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I usually try not to repeat my outfits but when I do, it means I really really really like it lol!

So this was the outfit I couldn't resist wearing for 2 different days!

First was when I went to GALA Premiere of #AhBoysToMen with Peishi cause Noah gave us the tickets yay! :D
I dressed in my camo shirt cause I'm totally enthu like that and tried to fit the whole army theme LOLOL
enthu enthu super enthu, tsk at myself

Qiuqiu plays the girlfriend of the main lead in the movie, so I bought a bouquet of flowers for her!
I mean first time buying a bouquet of flowers lolol :p

And I also made 3 banners for Noah and it says "NO" "AH" "YAP" lol!
Not very nice lah but all my life I've never made a banner for anyone before, so bruh you better be touched okay.
Then 3 of Noah's fans helped us hold the banners at the premiere yay!!! They were all so friendly and cute!
Too bad I don't have the pictures we took with them :(

We arrived early and were very near the front already but still there was SOOOOO many other people!
That's Qiuqiu on the right of the stage doing a twist!

So they all took turns to talk about their role in the movie and how it was like filming it etc :)
But I only took pictures of Qiuqiu hahah sorry other actors & actresses~

Look at how crowded the entire place was!
Nearing the end, it got kind of stuffy cause we were all squished like tuna in a can :S

Most of the cast of #AhBoysToMen!
The boys were all smartly dressed up in the No.1 uniform!
And the fan girls there were super awesome and supportive and screamed like damn loudly for the boys!
I want screaming girl fans too I want to be a boy lol :x

And they performed the Ah Boys to Men Theme Song official MV- "RECRUIT'S ANTHEM" which is actually really nice and addictive, written by Tosh himself!

Then finally, the moment we've all been waiting for - the screening of the movie!! Woohoo!
This is the only picture we took of ourselves that day.. and it was blurry lol sian!
Spot Dee photo bombing at the back hahah!

In all, the movie Ah Boys To Men was hilarious!
I'll recommend everyone to watch it, especially the boys cause it will be really relatable
and also for the girls, you'll get a sneak preview of how much crap guys have to go through in army (our poor boyfriends... T~T).
And I think the cast really did an amazing job and played their roles very well!
Really proud of Noah especially :)

So do support them and watch the movie if you haven't already,
or watch it more than once if you can hahah!
I've watched it twice already, may be going to watch it again lol!
Talk about hardcore :p

And then about a week later I went out with Peishi, Jayne, Huixian, Nic and Billy!
Super fun day with awesome company heheh :D

We had dinner and then wanted to go for desserts!
And then we found this pretty looking place at Wisma, took some pictures of the place because it was beautiful..
and then decided to head over to Starbucks instead cause their desserts were kind of pricey.. :S
It was like $8.50 for quite a small slice...... T~T

But it's still a gorgeous place and maybe I'll go there next time when I'm feeling rich hahah

I really wanted to try their pudding though!
It looks really cute in that little glass bottle :D

OH YES, and this is AFTER I had my ceramic braces on that morning (will blog about it soon) so please pardon me if my mouth looks weird or I can't smile properly!
And Peishi was in a camo top as well, we have quite freaky telepathy moments sometimes :p

Clockwise direction:
Huixian, Nic, Billy, Peishi, me and Jayne! :)

I really like this picture of us looking at my camera's LED screen!

And then we're all smiles, except Billy :p

Huixian's turn to be Bella from Twilight in this picture.... (read on to find out why)

Because of this, that's why, SG Twilight hahah!
I was telling Nic and Billy they should open a booth like "Take turns to be Bella from Twilight and take a picture with Edward Cullen and Jacob Black" LOL

Quite nice right this picture?
But pretty pictures don't just happen at random.
Lots of sacrifices were made... like they were lying on the shopping centre's floor in front of TAG Heuer LOL!!

Ending off with a picture of everyone looking awesome and happy
except me looking all grumpy cause I can't smile properly with braces on hahah!
Hopefully I'll get used to it soon, gonna have to be stuck with it for a year plus.

Will blog about my braces soon for those who are interested :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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