Monday, December 31, 2012

Counting down...

Can't believe this year is coming to an end!
Feels like just yesterday when we were all counting down to 2012 and at the same time feeling uncertain about whether the world's really going to end this year or not... (apparently not woohoo!)

Although life isn't always smooth sailing,
if you choose to focus on all the good and happy moments, you'll realise that it's not all that bad after all :)
I've had a more than amazing time on my blog with all of you readers and I do hope that in the coming year it'll just get better!

With that, here's my final advertorial post and also my last giveaway for 2012!
Enjoy the last few days of this year,
and a very Happy New Year in advance to all of you! ♥

Received these 3 beautiful pieces from My Jewel Box recently and I love every single one of them!
My Jewel Box specialises in pre-orders of apparels that are mostly Korean fashion inspired,
and the designs are just lovely! :D
You can except flowy tops, party dresses, blazers and even studded heels and more from My Jewel Box! :)
And not only that, waiting time for the items is really quick too,
almost like buying instocks!

I really like the bold black lining of this blazer because it really makes the outfit stand out,
and I've been looking for something like this for the longest time!

These gorgeous studded boots literally go with ANYTHING!
And despite the elevation, these boots are insanely comfortable :)
You know what they say,
Good shoes bring you to good places!

One of the pretty dressy tops you won't have to fuss about what to match with because it's so pretty on its own already!
I matched it with a pair of plain black shorts and I was good to go!
Perfect for lazy days :)

If you're all about the vibrant colours, prints or simply love looking fabulous,
Style Pixies is definitely your one stop online boutique! :)
From adorably printed oversized knitted tops to eye-catching galaxy shirts to tribal crop tops and more,
Style Pixies has carefully picked out all the prettiest designs you can find around!
You'll surely be spoilt for choice at their page!
They just launched a new collection today too, so do remember to check them out! :D

I got this pair of polka dot shorts from Style Pixie and I think I'm really getting lucky with shorts nowadays 
because the cutting of this pair (I'm wearing S size) is simply divine!!!
Not only is it fitting for my waist, the material of it helps hide my tummy after my meal too haha!

Also, Style Pixies is giving us a chance to win FREE CLOTHES! :D
All you have to do is to:
1) LIKE their Facebook Page (
2) LIKE and SHARE as many item you want to win! 
3) Comment I ♥ 

For more information on their giveaway, do visit


So this will be my LAST giveaway for 2012!! (which is ending in a few days hehe)
I'm honestly super excited because this giveaway is courtesy of one of the most reputable online boutiques around, Ohsofickle
and also because the giveaway items are G-DRAGON inspired One Of A Kind tees!!! :D
The tees are available in Black and White at Ohsofickle :)
For this giveaway, there will be 2 winners of the One Of A Kind tees (in BLACK only)!

How to win:
2. Comment  ON THIS PHOTO that you've Liked Ohsofickle's Facebook page! :)
**please make sure that I am able to pm you on Facebook for your mailing details should you win!

Totally not challenging right hahah! xD

TWO WINNERS will be chosen at random on the 31st of December 2012, 10PM
and it'll be like new year presents for the winners! yay!! :D

Trust me when I say the tees are super chio,
you definitely won't regret buying/winning it!!!
Good luck! :)

Thank you all for reading, love you all!

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