Friday, November 9, 2012


Want to know the secret to bright and alluring eyes? :)
It's all in the contact lens!

Contact lenses are able to reflect more light than our own pupils can, and therefore able to make us have sparkly looking eyes!

But because there are always risks in buying contact lenses online (scam sellers, or even imitation lenses), who can we trust to buy from?

That's where Eyesation comes in! :)

Eyesation is now fully registered with Singapore Authorities!
I think only Eyesation has this legal registration so far! :)
This means that their lenses are super safe and 100% authentic from Geo Korea so we can all buy with ease!

But it is also important to remember to keep your contact lenses clean by rubbing them with the contact lens solution everyday and storing them in clean cases :)

Eyesation sells authentic Geo lenses with a wide variety of ranges such as Magic Color, MIMI, Super and Xtra!
From natural looking lenses to the extremely dramatic ones, you'll love the selection that they have :)

I'm wearing GEO XTRA DOLLY WT-B34 from Eyesation in this picture!

Wearing GEO XTRA DOLLY WI-A15 from Eyesation in the following 2 pictures!

Eyesation's new shops selling GEO Lenses are at Orchard, Pasir Ris, SiMei, Bedok, Jurong and Buona Vista (Star Vista).
Do check out the extended list of shops here:

Also, their First Year Promotion is coming to an end on 19th Nov 2012. (Last day on 18th Nov)
Prices will then revert back to original pricing, so do hurry and stock up on your Eyesation lenses!! :)

Current Promo Price
Original Price starting  19th Nov
Magic Color (14mm dia)
Geo Super
Geo Xtra

Geo MIMI Promotion will continue until 18th Nov: 2 Pairs @ $40

Hesitate no further!
Visit now! :)
Do also keep a look out for the new Grang Grang series and upcoming promotions on 19th Nov 2012!

The option of mixing different powers of contact lenses will be terminated on 19th Nov 2012.
All models will then be pre-packed. (For different powers, you will need to buy 2 pairs.)

Check out Eyesation's Website @ for more information and updates!

Cheers to prettier looking eyes!

By the way, have you ever accidentally cut yourself while trying to open your new contact lenses?
I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but I usually use the tap from my sink so I won't risk getting myself hurt while trying to get bigger and brighter eyes! :)

Hope this helps!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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