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WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 4

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Are you guys bored of WRWT: Dempsey Hill yet?
Hahaha I really hope not!

But for today, it will largely be a picture post (and a camwhore post hahah) with less words,
plus I won't really be talking much about the food
because I've been writing so much about food lately I'm slowly turning into a food blogger...
I still want to talk about being vain and acting chio and all!!!

So for WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 4,
I went to Barracks at Dempsey House with my family & my boyfriend
for *ahem*... my brother's birthday dinner lol!

I think I blogged that the Japanese restaurant we went to previously was for my brother's birthday dinner..
but you have to understand that to my lil brother, there is no such thing as ONE birthday celebration,
but instead, numerous birthday celebrationSSSSSS :p

With his friends alone, he told me that he had 4 birthday celebrations already lol
so 2 birthday dinners with his family isn't that bad after all ;)

How to get to Dempsey Hill:

Check out my hair for the day! :)
It's a (very amateurishly tied) waterfall braid,
which isn't very obvious, but it was my very first attempt!
I'm sure I made mistakes but it doesn't bother me much so I left it alone yay!

I tried tying the left side after watching Promise Phan's Fall look tutorial once,
and my boyfriend saw me struggling with it so he tied the right side for me
(he did it based on how I tied my left side.. so he didn't know what in the world a waterfall braid was prior to this hahah!)

Promise Phan's Fall look video with the waterfall braids! :)

The menu at Barracks :D
My dad told me that the restaurant were British military barracks previously,
and it was the camp he was enlisted to during his army days hahah so cool!

But now it has been refashioned into an amazingly quirky restaurant!

Some pictures of Barracks!

I really wanted to try the Skinny Pizza but we all ended up ordering a main course each so we didn't have anymore stomach space for this in the end :(

Oh look, more ginormous pictures of myself!!!

Sometimes I wonder what people will think when I tweet or instagram that I'm having dinner with my family
but the pictures I take are ALL pictures of me.... :x

It happens mainly because my parents and siblings are shy so I usually don't take much pictures or post much pictures of them.
But sometimes I'll be like, "You guys should totally exploit the lighting here! *passes them camera* Camwhore as much as you want, I will photoshop for you and you can set as display pictures!"
But also cause of privacy reasons, I usually won't post much about my siblings unless they want me to! :)

The grumpy boyfriend waiting for his food!

"Omg yay!! I see the food coming!"

The redhead birthday boy! :D
Sadly, he just dyed his hair black yesterday and I was like NOOOO :(

I really like people with brightly coloured hair, and wouldn't have dyed mine black if not for....... some reasons T~T

But nevermind~
His redhead will no longer steal my limelight when we stand side by side in future hahah jk :p

They have quite a variety of exciting-looking fries at Barracks but I have no idea why we ordered the most plain looking one (the truffle flavoured one) out of the lot in the end hahaha!

The truffle one tasted good, but I can't help regretting over our choice because the curry mustard fries seriously looks the best in the picture please!!
I'm so going back to Barracks and ordering that the next time! *determined*

Tastes special, but from the picture it looks helluva like normal fries :x

Sorry I didn't take a picture of everyone's food
(especially daddy's because I didn't want to bother him cause he was hungry)!
Because sometimes I think I'm really annoying when I say,
"ehhhhh, don't eat first! wait, let me take a picture of your dish"
and walk over to their seat to take a picture of their food before they can eat it :S

so I only took the dishes closest to me - my brother's and Martin's! :)

Don't know if this sounds like bad table manners or it seems gross to other people,
but my family LOVES to share all our food! :D
Meaning we'll cut or take chunks of our dish and put it on another person's plate so everyone gets to try every single dish :)
I really like doing that because I'm greedy and I like to eat everything hahaha

but I guess those high-class people who are extremely particular about dining etiquette would find that habit an eyesore lol!

No food review for today cause the food blogger in me is "on leave" hahah
but I tried all the dishes we ordered and I have absolutely no complaints! :)
Ambiance, presentation of food and taste of food, worth the price at Barracks!! :)
It will probably cost about $20 to $50 per person

because I was craving for seafood...

Everyone else ordered beef steak and all and their food looked spectacular or came in gigantic portions,
and they were worried that mine wouldn't taste as nice.


Mine tasted the best and everyone liked my pasta a lot hahahah
This teaches you to never judge a book by its cover! :p

Behold, me eating with my hands........ HAHAHA

Happens all the time when I'm around really good food and people I'm comfortable with,
and then the table manners goes out the window :p

My brother ordered this one metre long sausage,
which looked kind of........... hahahah

But I'm quite sure they did this hilarious presentation on purpose to entertain people
because I'm guessing the only ones who'd order this are the younger crowd with a good sense of humour (like if you watch EpicMealTime LOL)

Speaking of humour,
check out the signs outside their toilet to distinguish between the male and female washroom LOL!

I didn't take a picture of the male toilet but basically it's a silhouette of a rooster and it says Cock or something..

And the funniest thing happened in the toilet!

I went in, my mum followed after, and she told me in the most serious tone ever
"Aiyo, they put the cat and the chicken picture outside, how people know is boy's or girl's toilet? Later enter the wrong one how?"

And I was trying to keep a straight face and be as matured as possible and replied,
"Because one is pussy and the other one is cock ma.."

And then she said,
"Yah but how do people know the cat is a girl?"

And I was like O.O!!!!!!!
"Um... because......... ang mohs call the girl's thing pussy...."

And my mum tried to hold back her laughter and went like


And when we came out of the toilet, she told me
"So it's actually good to know a few vulgar words lah"


My mum is awesome!!! :p

And at Barracks, there's super nice decor even in the toilet!
Talk about professionalism :D

Pardon the dirty mirror,
but I shall pretend it's intentional to add on to the vintage charm of the place :D

Some words of wisdom on the cubicle's wall to ponder about while peeing haha!

Rainbow knit top from Jipaban (Smitten)!

Close up of the noobish waterfall braid!

You can probably tell that I'm really proud of my first attempt (although with many mistakes) because I took so many pictures of it!

And that concludes my trip to Barracks at Dempsey Hill :)

One last Part 5 for WRWT: Dempsey Hill coming up soon, before I move on to other places in Singapore yay!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :D

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