Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm honestly super honored, thankful and excited to be sharing about Rarebits today! :)
If you don't already know, Rarebits is Qiuqiu's newly set up blogshop along with her two girlfriends!
Apart from their gorgeous and extremely wearable designs (tons of pictures below),
Rarebits has a special edge over every other blogshop around -
it's opened by our favourite Budget Barbie Qiuqiu herself! :)
As customers, we can all be assured that the items sold at Rarebits are surely at the most affordable prices!

Take this Adeola Wildchild Leopard Prints 2pc Set (Pastel Yellow) for example.
It's only going at $19.90 at Rarebits!
Such an unbeatable price!
Plus, you can wear it as a set or separately :)
A definite must-have because it's super worth the price!
Not to mention the high quality of material used for this set, I'm in love!

The top from the set is one of my favourite bralet tops in my wardrobe currently!
It shows some skin yet still conservative at all the right places!
I'm not a fan of wearing low cuts and all so most bralets are always too revealing for me
but this piece is PERFECT!
Plus the pastel leopard prints are to die for!

If you're not too fond of leopard prints or want something more casual,
Rarebits has all the right tank tops for you :)
And of course, they're ONLY going for about $15 - $17!!

Here I'm wearing the Aerabella Lace and Ribbons top in Black :)
I love how light and comfortable it is
and how the lace details add on a subtle hint of girlish vibe to the black tank top.

I felt young again in the Alula Opulent Graphic Top with Studs from Rarebits hahah! :p
Tops with vibrant and loud colours always make you look more youthful!
But this top can be quite versatile as well -
when worn with bright coloured denim shorts as I did, your outfit will look for casual and fun,
and when worn with black leggings or jeans as Qiuqiu did HERE, you'll look more matured and chic :)
It's totally up to you!

p.s. Check out my super hipster lomo camera lol

Another one of my top pick from Rarebits, the "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" skull motif tank top!
I can't find it on their web already, not sure if it's sold out, but it's still an awesome piece worth mentioning! :)
Skull prints are timeless,
and I personally find tops that are printed on double sides (not with the same prints) extremely attractive, and more often than not, I end up buying them haha!
Probably because they look more thoroughly made and therefore more expensive :p

If you want to see more tops like this, remember to Follow & Like Rarebits on their pages to receive notifications on new updates!

Last but not the least, for girls who want to feel like a star and dazzle everyone else on the dance floor,
check out the Aila Sequined Star Top!
It's only at $15.90 at Rarebits, but it can make you look like a million bucks!
For all you party lovers, this piece is super worth grabbing :)

After receiving all these pretty pieces from their first collection,
I'm definitely looking forward to their new updates! :D

They also have accessories, bags and more on their website,
you'll be definitely be spoiled for choice!

Do remember to Follow & Like Rarebits on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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