Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blogshop Empire

I went to Blogshop Empire at Far East Plaza the other day and got some of my favourite pieces of apparels ever!
Looks amazing, doesn't require much layering or matching, and they're extremely comfortable -
the kind of clothes you'll wish you could wear out everyday! :p
You'll see them later in the post!

But it's really not much of a surprise that I manage to find such gorgeous pieces there,
given that Blogshop Empire has so many popular labels under its wing and is always well-stocked up with all the latest designs :)

Blogshop Empire
They currently have 3 branches, 2 at Far East Plaza and 1 at Jurong Point!
Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza (the one I went!)
Jurong Point
You can also say that you are a reader of "" to receive $1 DISCOUNT per item!!
The items there are already very reasonably priced by the way! :)

It has literally everything a girl will ever need in a shop!
Blazers, denim jackets, leather jackets, velvet swing skirts, knitted tops, polkadot bralets, crop tops, Cheap Monday tote bags etc!
These are just a tiny fraction of the designs I saw at Blogshop Empire, to name a few!
If they're not the epitome of the phrase "spoiled for choice", I don't know which other shop is hahah!

If you're planning to shop at Blogshop Empire,
I'd advise you to allocate at least a few HOURS to shop there because you will be super reluctant to leave the store if you were in a rush :p
Can you believe I got slightly annoyed when I received a text (and had to reply) while I was shopping there because I didn't want to get my eyes off the clothes at all?
Yes, Blogshop Empire is THAT awesome!

I love shops that have a ton of designs for me to choose from because looking at all these clothes makes me happy!
And it also makes me daydream about having my own walk-in wardrobe in future.. and that means I need to shop more! :p

Here are just 2 of the MANY labels at Blogshop Empire! :)
It's the best feeling to be able to purchase from all your favourite brands at one shop!

The staff present was really friendly and helpful when I said I wanted to try on the clothes.
And when she saw that I liked knitted apparels, she even suggested a few other designs as well :D

I fell in love with almost everything that I tried at Blogshop Empire and couldn't help smiling to myself the moment I put them on!
The 3 I've chosen below are the type of clothes I call "no-complains".
Meaning that EVERYTHING about the piece is faultless, and these are the type I love the most and will keep for YEARS!!
It looks stunning, SUPER AFFORDABLE, cutting is flattering, print is perfect, material is comfortable, design is timeless and I can wear them anytime and you don't have to be of a certain style or shape to look good in them! :)

And these are my top 3 picks from Blogshop Empire!

1. Galaxy Crop Top
As eye-catching as the galaxy prints are, the best part of it is actually it's cutting!!!
So super flattering and I think the cutting of your clothes plays a HUGE part in looking good.
Plus it looks gorgeous with just a pair of simple black shorts :)

2. Pastel Pink Knit Top
I posted a picture of this awhile ago and received so many questions asking me where I bought it from!
It's baby pink mix purple knit gives it such a sweet and soft vibe, and it's NOT SHEER plus not too thick.
Sometimes I hate sheer knit tops because you'll have to layer it with a tank/tube top and it makes it even stuffier than it already is...? LOL, I digress.
But this piece is beyond perfect!
For sweet casual dates, for school/work, for the upcoming Christmas celebrations - you NEED to have this!
Love it max and I've actually worn this out 3 times now!!

3. Red Suede Swing Skirt
This is a must-have for Christmas!
Red is such a festive colour and the skirt is extremely comfortable (and it helps hide the tummy too)!
Although it's about the same price as the other skirts I saw, I chose this because the fancy suede material makes it look more expensive than the normal cotton ones :p
A damn good buy!

So if you'd like to check out Blogshop Empire and be overwhelmed by their awesomeness like I was,
do check out their branches at the following locations!

Blogshop Empire
Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza (the one I went!)
Jurong Point
Say that you are a reader of "" to receive $1 DISCOUNT per item!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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