Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chubby Bunny

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Just got news that I didn't win the 7-Eleven blogging contest.. :(
I'm very sorry to disappoint everyone!
I will work harder and hope to do better next time!
Please continue to believe in me!

Anyway, I didn't get to blog much lately because I couldn't step out of the house much / take any decent makeup-ed pictures after my wisdom teeth extractions.
It was more like "dare not", and not "can not" go out because my face was so swollen and I was quite paranoid about causing the wounds to bleed if I ate something hard by accident.

No make up in this post hahah please bear with me!

This was immediately after the "surgery" of extracting my 2 wisdom teeth
Please forgive the pimples and scars.. I had no make up on because I was afraid of removing it too roughly and hurting my mouth :/

Second day!
Super mega swollen face as if I was playing chubby bunny (and winning) lol!

My diet for the past week was basically soya beancurd, eggs, porridge, tons of soup (mushroom, broccoli etc), small tiny pinch-sized pieces of bread (swallow directly), and other stuff which were chopped into fine bits.

The dentist at Tooth Angels didn't say that I'm not allowed to eat any hot food though but I'm just trying very hard to make sure no complications due to my own carelessness/gluttony happens :/

I read online not to drink anything hot or spicy for the first few days in case it hinders the wounds from healing,
so I drank cold soup (simply disgusting) for the entire first day.
And then cold food (not just soup) for the next 5 days.
I actually cried on the 4th day of my cold-food-only diet because I always eat a lot of spicy hot food (which I love),
and not being able to eat anything warm was just horrible!

Just as I read online, the swelling on the third day was the worst!!!!
My face looked like a perfect circle and honestly I was super scared the swelling wouldn't go away.
My boyfriend and lil brother kept calling me fat and scaring me "what if it stayed like this forever?"
Scary as fffffff :S

Thank god my boyfriend didn't run away cause of my fat face though!

Fourth day!
No idea why I still take pictures of myself when my face looked so awful without make up plus the swelling lol probably a habit I guess

Sixth day!
The swelling has gone down significantly but there're "bruises" all around my cheeks and under my jaw.

So glad everything's over, except the yellowish marks at the sides of my cheek.

Today I went back to the dentist and yay my wound's all healed and I can have my normal meals already!
The dentist told me our body will release iron while healing or something so it looks yellowish.. sort of like rust?
Doesn't hurt when I touch it though! :)

Can't wait to cover up all my pimples with make up again lol!

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I will be back soon to blog again with thickly makeup-ed pictures of myself hahah!

Love you all, thank you for reading! :)

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