Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Kitty Cafe

This is going to be one of those blogposts I will look back on and tell myself I really had no life....
hahahah just kidding.
Okay, maybe I'm not kidding.

But anyway, today I'll be posting about my DIY "Kitty Cafe"!
It's more like a compilation of recipes that I want to share
plus some interesting places where you can purchase adorable things,
plus some brief and simple tutorials on DIY-ing cute things to save $$,

No copyright infringement of any sort is intended.

My inspirations behind this post are none other than Xiaxue, Qiuqiu, Cheesie and Audrey! :)
Because they recently went to Taiwan and Japan, and visited a Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan and Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo,
and I was so amazed by all the super cute Hello Kitty desserts and other food items they posted on their instagram accounts!

One day I will definitely visit a REAL Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan / Japan too,
but right now, for most of us who are unable to leave the country because of commitments or lack of cash ($$$$ please fall from the sky soon~),
here's an entire (super no life) blogpost for a cheaper alternative of enjoying the Kitty Cafe at the comfort of your own homes hahah!

Without further a due...
Welcome to the DIY Kitty Cafe!

What would you like to have today?

By the way, my "maid" costume is made up of a fake collar from,
black bustier crop top which I blogged about previously,
white pleated tube dress from which I will blog about soon,
and my black pleated swing skirt which I wore in my recent blogpost at MBS :x

My sister told me that the trick to making a good bento is to make sure it's really PACKED without any empty or awkward loose spaces in between.
Less is not more, more is more
The effort needed from the preparation of ingredients to the "designing" of the bento is way more than I had imagined..
serious respect for the Japanese mothers (who also look damn gorgeous at the same time) who do this for their kids every day!

But with the Hello Kitty cutters and stampers, it became so much easier to prepare this pretty Hello Kitty bento! :)
You can mix food colouring to the rice to add colour to it.
Totally safe and edible and it tastes the same, not to worry!

Hello Kitty Cutters & Stampers can be purchased from:

I've seen numerous Hello Kitty bread cutters around where you take a regular piece of bread and cut shapes out of it,
but have you tried baking your own Hello Kitty bread from scratch?
It's a whole lot of fun!
And the feeling of seeing a perfectly baked Hello Kitty bread slide out of the bread tin is the best!!
Plus you can always add your preferred flavours into it (chocolate chip, raisins, banana etc!)

Hello Kitty Bread Tin can be purchased from:
If you need a recipe for bread, click HERE.

Everyone loves butter cookies, what more in such a cute kitty design!
It will surely be loved by everyone! :)

Hello Kitty Cookie (also Carrot/ Egg/ Veg) Cutter can be purchased from:
If you need a simple butter cookie recipe, click HERE.

Spice up a regular looking cupcake extremely easily with a DIY cupcake wrapper!
In my case, I drew a Hello Kitty, but you can always draw on other designs! :D

If you need a recipe for basic vanilla cupcakes, click HERE.
If you need a recipe for buttercream frosting, click HERE.

If you do follow me on my Twitter account (@rachelltan_), you'd have seen me ranting about how easy it is for macarons to FAIL
And it took me a whole lot of tries to get that ruffley macaron foot to appear.. it's almost like giving birth :')
Hahaha yucks okay no, that just sounds weird.

With macarons, you've got to be really patient and precise in your measurements!
Try not to be lazy while sifting the almond meal cause it plays a huuuge part in making your macarons pretty.

To get the Hello Kitty ears, you just have to use a tooth pick and "drag" out two points from the macaron you piped and let it sit as usual.
Then you can (GENTLY) draw on the face and ribbon with edible food markers after your macarons have cooled from baking.

If you need a macaron recipe, click HERE.

If you're feeling lazy and can't be bothered to bake or prepare anything too complex, get yourself a Hello Kitty mug / cup (DAISO has some HK cups at $2 only) and fill it up with DIY caramel pudding! :)
The caramel pudding I used is from DAISO and it comes with instructions in English.
All you have to do is to boil the given sachet of powder with milk and place it in the fridge for an hour, too easy :D
Two bucks is unbelievably cheap but the caramel pudding still tastes awesome!!!
The Japanese never fail to amaze me!

And if you're superrrr lazy, get a kitty mug, fill it up with ice cream and tadah!
Another cute dessert to add to your "menu" lol!

Now for my favourite part!
Making your own Hello Kitty latte / cappuccino!
Coffee at home has never been cuter!! :D

First of all, you will need a Hello Kitty stencil.
And because this is suppose to be a low cost/ no cost blogpost, I'm using my old cheap plastic folder (which explains why it's in a weird yellow and orange colour) for this.
Please wash it clean before using it though! :)
Print out / draw a Hello Kitty design which you will want on your latte on a piece of paper.
Cut it out and trace that onto your plastic folder/ plastic sheet.
Carefully cut out the same design.
Use a sift or shaker to gentle sprinkle cinammon powder/ cocoa powder onto your latte, bread, or even the plate itself as decoration.

Alternatively, Hello Kitty Stencils can be purchased from:

As for the froth on top of your drink, all you need to do is to warm up a cup of milk and use a Milk Frother to create the froth.
(you can get a Milk Frother at DAISO $2, IKEA $4 or JOIN MY GIVEAWAY BELOW $0)

Last but not least,
if (touch wood x9999) your bread can't rise, macaron is footless, bento is tasteless, milk can't froth up, cookies are burnt,
packaging is ALWAYS the answer.
If you have pretty packaging for your DIY Kitty Cafe food, half the battle's already won.

Here are some suggestions of quick and easy things you can make/ buy to OVERLOAD your DIY Kitty Cafe with more cuteness hahah

1) Pasting ribbons on plain looking straws and toothpicks
Like an instant kawaii magic spell!
Everything looks cuter with this!

2) Hello Kitty Fishcakes
Can be bought from supermarkets (like the one in Liang Court)
Random stuff instantly looks Kitty Cafe-worthy!
Use it for ramen, chawanmushi, rice bentos and more :)

3) Hello Kitty Plastic Bags from DAISO
Great for "takeaway" or to place your sweet (or burnt...) treats inside as gifts! :p
With such adorable packaging, all will be forgiven hahah

Thank you for visiting the DIY Kitty Cafe today!

As stated above, I'm doing a giveaway for this blogpost! :)

What am I giving away?
A brand new set of Hello Kitty Bread Tin (worth $39.90) & a Milk Frother!

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Good luck! :)

And I really hope that you all enjoyed this blogpost as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Took me hell of a long time to prepare everything though!

Hope you'll have fun with your own DIY Kitty Cafe! :D

Do leave me a comment via the NuffnangX mobile app (easier for me to reply) if you all would like a more thorough tutorial for any of the DIY stuff I've posted about above! :)
I wasn't able to post everything out in detail due to time constraint
and I was trying to keep this post as brief as possible else it'll be too laggy haha!
So if there's anything you'd like me to elaborate on, there's always NuffnangX! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!