Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jipaban - Black Friday

Online shopping just got sweeter! is going to do a BLACK FRIDAY SALES on
23rd November 2012, 12:00am to 11:59 pm

“Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.”

But their flash sales will only be going on for ONE DAY ONLY!
So hurry up and start stocking up on new clothes for Christmas, New year… and all the other excuses us girls use to do more shopping hehe!
You know, I know ;)

This is what the discounts will be like for the Black Friday Sales!
Everything will be going for less than half price omg I AM SO EXCITED!!
It's definitely a good time to share Jipaban with your male friends as well because guys' clothes retailing outside are usually more expensive
so it's super worth it to buy online, PLUS with the Black Friday Sales!

So I just went to and picked out some stuff I'm planning to buy on Friday!
*ahem* Trying to be a smart shopper here
I'm choosing my favourites first so that I can buy them immediately when the sales start :D

1. Sunshy Ombre Sweater (Purple) from Jipaban
I mentioned the Sunshy Ombre Blue Sweater in my Christmas Wishlist post previously,
and I think this purple ombre one is gorgeous too!
You know that feeling when a particular design is so pretty you just can't decide which colour to get because all of them are as nice?
Since everything under Female Fashion is less than half price during Black Friday Sales,
I should seize the chance to collect this sweater in all colours LOL!

2. Yasly Striped Cardi (Nude) from Jipaban
I love stripes, I love soft comfy clothes,
and this cardigan is perfect for my liking!
It looks like the kind of versatile cardigan I can match with any tank top or dress,
and will probably wear too often because I love it too much! :p
It's already less than $20 to begin with.. the plus 60% discount?
Best buy ever! :D

3. Lester Corduroy Shirt (Red) from Jipaban
I realised that my wardrobe is full of black and white clothes and I'm getting quite bored of myself hahah
So I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and try out some new colours and this dark red shirt with blue and yellow pockets caught my eye!
The colours are relatively bright but has that subtle androgynous vibe to it which I like!
Sales are awesome because I can try out new styles without feeling the pinch.
Getting this on Friday as well! :)

4. Lanch Lapel Vest (White) from Jipaban
One word - chic.
I've been looking for a white vest like this since forever but they were always made of super flimsy materials or the cutting didn't suit me.
But this piece looks amazing, and it seems so effortlessly chic!
With this vest, layering your outfits will never be a hassle again.

5. Fisheye (Hello Kitty) from Jipaban
When there's a sale going on, my best advice to people will be...
Go for the more pricey items.
This may sound really kiasu but it certainly makes the most difference when you save 10% on a more expensive item compared to 10% of a cheaper item!
So I'm heeding my own advice and aiming for this Hello Kitty Fisheye camera this Friday, yay!

Remember, time and tide wait for no man...
*cue dramatic music*

Sales will be on for 24 HOURS ONLY!
23rd November 2012, 12:00am to 11:59 pm

Psst, go bookmark the items you want to buy first:

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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