Tuesday, December 25, 2012


If you're as obsessed with online shopping as I am,
here's a fresh new online store you should look out for - DRMERS!
DRMERS is an online boutique that specializes in women’s wear and their clothing are designed and manufactured locally!
That means you can definitely be assured of the high quality of your apparels! :)
 DRMERS offers a wide range of clothing varieties that caters to all styles and ships internationally as well.

The DRMERS website went live on the 26th November 2012 and I can safely say that this is one of the BEST and most IMPRESSIVE new online boutiques around.
Just check out some of the amazing range and designs of their apparels. from rompers to knit wear to swimwear to dressy tops and more!
My favourite has got to be the Cut-Out Playsuit romper because its unique cutting is truly one of a kind :D

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I received this Basic Shorts in Hot Pink from DRMERS the other day and I can't stop wearing it at every appropriate occasion!
This basic outfit I've pieced together is quite a big change from my usual black clothes,
but I'm really loving this colour combination! :)

The hot pink shorts added that touch of vibrance and sweetness to my get up
and it made my outfit stand out more!

I like it when the hot pink shorts peeks out of my long top, adding that beautiful pop of colour to my pictures!

Whether or not you like to experiment with colours,
or if you're into basics or more complex printed pieces,
DRMERS has them all!
I personally feel that DRMERS has a HUGE niche in their basic tops compared to many other online boutiques I have seen
because they are able to transform basic pieces into statement pieces (with unique cutting, awesome materials etc),
without being too over the top and still remaining totally wearable for any occasion!
Need a top formal enough for work/school and chic enough for play?
This is the perfect online boutique for you!

I've always told myself that I need more colourful clothes, but have never managed to find an online boutique with all the coloured apparels that I like.
But now with DRMERS officially launched, I think I finally have! :)
Definitely adding them to my favourites!
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Happy shopping!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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