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Garena League of Legends

Do you love gaming?
Well, whether you love it or not, this post will show you the world's No. 1 online game that will change your life forever! :D
League of Legends

I went to Garena Stadium the other day along with other bloggers from NuffnangSG to try out the highly raved League of Legends game!

Garena Stadium
201 Victoria Street

Spot me!! :D

First, we had a tour around Garena Stadium :)
Garena Stadium, a massive 5300-square-foot space built for the purpose of promoting eSports in Singapore, is a new and exciting entertainment centre located in the heart of the city at Bugis+ (formally known as Iluma).
The stadium is a premium cybercaf√©, retail store, cafeteria and customer service centre rolled into one - the very first of its kind concept store in Singapore!

It was my first time there and the place was truly breathtaking!

The moment we entered, we were greeted by 5 huge LED screens showing the replays of previous GPL matches, a cool looking stage and of course tons of computers!!

At Garena Stadium, you can expect:
Alienware CPU/Asus CPU
i7-3770 @ 3.4GHZ (8CPU) ~ 3.4GHZ
NVDIA GeForce GT640
And all their PCs are equipped with Razor and Steel Series Mouse, Headsets and Keyboards.

It's okay if you don't understand all the terms used above (because I don't either...),
but in layman's terms, it's super awesome equipment for maximum gaming experience! :)

Over at the Garena Stadium, you can also find the first ever Garena merchandise retail store, featuring adorable League of Legends plushies and amazing figurines!

Check out the myriad of products you can get from Garena Stadium's merchandise retail store!

Here's Billy with a Easter special Teemo and me with the Amumu (matches my green-themed outfit haha)!
These plushies are soooo precious, even the boys would love them!
I also posted this picture onto my Instagram (@pxdkitty) and within MINUTES, there were people commenting "yay Teemo!", "Teemo and Amumu!" and the likes.
Seems like League of Legends is really popular among Singaporeans and I need to start catching up with the trend already!!

Here are just some of the exclusive merchandise you can find at Garena Stadium's retail store!

Me wearing a LoL teeshirt!!
You can get it from the retail store at Garena Stadium @ Bugis+

Me with my Teemo plushie!
You also can get it from the retail store at Garena Stadium @ Bugis+

They also sell lots of figurines with insanely intricate designs.
Check out the figurine on the left, the workmanship is amazing and it looks so realistic!

What I found commendable about Garena is that they place their gamers as their their top priority.
They even opened a Customer Service Centre at the Garena Stadium to specially cater to their gamers should they face any issues while playing their games or encounter any technical glitches with their Garena accounts!

Me at the cool looking tunnel (I love how it looks some sort of space portal) that links the retail store to the gaming section! :)

And here comes my favourite part of Garena Stadium that had the largest pull factor of me wanting to become a hardcore gamer..... their Garena Cafe! :p
They serve the usual favourite light meals like hotdogs and even oreo cheese cakes, and a variety of coffees from Latte to Expresso.

At Garena Stadium, they really have their gamers in mind all the time and cater to all their needs.
Want to indulge in watching live LoL matches on their huge gleaming LED screens, while savouring a hotdog and a smoothie from their cosy little cafe?
Not a problem!

I was told that you can even bring in the food from the cafe to eat while you are playing your game, or have them deliver it to you!

Yummy hotdog from the Garena Cafe!

Garena Stadium is indeed a haven for gamers, by gamers!

After the tour, there was a short presentation by Jasmine about League of Legends!

Standing at 70 million registered users, League of Legends is officially the most played video game in the world!
Check out these amazing stats:

Join the League now and don’t miss out on the world’s No. 1 online game! :p
By the way, I just joined today (my LoL name is pxdkitty) and you should too!!

And even before I entered Garena Stadium, this huge poster hanging outside already caught my attention!

You've heard many people talk about it, you know how popular it is...
but what exactly is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games and published by Garena.
The game features intense player-versus-player action, strategic team combat and fast-paced battles.
Work together as a team and group up with friends to do battle on the Fields of Justice against other players!

With a wide array 106 different champions to choose from, each with their own unique skillsets and roles, and customizable skins, runes and masteries,
LoL players will certainly find themselves to be spoilt for choice in customising their own style of play for this game.

To win the game, players must work in their team through a series of turrets places along a path to each base (referred to as a Lane) to destroy a Nexus, the base of the enemy’s team.
Along the way, each player gains levels from killing the opposing team's champions and Minions (NPCs that constantly spawn and attack the other team) and defeating neutral monsters.
Killing of any enemy Champions, turrets, minions or neutral monster rewards players with gold which is used to purchase items which aid them in the game.

League of Legends is more than just a game – it is in fact a dream come true for many gamers out there.
I'd never thought that gaming could actually become a profession, but this dream that once seemed so far away has finally materialised!
League of Legends is the first ever game to have a international tournament with a total prize pool of USD$2 million, and the champions will walk away with USD$1 million!!!

This is Singapore's very own professional gaming team, the Singapore Sentinels :)

Work hard, but remember to play even harder!
One day you might just be one of these professional gamers representing Singapore in the international gaming tournaments!

After hearing all about LoL, it was our turn to play the game!
Too exciting!!!

We were split into teams and got to play a 5v5 match among the bloggers :)

Once I got to the computer, I was immediately drawn to the graphics of the game!
It was so impressive and realistic!
There were 100+ Champions (characters you use in the game) for me to choose from and I was totally spoiled for choice!
From fierce alien-looking warriors to sultry foxy female characters to cute little cuddly animals, it would definitely take quite a while for any beginner to pick their favourite for their first battle :p

And if you want to customize your Champions to show them off, you can always purchase skins (different outfits) to dress them up!
They also sometimes have new skins launched based on festive seasons like Easter, Valentines' Day and Christmas etc :)

You can also read up on the Champions' skills before choosing them.
Jasmine gave me a hint to choose Caitlyn because she shoots from a far range, which means I don't have to stand in the front lines of the battle ground (cause I scared lol)
and plus she looked really stylish in her cowgirl outfit so I chose her hahah!
I'm sure there are players who will like those bulkier-looking Champions that cause extremely high damage but can only attack in close combat sort though, so it's totally up to your personal preference!

Somehow... our match was dominated by female Champions haha!
Even the male bloggers chose female Champions.. not sure if it's because they're stronger or sexier :p

With the guidance of Jasmine, my first time playing LoL wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be after all!
In fact, I got used to it after awhile and I managed to kill several other players too!! *pat my own back*

Sometimes I get discouraged in playing a new game when it is too difficult to maneuver or the controls or rules are hard to grasp,
but with League of Legends, I never encountered any of such problems! :)

The rules and controls of LoL was easy to comprehend even for such a noob like me, so I'm sure it won't be a problem to most of you out there haha!

And check this out, my team won!!!
My first LoL match ever, victorious! YAY :D

At the end of the game, the statistics of the game will appear
My user was Media14 and I killed 8 enemies and died 8 times... not that bad right? Hahaha!
I believe I will get better with more practice! Wait and see everybody!!

I think that although the rules of League of Legends is fairly easy to comprehend and the controls are straight forward (perfect for girls like me who panic when there are too many buttons to remember),
the amount of challenge the game presents to the players isn't compromised!
It's one of those games you really need to strategize and communicate with your team mates in order to win the other team!
I would recommend League of Legends to both guys and girls, and I think it'll be even better if couples can play the game together :p

I'm definitely going to introduce this to my boyfriend so we have one more thing in common we both like to do - playing LoL!! :D
Great for bonding and it's so much fun too!

So I just created my own LoL account (pxdkitty) yesterday and explored the game on my own.

Initially I was a bit worried that I'd have forgotten what Jasmine taught me at Garena Stadium,
but my fears were unfounded when I realised that they have several comprehensive and easy to follow step by step guided tutorials for beginners!!

And once you get used to the game, you have a choice to fight with bots first or play with other players!

I personally am still quite hesitant about playing with other players because I don't want to be a burden to my team and I don't want to keep getting slain, so I'll just stick to fighting with bots first until I get better! :D

Confession time... I personally love to bully the weak and small minions and attack the immobile turrets but have never successfully killed a Champion outside tutorial setting before hahaha!
But I believe I will get better at LoL some day!!!
And then maybe we all can play together hehe! :p

So if you have a LoL account or are going to create one here, add me up as a friend!
My user is pxdkitty! :)

In all, I really enjoyed my visit to Garena Stadium and being introduced to League of Legends!
I can't get enough of LoL and am excited to get stronger and better at the game so I can start battling other players muahah! :p
It's no wonder this awesome game is so popular among Singaporean youths - it's super challenging and addictive!

Are you in the League yet? :)
Visit the League of Legends website to find out more!

Ending off this post with pictures of the mascot of one of League Of Legends' Champions - Amumu!


Thank you for reading, love you all!

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