Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hollyhoque, pronounced as “Holly-Hock” is derived from the name of a flower, Hollyhock, which literally translates into "fruitfulness”.
Hollyhoque is opened by Sheila and her boyfriend (J),
and the duo's ideal for Hollyhoque remains steadfast since its humble beginnings:
Hollyhoque shall be every girl's dream wardrobe updater.

With weekly themed launches aimed generally at fashion forward 16-35 year olds,
Hollyhoque carries an extensive range of today's fashion at wallet-friendly prices.
Hollyhoque’s apparels largely consists of uniquely manufactured items carrying its very own in-house label and many other items sourced from practically all over the world!

After having relinquished the livejournal platform and now nestling in the era of dot com with pride and joy,
Hollyhoque is coveting the new chapter with anticipation as it brings a plethora of self-manufactured items to satiate its fans, and at the same time, redefine fashion on a whole new level!

Hollyhoque has also recently opened its very first brick and mortar shop at
Far East Plaza, #01-31
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Check out the beautiful, classy and cheery interior of the shop, meticulously designed by Sheila and her boyfriend, J! :)

I love the extensive range of apparels at Hollyhoque!
From florals to studs to aztec to crochet to denim - you name it they've got it.
I love shops that have everything I would want in my wardrobe, which is why it's so much fun to shop at Hollyhoque!

Not forgetting their eyecatching accessories and gorgeous shoes to complete your outfits! :)

The amount of effort put into even the smallest of details by Sheila and J is truly amazing!
Even their hangers are customized and I feel that this and many others (like the cute stickers that come with your purchases etc) is what makes Hollyhoque an exceptional boutique
because as a shopper, I can really feel the owners' sincerity and hardwork! :)

I love this corner so much!
Too pretty!!!
And the staff present was really kind and helpful when I was selecting my items and trying them on,
plus she let me take pictures at the pretty corner so it's a major plus point for Hollyhoque!! :p

So many amazing designs, which ones should I choose?

In the end, I picked this Gold Tweed Shorts as recommended by the shop assistant at Hollyhoque
because she said it's one of their latest designs! :)
I've never really experimented with other material of shorts and I'm always playing safe with all my denim ones,
and I'm actually really glad that I went home with this pair of gold tweed shorts eventually! :D

It effortlessly adds on such a classy vibe to a casual, and not to mention extremely comfortable, outfit
and I could easily wear this for a formal occasion without feeling underdressed! :)
S size fits me perfectly and the shorts was only about $20+ for such good quality material!

The next piece I chose was this Crochet Crop Shirt which I think looks super cute!
I knew I had to get this the moment I laid eyes on it at Hollyhoque :p
The crochet material makes the top really unique,
and it has such a flattering cutting that would go well with anything - denim shorts, jeans, skirts.
A must have in every girl's wardrobe!

Last but not least, I chose this pair of skorts (skirt/shorts) because it's all the rage right now and I'm sure you girls will love them!
They are feminine, sweet and makes you look younger too ;)
Think school girl vibe!
I love to pair these with knitted tops, and I may be able to live in these skorts for the rest of my life hahah!
Extremely comfortable, with all the prettiness of a skirt plus all the convenience of a pair of shorts :)

I really respect how all of Hollyhoque's designs, no matter the simpler ones or the more complicated ones, are always of such amazing quality!
Even the quality of those of lower prices aren't compromised :) 
So you can be assured that each piece is definitely worth the price it's going at!

So do remember to check out Hollyhoque's new brick and mortar shop at
Far East Plaza, #01-31
There are some designs which are available only at the shop and not online so you mustn't miss them! :D

Mention that you're a reader of RACHELLTAN.COM and get 10% OFF STOREWIDE!
(Valid only for one month from today, do hurry!)

Happy shopping at Hollyhoque!

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