Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

So I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and it didn't hurt one bit at all.
Heng ah :p
It's more of the fear of how my gums are healing and the bleeding that scared me hahaha!
But I'm given anti-swelling meds, medicated mouth rinse, anti-biotics and painkillers to help me cope with it :D

But thankfully the dentist I went to was really skilled and made the surgery as calming as possible for me :)

Wisdom teeth.. what a misleading name because it doesn't give anyone any extra wisdom at all :/

A wisdom tooth, in humans, is any of the usual four third molars.
Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25.
Most adults have four wisdom teeth.
Wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted or "coming in sideways.

Here's a picture I found from google of the types of wisdom teeth there are.
My bottom two wisdom teeth (which I had extracted) were the angular/ partial eruption one I think.
When I saw the X-ray of my wisdom teeth growing in this manner, I was quite grossed out.
It's like all the teeth grew out straight, even if it isn't perfectly straight which is why we need braces, but wisdom teeth look sooo freaky!

But because my wisdom teeth weren't fully exposed so I needed the doctor to cut up the gum to remove the teeth.
Sounds a lot scarier than it really is.. but trust me it didn't hurt at all! :)
The doctor will inject local anesthesia so you're fully awake but can't feel a thing on your whole mouth, tongue and lips!
I was still busy fretting over my failed macarons and thinking of baking cupcakes during the surgery,
it's good to distract yourself with happy thoughts lol!

Wisdom tooth removal usually is effective in preventing:
Crowding of the back teeth.
A wisdom tooth becoming stuck in the jaw (impacted) and never breaking through the gums.
Red, swollen, and painful gums caused by a flap of skin around a wisdom tooth that has only partially come in.
Gum disease and tooth decay in the wisdom tooth, which may be harder to clean than other teeth, or in the teeth and jaw in the area of the wisdom tooth.

No wonder I had that weird flappy gum at the back of my mouth which hurt when I brushed it for the longest time!
Not everyone will find it necessary to remove their wisdom teeth,
but I found the following points to consider on the same website if you're thinking of removing yours as well.

What To Think About:
If your wisdom teeth are not causing problems, it may be difficult to decide whether to have these teeth removed to prevent possible dental problems later in life.
You may never have any problems with your wisdom teeth.
In younger people (late teens and early 20s), the wisdom tooth's roots are not fully developed and the jaw bone is not as dense, so it is easier to remove the tooth.
The easier it is to remove the tooth, the easier your recovery is likely to be.
If you have a medical condition that may get worse over time and your teeth may cause problems, consider having your wisdom teeth removed while you are healthy.

For me, I removed my wisdom teeth for initially vanity sake because I wanted to put on braces
but with the wisdom teeth growing at such uncooperative angles at the back, my teeth was overcrowded at the bottom and I needed to make space for my braces if I want straight teeth.
But after surgery, I realised all the other benefits involved from it!
I no longer have to worry about wisdom teeth when I grow older, no more weird flappy and painful gum, it will be easier to clean my teeth now, lesser chances of the wisdom teeth being unclean and causing my other molar teeth to decay too! :)

The entire procedure only took about an hour for me and I think it's worth it!
One thing less to worry about :)
Just be really gentle with yourself after it because it's still a minor surgery after all!
Make sure you have nothing on for the next week after your surgery because you'll want to rest a lot.
I'm going to rest in bed after typing this :p

Also, you might have to go on a liquid/ soft food only diet for the next few days though
which is awesome cause it's a good time for your body to detox and lose weight muahah :p

Swelling of your cheeks and continuous bleeding for 24 hours is normal.
If you'd like to get yourself better prepared, you can google more about it to know what to expect too! :)
That's what I did and I found this website really helpful:

For the first day, I'm not allowed to eat, drink, rinse my mouth or lie down to sleep for 3 hours after the surgery.
The nurse told me to "watch TV at home" and I was like secretly super happy hahaha
What an awesome excuse to indulge in my anime without feeling guilty, yay!
Plus I will be so caught up in the anime, I won't have time to think of the wound in my mouth too :)

Now I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can start putting my braces yay! :D
Pretty teeth pretty teeth, come to me!

The dental clinic I went to was:

Dr Chia at Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons (The Central)
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-01
Singapore 059817
Nearest MRT : Clarke Quay
Tel : +65 6222 6220

Business Hours
Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday - 10:00am to 7:00pm ( By appointments only )
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Approx $2k for 2 wisdom teeth in my case, $2.9k (if i didn't remember wrongly) for all 4 wisdom teeth to be extracted
and it can be fully covered by MediSave (can use your parents' if you haven't start working yet)! :)

I was really happy with how everything went at Tooth Angels with Dr Chia because I felt super assured because Dr Chia is very experienced!
He also said some small jokes during the surgery so that I would relax and not be scared
and he kept encouraging me "no pain? very good! a little more to go! we're half done already!" :)
I really like assuring doctors because surgeries are always quite daunting no matter how brave you are.
Also, his nurses were really sweet to me!
They were so patient and told me what to do (hand gesture 0 to 5 to show the level of pain cause I'm not allowed to talk), my hand was at 0 the whole time cause no pain hahah!
And I went to the dentist without make up, cause the thought of removing my make up with my vulnerable swollen cheeks... not worth it,
but I felt super conscious because the first time I went I had full thick make up on, but one of their nurses told me kindly "you look nice without make up too, younger" :') I WANTED TO CRY!!!

So if you're having problems with your wisdom teeth and would like to get it removed, maybe you can try out Tooth Angels :)
I'm not sponsored by them at all but I really feel like their doctors and nurses are really sincere and professional and worth recommending!

Here's a picture of me when I went to the clinic the other day for my first dental appointment :)
Will update more about my teeth soon!

Thank you for reading!
Love you all :D

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