Friday, November 16, 2012

Cute Little Strawberries

All dressed up for your important dates but can't seem to find the right accessories to go with it?
Not a problem!
Because CuteLittleStrawberries is back, updated with tons of new and SUPER CHEAP accessories,
and have shifted to their own domain!

If you read my blog often, CuteLittleStrawberries should be familiar to you :)
Not only are they known for their trendy selection of accessories, their items sold are unbelievably cheap!
It's one online shop you need to bookmark because their deals are just too good to be missed :)

If you don't wish to wait for preorders,
CLS has lots of instocks of rainbow coloured mustache rings and necklaces!
All the colours are super pretty and I love how eye-catching they look in pictures :D
And since they're ready stocks, you can receive them a lot faster!

My favourites are definitely the neon mustache double rings :D

CuteLitteStrawberries has also opened their Spree #24
from 15 November till 25 November!
They have also added new categories into the pre-orders such as
Wet-look/Cotton leggings, Graphic Tattoo Stockings (I LOVE THIS!), Temporary Tattoos etc.
Everytime I click into CLS, I'm overwhelmed by their range of choices!
But thankfully, everything is extremely affordable so my wallet won't feel the pinch ;)

Join their pre-order now at:

Wait, there's more cheap and amazing deals for all of us!
CuteLittleStrawberries will also be having a flea booth at
Scape Orchard Level 4
18th November, 2pm - 8pm

If you like the necklaces I'm wearing below (plus so much more not shown),
don't forget to support CLS' flea booth this Sunday (18th Nov)!
NOTHING OVER $6, so hurry and grab them before they're all gone!!
Their items confirm sell like hotcakes so maybe you can try to be there earlier in case the ones you like get OOS :)

Match them with your tank tops, dresses, knitted tops.. anything! :)
These accessories are gorgeous, help complete our outfits and SUPER CHEAP!!
Personally, I think it's really hard to resist buying the items from CuteLittleStrawberries hahah!

For more details on the Spree or CLS's upcoming flea booth, please visit

Happy shopping! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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