says it's damn shiok because they put real jack daniel's in it, not just an essence or whatever
*shudder* sorry I can't appreciate any alcohol at all :/

My lil bro, sister, boyfriend and I shared the food!

Their bread and butter pudding tastes amazing!
It's one of the best warm non-chocolate desserts ever :D

MBS' Ciabatta bread... I'm officially addicted to it!
Idk how bread can tastes so damn good but it just does o.o
I can probably eat their bread with butter everyday for the rest of my life haha!

Bright and early the next morning!

We were planning to go to GBTB later on (will blog about it in the next few blogposts!) that day :D

Some step deep in thought step one rise and shine and happy to be awake so early shots hahah

You know what.. I'd actually rather be lying in bed sleeping with the cosy soft hotel blankets..

Good hair day I suppose!!!
RARE!!! ^~^


My OOTD shot for the day!
Floral tank top/mini dress from :)


It's just that it's really late now and I have to get up early for wisdom teeth extractions tomorrow and I need to sleep and my brain is crashing already :(

I will blog properly about the staycation (and many other posts) when I've recovered from the wisdom teeth extractions!
Promise promise promise!

Swollen-cheeks-to-be signing off!

But still, I really want to thank you and you and you so much for reading!!! :)
Love you all!

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