Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 3

I'm back with more WRWT: Dempsey Hill!

This is Part 3 of a series of posts so if you haven't read Part 2 or Part 1, please do! :)

After a long day spent walking around exploring Dempsey and trying out some really awesome food,
our sweet tooth was calling and we decided to have some desserts for a good closure!

The place we chose should be familiar to all of us,
Ben & Jerry's!

All of B&J's branches are always prettily decorated with bright colours and cute prints, 
but this particular B&J's is one of my favourite branches ever!
Wonderfully relaxing ambiance both indoors and outdoors,
beautiful decors and great service!

How to get to Dempsey Hill:

22 years old with no driver's license
but here, check out my cool new hippie ride :D

We actually went there near closing time so all the pictures I took are kind of dark,
but I think it adds on to the vintage rustic mood in these pictures! :)

I'm not too sure if they're really selling Fresh Baked Artisan Bread as stated on the dangling sign or even the drinks displayed so neatly on the shelves... but ohwell hahah
they're good for pictures anyway :p

Just like the major dilemma I get from choosing filter for my pictures,
there are too many yummy ice cream flavours from B&J's to choose from!!

Guess that's why they came up with this rainbow wheel thing to help you decide which flavour(s) to choose more easily hahah!

and would like to binge on TUBSSSS of ice cream,
I can't really eat too much of it because....
it's damn cold hahaha
and I'm not very tolerant of cold things cause I get cold easily T~T
I can take a lot of gross looking melted ice cream (maybe like.. milkshake?) though lol

If you were to see me eat ice cream in real life... you might feel a little uncomfortable, you've been warned :x

Anyway, because we had a super filling Japanese dinner before this,
the 4 of us decided to share the Maple Tree Hugger Sundae,
because it's their newest promotion or flavour I think and we saw a poster of it at the shop! :)

Damn, how nice would it be if I could have a banana split or double brownie special on a Waffle now.... b;

Ahhhhhhhh I look stoned here lol
Alcohol, ciggys or drugs? NO THANKS

I'd rather get high on ice cream and sweet stuff! ^~^

This reminds me!
I recently I received a few requests from people to ask me to model for their blogshops
(I think they only like my new black hair cause nobody liked me with my yellow hair which I liked a lot btw hahah),
but I have to politely reject everyone because of the very reason
I LOOK REALLY AWKWARD when other people take pictures for me T~T
My mummy took this for me and I looked at it and I'm like...

where should I look? how should i pose omgomg self-conscious did i blink? do i look funny?

I really have no model blood at all, I am sorry sweethearts!
The only time I can take semi-decent looking posey shots are when I'm ALL ALONE with my tripod stand,
unless you're willing to pass me all your collection's clothes and I'll pass them back once I'm done with the pictures etcetc.......
but I think it's super troublesome for everyone anyway.
So yes this is why models are models but I'm not a model~
Case closed :x

Much better! :)

Oh yes, I should say *ahem* here's a SELCA!
I recently just found out that selca (a term widely used among Korean celebrities) means self-capture or self-camera, which is like our "camwhore shot" "camho" "zi pai" or something along those lines.

SELf + CApture = SELCA

And there I was thinking it's an atas foreign word hahah

But when I told Martin about the term "selca" and told him it's a cooler way of saying "camwhore shot",
he replied "Eee, why would you want to call yourself SIAOKA (crazy person)?"
HAHAHA for me, there's never a boring day with my boyfriend around :p

Our Maple Tree Hugger Sundae with two other flavours of ice cream..
I think it was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownie!

Nothing better than having more than one B&J's ice cream flavours at once omg!
I love how the nuts were super crunchy and fragrant and leaves a really nice aftertaste that complements with the yummy and indulgent ice cream!
And their chocolate leaves taste like the chocolate bits in Phish Food (another B&J's flavour),
which is extremely rich, sinful but you can't help having more of it!

The new Maple Tree Hugger Sundae is definitely worth the try because it's as gratifying as the other B&J's flavours, especially if you're a fan of their ice cream!
If I were to describe it very simply, it's like maple syrup ice cream and reminds me somewhat of hotcakes in the morning...
Imagine having B&J's Maple Tree Hugger Sundae on top of steamy hotcakes in the morning... O.O

But my favourite part about B&J's is how they're never stingy with their portions
and their ice cream is always packed with so much ice-creamy goodness in every scoop! b;

Hi B&J's!
I fell in love with you ever since my first tub!
Thank you for your delicious ice creams that are able to cheer people up whenever they're upset! :)
After all, having ice cream is cheaper than seeing a therapist hahah

Lil brother and mummy!

Elder sis and I!

Peace, Love & Ice Cream!

We hung around till closing time because it felt so nice to just relax, chit chat and have ice cream without any worries!

And just as the shop was about to close, I hurriedly ran to the stage (where they would have performances by live bands some days of the week), and got my brother to snap this picture for me hahaha!

I think it's really fun to stand on stage and perform or sing and personally would love to do so, but unfortunately..
I'm not exactly blessed with nice vocals to sing on stage, or an amazingly flexible body that can dance nicely :/

There are actually many times where I dreamt that I AM ON STAGE in front of a HUUUGE CROWD
but there's never once a happy ending.
There was once when I dreamt that I had no idea what song they're playing in the background so I don't know how to sing it and end up standing on stage looking all stunned and being boo-ed by the audience,
and there was another time I actually sang but sounded extremely tone-deaf and woke up super grateful that it wasn't real


Even my dreams are mean to me omg
but okay if someone else told me they had dreams/nightmares like that I'd laugh so hard at them LOL

Look out for Part 4 soon!

Thank you for reading,
love you all! :)

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