Monday, November 26, 2012

Ceramic Braces

Hmm, where should I start..

I have so much to say about my braces I know this will take me forever to type (and I'm feeling kinda lazy) so I'll try to keep it real short and quick.

My past experience

So I actually had braces before 5 years ago and THE DENTIST SUCKED.
Gave me some horrible retainers (looked like clear plastic braces) that cut my gums and caused it to bleed real badly, so I didn't put on retainers and so my teeth shifted back
plus they didn't remove the cement (used to hold on the brackets) off my teeth properly so my teeth has some uneven surfaces.

And I don't even remember anyone telling me my teeth was super straight and nice (what you'd usually expect after de-bracing)....
and my only memory of my traditional metal braces from way back was that I LOOKED HIDEOUS.
I guess my brain chose to selectively forget things that were traumatizing so I don't remember much about my previous braces experience.

Which is why my impression of getting braces has always been horrible,
and I think braces looks disgusting (on me).

Why do I need braces again?

But because my teeth have shifted back to its original position and is no longer straight,
I decided to go for braces again :(
So I guess choosing the right dentist the first time is helluva important.
Otherwise it'll just be a waste of money, time, and you need to be ugly twice T~T

This time, I chose to do my braces at Tooth Angels cause I heard some good testimonials about them.
Unlike other bloggers, I'm not so lucky to have been sponsored, so I'm paying the FULL AMOUNT by myself so this post is entirely my personal unbiased review for those who are interested in braces/ceramic braces.

My dentist is Dr Kaydence Chong
Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons (The Central)
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-01
Singapore 059817
Nearest MRT : Clarke Quay
Tel : +65 6222 6220

Business Hours
Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday - 10:00am to 7:00pm ( By appointments only )
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

My teeth wasn't super messy..
it was just not perfectly straight.
Personal preference I guess :/
And because I camwhore a lot with people who have perfect teeth all the time (my boyfriend included and his is natural wtf), I can't help but feel conscious about my smile :(
My face is far from perfect, but it's way harder to change the shape of my face or my nose and all,
so the only thing I can afford to change right now is probably my teeth.

I have two large bunny teeth protruding out at the front and they're not straight,
and my bottom set of teeth is just gross and messy :/

I think it doesn't look that bad from the front if I don't smile so wide,
but it's really quite obvious from both side views..

**green/blue looking things in my mouth are separators on the molars to prepare me for braces

Sorry for the huge (and disturbing) picture of my teeth,
just wanted to show you guys why I needed braces because some people THOUGHT I had straight teeth already..

Why did I choose Ceramic Braces?

I chose to do ceramic braces this time because I didn't want to go through the same ugliness of the metal braces as I did 5 years back.
It's about $5.5k for ceramic braces, compared to $4k+ for traditional metal braces, and I felt like it was worth it.
I didn't choose clear braces (something like invisalign) because my previous set of retainers were the same kind (as mentioned above) and they cut my gums like fuck and it wouldn't stop bleeding. I'm guessing it was probably because the dentist I went to sucked though, but I still can't get over that fear. Plus clear braces are more pricey too, so I chose something in between.

With invisalign, I think a lot of discipline is needed in making sure you put on the new aligners every day/night, brushing your teeth PLUS brushing the aligners after every meal.
And I most certainly do not have that sort of discipline.
I foresee that if I ever get invisalign, I'll faithfully wear them for the first week,
and then soon tell myself "aiya miss one day won't die", and on days when I'm in a hurry (I'm always late lol) I'll just totally forget about them...
and it'll take forever for my teeth to shift straight :S

Also, during consultation, the dentist told me they didn't only have to change the rotation of my teeth, but they also had to adjust the shape of it slightly, and invisalign couldn't do that for me, so they recommended me to get metal/ceramic braces instead.

And I guess the final reason why I chose to do ceramic braces right after the first consultation was because my dentist, Dr Kaydence Chong, had the same ceramic braces on.
AND I TOTALLY DIDN'T REALISE IT, until she told me "You mean (you want to do) like my kind of ceramic braces?"
And I was like O.O YES PLEASE!!!

So about 3 weeks later (you need to give some time for wisdom teeth/tooth extractions, putting in separators and then metal brackets etc), I finally got my ceramic braces on!

Most people tell me that my ceramic braces aren't obvious in pictures
but it's just that having something stuck onto your teeth will never feel comfortable and you'll end up with awkward smiles and all T~T
Ceramic braces look and feels JUST LIKE metal braces, except the brackets are transparent and the wire is coated with some tooth coloured layer so it blends in with your teeth.
But it's slightly more fragile than the metal braces so you have to be careful not to bite onto super hard food stuff!

I'm currently still in the awkward braces smile phase so please forgive me~
I really can't wait to get these things off!!!
I still think braces are gross by the way hahah
my mouth looks like it's awkwardly pouting all the time and when I try to smile without showing my teeth it ends up like a duck face, and it's damn difficult to take pictures now and I kind of dread it :/
But I guess it's something I have to go through since I want pretty teeth..
No pain no gain!
I'm gonna be stuck with them for 1 year plus to 2 years so hopefully time will past really soon!
Then I'll be able to smile properly again and camwhore :D

So I guess I'm going to smile less in my pictures until my braces are removed,
so it's not that I'm unfriendly okay, it's just that I have braces on hahah!

Will update more about my teeth and braces next time!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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