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GUESS' Bloggers Styling Event

GUESS is the sexy, young, adventurous brand rooted in denim jeans, offering a complete line of trendsetting handbags, watches, apparel and accessories.

Having 30 years of heritage, GUESS continuously shows us the timeless side of sexy.

In line with GUESS' new collection of timepieces,
GUESS organized a styling event for selected bloggers to style themselves and their models in GUESS apparels and accessories to complement the watches we've chosen!

And I'm extremely honoured to be a part of it!

So my model (Rebecca) and I arrived at Somerset 313 Atrium all hyped up for the event that day! :)
It's not an everyday thing to have an opportunity to be decked out top to toe in the gorgeous GUESS apparels, timepiece and accessories,
so you can probably understand our excitement!!

After taking a quick glance at the new collection of GUESS watches,
we were then presented with racks and racks of stunning pieces from GUESS to style ourselves and our models with, to complement the GUESS watches.
Fur coats, bandage skirts, chiffon tops, leather jackets, dresses - I wish I could buy them all home!

As mentioned above, one of the main highlights of the new timepiece collection are the animal prints.
So for myself and Becca, I stuck with simple and plain colours that would complement the intricate designs of the watches.

For my outfit, it was darker and bolder, whereas Becca's exuded a more feminine vibe, and I think we looked good together as a team if I do say so myself haha!

I feel that the fur coats, vests and jackets are some of GUESS' signature pieces and they are simply amazing,
which is why although they're not as suited for our summer all year round climate, I included them in our outfits as well :)
They would be perfect if you wore them in colder countries though!

Both our tops were sleeveless because my intention was for the timepiece to shine and be the center of attention effortlessly :)

My top was a sleeveless V Neck Plain Black Bandage dress (worn as a top, but not shown in pictures), and I chose a leopard print bandage skirt to give my dark ensemble a pop of colour.

The reason why I didn't remove my fur vest at the event at all was because it was so comfortable, and it's a major plus point that it was sleeveless too so my watch can still be seen! :)

For my shoes, I chose a pair of brown wedges with a thick black strap, gold buckles and subtle leopard prints in line with GUESS' current season's animal prints trend!

For Becca's outfit, the main colour scheme was white, nude, and gold for a softer and more classy look.
First off, I chose a luxurious fur coat for her.
I love the movement and volume of the fur coat and it is definitely a statement piece worthy of complementing a GUESS watch.
Becca is also wearing a plain white sleeveless chiffon top from GUESS with ruffles details at the front, and that adds on a very feminine and elegant vibe.
I also chose a nude bandage skirt with slight gold details at the side for her, and her glitter gold heels were meant to add that sparkle and extra star quality to complete the outfit.

For both our ensembles, I kept to the simpler designs which were still dazzling but not too overpowering, as I wanted to keep the focus on the GUESS timepieces.

We then proceeded to choose the GUESS watches we wanted to complete our outfit with.
It's difficult to not be overwhelmed by the selection of timepieces of GUESS - each of them beautiful, with amazing craftmanship and gorgeous in their own ways.
There were those extravagant ones with more intricate designs and encrusted with diamantes, to the fun and casual ones with bright and cheery pop colours, to the simpler classic leather strap watches.

Discussing which ones we like best! :)

Hmm, decisions decisions..

After much thought, we chose 2 watches from GUESS' latest collection, and both had animal prints on them because they were so exquisite!
But even so, they were of two completely different styles :)

For myself, I chose this watch with a larger face, thicker straps and the right amount of strong predatory prints on them.
You can fully embrace your fierce fashion instincts with this piece!
It has the right amount of boldness I was looking for, and not to mention super chic!
My outfit was meant to depict a strong, confident and fashionable female and this watch epitomized those characteristics.

I also love how this watch has a miniature GUESS triangle logo attached to it with gold chains which adds on to its uniqueness!

For Becca's watch, I chose this gold chain double wrap leopard print watch.
It has a smaller face, thinner straps, and fainter leopard prints, which gives it a more delicate tone.
It has a more feminine touch to it in contrast to my watch, just as how Becca's and my outfit are of two contrasting styles.

This piece caught my eye because it is exceptional in the sense that its double wrap chain design makes it easy for it to double up as a charming fashion accessory as well.

A beautiful outfit without accessories is like a delicious cupcake without pretty frostings - it's never complete.
Which is why it is essential that we make the effort to choose the right accessories to enhance the look.
And with the GUESS timepieces, practicality meets style!

Now our "cupcake" is complete :)

All smiles cause we're wearing GUESS top to toe!
See how our watches stand out so naturally? :D
I loved our outfits so much!!

Another reason why I chose these pieces in particular is because they are SO WEARABLE!
Trendy, stylish and yet not too over the top.
I can totally imagine people wearing my outfit (minus the fur vest) to parties, fashion shows etc and Becca's outfit (minus fur vest) to classy events, sweet dates or even to work!
I think that an important part of fashion is all about being comfortable in what you're wearing and loving it rather than blindly following trends :)

This styling event is also a mini competition between the teams,
so please vote for Becca and I here if you like our outfits too! :)

Watch the following video of the GUESS Watch Styling Event! :)
You can also vote for your favourite teams at the microsite and stand a chance to win vouchers and take part in the Tiesto giveaway (!

Left to right:
Nuffies Clara, Amanda, Jayne who came down to support all of us (yay!!)
Becca, me, Zoe and her model! :)

Zoe, me, Becca and Zoe's model, they were wearing GUESS clothing as well!
As you can see (later on as well), the style each blogger chose for their team is so different, and I think that makes the competition even more exciting.
GUESS has a wide variety of designs that cater to so many different styles, you'll be spoiled for choice!

I think that Zoe's team's bright and lovely colours portrays Zoe's personality really well :D

By the way, the four of us called ourselves the short teams because the rest of the teams were really really tall haha
you'll see what I mean later :p

Zoe and I were wearing the same wedges but in a different colour, and her model was rocking GUESS' signature denim jeans! :)

Peggy's team, my team and Zoe's team!
I think Peggy's team went for a more matured and sleek look :)

We were also told to prepare a short presentation to talk about the outfits we chose for the event :)
Mingling and camwhoring before the presentation started!

Cupcakes from Angeleia Cupcake (which were truly delicious by the way) for us and the guests who signed up for the event to enjoy!
The guests also received free GUESS goodie bags worth $100! Wah :D
If you follow me on Twitter (@rachelltan_) you would have seen me shouting out for you guys to sign up too! :)

Nuffie Alvin surrounded by girls hahah, what a lucky man!
Just kidding, he helped us a lot as well and he is Becca's boyfriend!

On the left, the two girls are Beatrice and Velda, also bloggers for the GUESS styling event!

Peishi also dropped by to support!! :D yay!!

Then it was time for our presentation and Becca and I went up first :)
Beside me is the host for the event, Noel!

If you've watched the GUESS Styling video above with all the teams' presentation, please vote for your favourite team at the microsite too! :)

The other teams presenting their outfits with the GUESS timepieces they chose!
Can you spot the various different styles each blogger chose? :)

A group photo with all the bloggers and their models! :)

Spot the short teams (the 4 of us) standing at the back on the platforms hoping to look taller... but looking even smaller as a result!! :p

The event came to a conclusion with a simple questionnaire (eg. what is the shape of GUESS' logo?) for anyone in the audience or even passers-by to answer and those with the right answers got gifts from GUESS too!
So easy to win right? :D

I had an amazing time at the GUESS Styling event and am thankful for this opportunity to meet all the other bloggers, models and people who came down to support us! :)
It was fun to explore more about fashion along with the other bloggers and also try on those gorgeous GUESS clothing, accessories and watches!

If you'd like to vote for Becca and I, watch the video of the event or learn more about how to win GUESS vouchers and participate in the Tiesto giveaway,
please visit the microsite at

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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