Friday, January 4, 2013

DRx #1

In the past (like a month ago and before), whenever people comment on my blog saying "You skin is flawless!",
I'll reply them "It's all photoshop!",
and it's not because I'm being humble or anything, but because it's true.

My skin has always been troubled with acne, clogged pores, acne scars, oily skin etc since I was 14
and I've been suffering for almost 8 years without a day of peace!
I guess it's also because of family genes, cause my sister is 26 and still has the same clogged pores and breakouts as I do.
A friend told me before that once puberty is over, everyone will have flawless skin...
My sis and I are WAAAAY past the puberty age but still flawless skin didn't happen to us.

I went for super cheap facials, super expensive facials, tried from Oxy5 to Oxy100 (okay there's no oxy100 but if there were I'd probably have tried it too), tried Nixoderm, tried using only clear water on my face, tried applying less make up, tried masking my face every day, and tried almost every other product available in the market,
but still my skin looked like this.

The day I took this on the car when I had my yellowish blonde hair was the day I realised that I should NEVER take pictures in the sun ever again.
(which is why I don't have any recent camwhore pictures of me with black hair under natural light to post)
The sun makes my skin look EXTREMELY REPULSIVE and you can see every single clogged pore, acne scarring etc
even when I have layers and layers of make up on already. wtf.
I understand that posting photos like these are a total social suicide, but this post was meant to help girls who suffer from skin problems like I did so I need to be completely honest.
Concealer can hide redness and dark spots on our skin, but it cannot flatten out all these unsightly bumps, which is why it bothered me so damn much.

You know how the iPhone 4 front camera is.. it already helps to hide TONS of flaws, and yet my skin looked so disgusting.
If you ever saw my iPhone selcas and thought I had flawless-looking skin, it's all thanks to apps like MoreBeaute2 and Camera360, go download them hahah!

And this is my skin today.
I actually went beside my room's window to get sunlight on my face for these iPhone pictures because I wanted to compare it with the before pictures (above).
Finally, I can go under the sun to take pictures without feeling extremely self-conscious!

I didn't even edit my face or nose smaller but just don't look at my face lah, look at MY SKIN!!

This is me WITHOUT any make up immediately after I bathed (NO tinted sunblock or whatever as well)
using my camera with flash.

√ Acne scars reduced
√ No/minimal outbreaks
√ CLOGGED PORES REDUCED X999999999999 (this makes me so effing happy seriously)

And this is me with make up on taken with flash, without any edits done
No photoshop on nose/face so please just look at MY SKIN haha!
(Previously I had to photoshop my complexion in ALL of my pictures even with make up on, but now my job's a lot easier!! Yay!!)

So how did this crazy miracle happen?
Well apparently on the 21/12/12, the world DID end and
And this is what heaven looks like:

It's just too effing good to not share!!
Because I know only too well how awful it feels like to have disgusting skin and I don't wish for any of my readers to suffer the same inferiority complex as I did.
I've always been jealous of girls born with beautiful and flawless skin even when they never put in ANY effort to care for their skin,
and I've always rolled my eyes at people who complain about an "outbreak" when they grow ONE FKG PIMPLE.
So I really hope that this post (with me sacrificing my hideous old comodones infested face pictures above) can help more girls out there regain their confidence as well.

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

I'm usually very skeptical about buying products or going to facials
because I'll JUDGE the facial therapist, the doctor or the sales girl based on their skin.
I mean if you're in the skincare line your face better be flawless before you can convince me to buy your products or services.

And I was totally bought over at DRx Clinic because all their staffs, therapists and doctors are like ANGELS with flawless skins!
On my first visit on the 21st of December, I went for consultation with Dr Angela.
She stared at my skin for a few minutes and was writing stuff down on the patient's card.
Honestly I felt so super self-conscious at this point I wanted to dig a hole to hide,
but then I told myself that she's a professional and she's here to help me,
and then I felt better hahah!
She asked me what are my main concerns about my skin and I said clogged pores, acne scars and oily skin.
And then I was brought to a room to have my pictures taken for future reference,
to compare if my skin has made improvements or not etc.

I asked her for a picture but I blurred my face out because I didn't have any make up on :S

And then I was led to a small room where the therapist showed me all the products that Dr Angela prescribed for me to use and taught me how to apply them.
Each patient will have a different set of products to use so it's better to go for consultation with the doctor first!
For my case, there's a total of 10 products I have to use day and night,
and I will write about these products in detail in another post with A VIDEO to also show you all my complexion more clearly! :)

The total cost of the products was about $560 inclusive of GST,
which may seem like quite a huge amount at first.
But after I did my calculations, if these products last for 6 months (you only need to apply a bit each time),
each month is only $90,
and I don't need to buy ANY OTHER products!
Meaning I don't have to buy other brands of masks, cleansers, scrubs etc??
Worth it!
Cause I used to spend up to $100 each month shopping for masks at SASA alone.. and they don't always guarantee results.

So I took the risk and pushed aside all my existing skincare products, cleansers, masks etc (heart pain because I think got like few hundred bucks worth of products lol)
and ONLY used the Derma-Rx range from the 21st December onwards.
It's been LESS THAN one month and the results are SUPER EFFECTIVE.
I really can't believe it!
I first started seeing visible results on the 3rd day I think and my skin gradually improved everyday
and I would look forward to waking up every morning and running to my mirror to see if my complexion improved again! :D

I will blog about each of the products in detail in my next post but for now,
just know that IT WORKSSSSSSS :'D

I feel like I just won some award and I want to thank my dad, my mum, my sis, my bro, my boyfriend for sticking by me and loving me when my skin was disgusting as shit
and I'm so thankful to DRx Clinic for letting me gain confidence in myself, and super thankful to Eric who blogged about DRx clinic first which was why I went to check them out.
I really hope that this is not a dream and if this was a dream I hope I'll never wake up lol!

Apart from using their products alone,
DRx also has laser treatments and the more high-tech treatments for severe cases of acne.
But their doctors recommend trying out their products first
because if the products can work for you, why pay more for laser treatment?
Which is why I really like DRx Clinic because they don't try to hardsell me anything that I don't need!
And they don't make you feel obliged to sign packages with them too :)

Saw these impressive articles about DRx and the Derma-Rx products on the walls of the clinic.
Sometimes when I read these articles on magazines I'll be quite skeptical and think that the magazines are most likely paid to advertise for them
but then at least now I know it works lor hahah so much for being skeptical! :p

I also went to kaypo and see the other sections of DRx because the entire 16th floor belongs to them LOL!
They also have trichological services for thinning hair (omg I think I need lol),
or if you think you have too much hair you can go for waxing,
and also botox and fillers and the likes.
It's basically like a one stop place for beauty services for both men and women.

And because they saw me with shades on (cause I didn't have make up) and I told them I'm conscious about my make up-less face,
they said in future I can bring my make up set along because they have a special corner for girls to apply make up after treatments and all.

Since the Derma-Rx products work for me, I probably might want to try out the tricho treatments in future cause my mum says I have thin hair like her and girls with thin hair more likely to get hair loss! :(

The best foundation for a woman is her beautiful skin.
And I can't agree more with that, cause now I can apply less foundation and still feel good about my complexion :)
Can save on my make up too!

No matter how small our eyes are or how round our noses are,
I think people with flawless skin ALWAYS look better and are more well-liked
because others interpret it as good health or good personal hygiene and the likes and are more willing to get close to you.

I honestly can't imagine how my boyfriend kissed my cheeks for 2 whole years while we were together
when my face had all the clogged pores and crap  *shudder* :S

Before with make up & After without make up.. super wth right LOL!

Thankfully it's all in the past now!
Now I have nice smooth cheeks for my baby to kiss all he want yay lol!

I'm going back to DRx for a follow up next next week
and I'll keep you guys updated on my complexion via my blog! :)

If you're interested in trying out DRx clinic as well,
you can give them a call to book an appointment for consultation too :)
Consultation fee is $50 for first visit and $35 for subsequent visits.
It worked for Eric and he blogged about it HERE to share with his readers (including me),
so now I'm blogging about it to share with you all hoping you all will benefit from it too!!

For me I was able to see drastic improvement within 3 weeks, so if you're kiasu and book an appointment asap,
by Chinese New Year your whole family will be like O.O wtf at your clear new skin lol!

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Thank you for reading,
love you all!


Helen said...

heya! could u let me know how much the tricho treatment costs? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to ask that they don't provide facial service, only facial products?

So we just have to apply their products and don't need to go for facial anymore? No need to do any more extraction?

Anonymous said...

Hi :) ! May I know how much is the consultation fee?

pxdkitty said...

@Helen: I'm not too sure how much tricho costs cause I didn't do that yet.. I just know that they offer the service. But maybe in future when I try it out I'll blog about it too! :D

@Anon: I asked and they said they do extractions with the help of equipments (like ultrasound or smth). but I think if use products alone can work ( for me) and no extractions needed better cause extractions are effing painful :s lol!

@Anon: sorry I forgot to include it in, I just did! $50 for first visit and $35 for subsequent visits :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you :D! May I know if they provide any facial services? If they do, do you know how much is it? (Sorry, for asking so much..)

pxdkitty said...

@anon: honestly I'm not very sure cause I didn't ask haha :x dr angela recommended me to try the products first and see if I need to go for further treatments when i go for follow up so i didn't really ask about extractions or facials (if can avoid also good lol). maybe you could give them a call and enquire? :D

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks alot for all the informations :D!

Serene_Broken said...

If is leg's skin, am I be able to go see this doc too?

Chloe said...

Roughly 3-4 years ago, I had really bad skin too, probably even more worse than yours. What's worse is that NO products worked against the pimples (oxy dries and flakes my skin - gross)
It was a miracle when I went to DrX. I was skeptical at first because I have tried SO many clinics, none worked. But this clinic CLEARED my skin in about 2 months?
Now when I tell my friends how I used to have bad skin, they wouldn't believe me because my skin is clear & the scars have faded away too.
And now that my skin has cleared, I can change my skincare products and it doesn't even break me out anymore! :D

Anonymous said...

hi, which doctor is good at drx? not sure which one to choose:(

Anonymous said...

Wow that's really impressive! By any chance do you know more about the thinning hair treatment? I think most girls need it! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, so do you have to use their product for the lifetime?

Yknow, some product once you stop using it, acne & all will start appearing again!

plsfundme said...

can i ask if you need to continuously use their facial products? and if the skin complex is better now, like for your case, will the no of products used decrease? seriously 10 is alot to rem...

Anonymous said...

Do u have to make an appt before going down??

Anonymous said...

After reading this post, i immediately call DRX clinic and book appointment! Thanks to you!!! ;)