Monday, December 3, 2012

Choose JUICY

Got this scribbly rainbow top from Qhloee the other day and it's super cute!!
I really love how it's tight at the waist and then flare below the waist, sort of like a little skater dress!!
Totally accentuates the figure and makes you look slimmer :D
Check out their website for more gorgeous pieces!
Quote "Rachell" with your purchase and get $1 DISCOUNT! :)
They also have an all time promo which is a 30% discount off the 3rd item you purchase!

So I went out today with Martin (like how I'd usually spend my weekends! :D) and we went to Plaza Sing to look at guitars because Martin's planning to buy a new one soon!

If you follow me on my instagram (@pxdkitty), I wore my "durian" outfit today, all puffy and spiky!
But I'm in black.. so I'm probably a rotten durian hahah omg that must really stink :S

Ate at Carl's Junior cause we mouth itchy and they have the best and yummiest beef patties in their burgersssss

Oreo cookie milkshake!

Chilli cheese fries that look kind of crappy (literally), but trust me they're heavenly~
All your usual cheese fries ain't got nothing on this!

Huge ass portion of burger which we shared because we actually had a damn filling lunch at Sakae Sushi lol
Really is mouth itchy, not hungry :S

My OOTD shot again I guess!
In case you're wondering why there's a bed behind me, it's at AUSSINO they had this huge mirror there which I shamelessly camwhored in front of :p

And my platform shoes!
I got this really long ago (maybe a year plus?) online and I don't think that blogshop sells it anymore so please don't ask me anymore :(
But if I do see someone selling it again I'll let you guys know!

A few people asked me what camera I was using,
so I'm currently using a Canon 650D because it has a flip screen so I can see myself when camwhoring..
and then after I bought it I realised how stupid I was when I realised that Canon has some kickass compact cameras which have flip screens too?

And they're soooo much smaller.
Sometimes my wrist hurts from holding my DSLR using one hand to camwhore cause it's effing HEAVY fml T~T

Something like this! (pic credit to Google)

Anyway, we saw some cute ass tiny baby shoes hahah!
So tiny and fragile I can't believe I was once so small O.O
But then again I was quite a huge baby.
Like there was once in secondary school and we had health check up and we compared our weights as babies in our Health Booklets,
mine was like 3.7kg and everyone else was 3.0kg ~ 3.5kg..... :/

If I ever had a child I think I'll need to buy an entire house just for my baby's stuff alone...
I have a niece right now and I buy things for her at every available opportunity just because she MAY like it (even if it's not her size) lol!!

The shoes are so much smaller than my iphone!!!
Oh and I got the CHOOSE JUICY iPhone case at some Pasar Malam, 3 for $10!
I also got a Stitch one and a Leopard prints one, show you guys next time :D
But when you buy these covers at Pasar Malam, please understand that they are way cheaper and so the quality won't be as good, so just try to choose carefully!
I even saw one where the CHOOSE JUICY words were way off center and cut off at the sides :x

Then we went to YAMAHA to check out the instruments
and yes, here is me pretending to know how to play the piano hahah!

We didn't buy the guitar in the end although it was really pretty cause of some reasons..
But if we do buy one I'll post about it! :D
So excited!!
But I'll most likely just take pictures with the guitar cause I can't play it for nuts hahah

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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