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USS Hollywood After Party

The last time I remembered going to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) was when I still had my light yellowish blonde hair (few months back),
but I had such a great time there I'm always envious whenever people tell me they're going to USS like I've never been there before :p

So the other day, I finally went to USS again with Martin and his bestfriend, Zee! :D
But we didn't go there in the day for the rides...... we went there AFTER DARK!

USS usually closes at about 7pm and you'll have to leave the place even before it turns dark,
but on all the Saturdays (and one Friday on the 7th of Dec) from now till January 2013, USS is open for their Hollywood After Party from 7pm till past midnight!
*throws confetti*

You can buy the tickets to the Hollywood After Party from:
♥ Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths
♥ Resorts World Sentosa Ticket and Membership Hub 

These are the prices of the Walk-Up Package Prices at Entry: 
1. Entry + "All You Can Drink Package": $33nett 
2. Hollywood After Party Basic Entry: $20 (Includes one drink) 

Have you seen USS at night before?
Even more so now that they are preparing for Christmas and there are so many sparkly lights all around :D

My favourite part about USS is definitely the way it makes us feel as though we're in another country!
It's like going on an awesome holiday, but way more affordable and accessible!

When I'm at USS, I always feel really happy,
as if I just threw all my worries and stress outside the gantries of USS and they can't come in with me hahah :p

There were fireworks at about 8pm inside USS and they were amazing!!

More excuses to go back to USS again for the rides and then staying till late at night for their Hollywood After Party (HAP)! :p

Anyway, with a Universal Studios Singapore day pass,
you will be allowed to stay inside the park to enjoy the HAP so you won't have to pay twice!

(pictures credit to 987FM Facebook page)

And I got really excited once I saw the Popcorn stand :p
Yummy!!! Even the snacks taste better at USS!!!
Most of the pushcarts selling snacks are still open during the HAP,
but I didn't manage to find my ultimate love - Marilyn's Roasted Turkey Legs,
so hopefully I'll be able to find it the next time I go there! :D

You can also purchase food coupons at the counters and you'll be able to enjoy light bites and party snacks like chicken hot dog, nachos, pizza, spring rolls, satay etc!

Zee and Martin, while queuing for our drinks!
They do serve alcoholic drinks but there is no age restriction for those under 18 to enter the HAP,
so if you're a minor please make sure you don't drink any alcohol okay :)

Actually I'm not quite a drinker myself so even though I'm way past 18, I don't mind ask for non-alcoholic soft drinks as well lol!

After I took the above picture, I told Zee to squat a bit and look shorter so that my boyfriend looks taller...
Just look at Martin's happy grin cause he looks taller than Zee hahaha!


And then we heard cheers coming from the stage area and we went to take a look!

There were 3 brave girls from the audience dancing at the front so everyone else was cheering for them! :D
And I bet they were legit dancers cause they danced really well!
Not those 7-pointer or shampoo-ing hair dance moves you normally see at clubs heheh

The music was awesome too!
Think R&B clubbing music,
except that there's no pressure there for you to dance or be drunk or be crammed up with tons of other people
I actually really liked the atmosphere there! :)
You can be totally comfortable and chill, plus the upbeat music keeps you happy and energetic!

I'm usually super awake at night but am always bored at home because I don't like to go to clubs,
so I guess USS' HAP might just be my weekend hang out place from now on :p

Then we explored the place a bit and spotted this mirror to camwhore with!

Okay, I guess only Martin and I were keen in camwhoring,
Zee was in his own world :p

The light snacks I mentioned above sounded tempting,
but because we were really hungry and wanted a heavier meal, we went over to Mel's Diner to eat :D
Ahhhh, the place looks gorgeous even at night!!!

See that cool vintage white car?
I wanted to act cool and pose with it and caption it as "me with my ride" (so cliche, I know..)
but I couldn't get a nice convincing picture, and we were starving... so I gave up in the end LOL

Major love the retro jukebox and the whole vintage american diner deco of the shop!!

*random insert of my big face*

Ordered Double Cheeseburger, fries, Vanilla Milkshake and a large coke to share with Martin!
Quite a big portion so I think it's worth the price :)

But we ate kind of quickly and left Mel's Diner because all the excitement is outside! :p
The live band was performing soon!

The band performing that day was The BeatRoots, and they performed songs like Titanium and Starships :D 

The bands performing at the USS HAP are all well-known home grown Singapore bands,
so if there are any bands you particularly would like to support,
these are the dates I got from the Resorts World Sentosa Website:

1st Dec (Sat) Common People
    7th Dec (Fri)    Goodfellas
8th Dec (Sat) Common People
    9th Dec (Sun)    Enigma
   15th Dec (Sat)    Enigma
   22nd Dec (Sat)    BeatRoots
    29th Dec (Sat)        53A
      5th Jan (Sat)    Goodfellas

Look at the crowd enjoying the gig!

And then when it got to the chorus of the song.....

In a good kind of way of course haha!
A lot of people were singing along and waving their hands like a concert, so fun :D

And then we spotted the Muttons from 987 and I asked for a picture,
and they were so friendly yay!! :D
(I bet Zee and Martin wanted to take with them too but they were shy lol!)

After the live band's performance, Divian and Jacqui from 987 were hosting some games on stage and while Martin and Zee were watching, I went into SuperStar Candies to shop first!

So much candy and cookies!
This is my paradise hahah!

It's awesome that so many souvenir shops are still open so late during the HAP!
I personally prefer shopping at night when there are lesser people :)

And then the moment Martin joined me inside the store, he told me this teeshirt was perfect for me....
because I always pretend to pout and whine and cry to get my way HAHAHA

But I don't believe I'm the only girlfriend who's like this to their boyfriend, right?? :p

Tons of cool Hollywood related stuff like film canisters, clappers and what not.
If I were a full-time YouTuber, I'd totally buy everything in the store so that I'll feel official and cool while making videos lol!

Then we saw an entire table full of awards and Martin decided to be extra sweet and say
"Hmm.. let's see which award is for you.."
And he handed me the "Best Sweetheart" one, aww!!! :p

Dear boys and girls, if you have a special person in your life,
be it your mum, dad, lover, teacher, best friend,
and you've ran out of gift ideas.....
Go to USS and get these awesome Oscars for them hahah
Meaningful, absolutely convenient to buy, and who won't like receiving trophies? :D

Shopping, shopping and more shopping :)

Got a little thirsty from all the walking so we went to get drinks again! :)
Actually it's just me haha!

Cause I had the "All You Can Drink package" while Martin and Zee had the Basic Entry ticket (includes only one drink),
so my drinks were unlimited woohoo!

If you're a good drinker, I think the "All You Can Drink package" is definitely more worth it than the HAP Basic Entry ticket because it's only $13 more and you can have free flow of alcohol.
They have Tiger beer, soft drinks, slush cocktails, slush mock-tails & housepours so you can choose from quite a variety :)

Or you can actually get the basic entry/ day pass for USS and then upgrade it to an "All You Can Drink package" if you decide to stay on at the HAP for a longer time!

Took pictures while queuing for drinks again!

Hello my dear big eyes and cute dimples boyfriend, stop showing off!! hahah
*feeling sore cause I have neither*

Spotted a pretty girl who wore an outfit I really liked so I hurriedly took a picture of her :p
There were quite a number of good-looking people at the HAP actually!

And because they've been accompanying me around the entire night,
it's finally the boys' turn to do what they like - watching soccer! :D

There's this huge screen near the entrance of USS showing live soccer matches for people to enjoy, so we chose a table at a good spot to chill at :)

Look at the boys totally engrossed in the game haha!

Soccer's not my thing so I just spent the entire time taking self shots lol!
Luckily we were sitting at the back so nobody would judge me as a self-obsessed narcissist :P

I think the only alcoholic drink I like to drink is Cranberry Vodka,
but I'd usually tell the bar tender to add less vodka and more cranberry for me...
so technically I just like cranberry juice :P

We were seated outside Celebrity Cafe and Bakery and it looked super pretty!
Plus there were fragrances of their bread wafting out of the shop
and me being the glutton that I am couldn't resist it and I went in by myself hahah!

 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and extremely adorable Sesame street characters cupcakes??
But I couldn't have them because the boys didn't want to have cakes with me, bummer! :(

So we stayed on watching soccer and chit-chatting for an hour more or so (I always lose track of time at USS, it's almost like a dream) before we left :)

Yay for a fruitful night at the HAP packed with lots of stuff to do and see!!

But I still NEED to go back to Universal Studios Singapore soon because I want to take the rides again
and I want to watch the fireworks from the Hollywood After Party again :p

Anyway, if you would like to purchase the tickets to the Hollywood After Party in advance online or would like to find out more about the event,
If you or your parents are Genting Rewards Members, you can also pay for the event tickets using your points.
Likewise, RWS Invites members can pay for the event tickets using INVITES dollars! :)

By the way, there will also be a super exciting countdown party at USS on
31st December 2012, Monday from 5PM to 1AM!
The shows will begin from 6:45PM and rides & attractions will be open till midnight :D
There will also be international tribute artistes to the likes of Lady Gaga, Michael Buble & Adele performing, how cool is that!!
Event ticket is going at $68,
with top up of free flow of beer & housepours from $14 (for online & at ticket booths, $18 for walk- up).
So do order the tickets online now! :)

Last but not least, thank you so much for staying till the end of this long blogpost!
And as always, love you all! :D

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