Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Healthy & Yummy Food

Totally unrelated to this post, but here's a picture of the fake nails I stuck on for casting yesterday!
I bought it some time back from Taiwan and didn't get to use it till now :)
Peishi and I didn't get chosen for top 15 though, we heard there were a number of girls who REALLY looked like Tsubasa, wahseh!
But it was really fun while it lasted! ^~^

Now I'm gonna re-grow out my fringe again to my previously short-lived (actually it only lasted a day) center parting yay
I think it will take quite a few months though.. so by then I may be almost half done with my braces already? :)

Going to the dentist sometime this week again to get it tightened, quite excited!
Move teeth, move your lazy asses gogogo!

If someone had told me about eating healthy a year or two ago,
I'd tell them straight in the face to shut the fuck up and not talk to me, ever.

I was never a believer of eating healthy because I always had this mindset that.... You Only Live Once (hahah YOLO!) so if I'm going to spend 100 years of my life living on yucky tasting vegetables, I'd rather die.

But now, things have taken quite a turn, and now I'm getting more conscious of my health.
Yes HPB, all your healthy living campaigns worked and influenced me enough... LOL! Just kidding :p

But I guess with age you get more conscious of your health.
And also, I have more things to lose now - my family, my friends, my self-proclaimed husband-to-be.....
Plus, I guess I have more responsibilities at hand and can't afford to let myself die at the age of 30 of stroke or high blood pressure cause I stuffed my face to death with saturated fats or something.

Okay, enough of all the morbid death talk!

The true reason behind blogging about this is also to let you guys know the main thing that changed my mindset........

It turns out that....
Not all healthy food taste as awful as I thought they would.

My boyfriend used to tell me, "The healthier choice pyramid symbol on food products mean you shouldn't buy them cause they taste bad" LOL!

But this blog post will list some healthy AND ALSO yummy food (/fruits/drinks?) I have personally grown to love
and I'd like to share with you all cause I want you guys to be healthy and live long enough to enjoy life too!

1. Water
Your body is made up of about 60% water so it's needed for renewal of cells, healing of scars, for your brain juice etc..
When I used to study for exams I find that I get thirsty a lot more often and if I don't drink enough water I get a headache.... not sure if it's just me being paranoid hahah
But anyway water is good for you so just drink it.
And if possible, cut down on soft drinks, especially for those people who are on a diet.
Not telling you to avoid it totally, but just drink less of it?
Because while it doesn't make you feel fuller, you're actually gaining a lot more unnecessary sugar than compared to if you had drank plain water instead.

I'd rather eat more fatty food than drink soft drinks cause at least the fatty food actually makes me full haha!

Saw this picture online to show you an approximation of how much sugar you are taking in with each type of drink (picture credit to google)

2. Green Tea
I don't usually like to drink tea except green tea and bubble TEA lol!!
But green tea has this light and calming smell and has tons of benefits (you can google this I'm sure), and doesn't have any strong weird taste.
It's almost like drinking water too.
And then there was once I went to a sushi restaurant and realised that there's actually a kind of green tea called Genmaicha (brown rice tea.. so it should be brown tea and not green tea? ah idk.) and it is EXCEPTIONALLY FRAGRANT and I love it!!
And it's healthy too!
Don't have to go into details about its benefits but just drink it lah it's good for you hahah

You know how those healthy living campaigns always say we have to eat 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits everyday for vitamins and fibre and all?
Well because I really HATE vegetables (except less than a handful), I will put all my hopes for my health on fruits because at least fruits don't taste bad hahah!

3. Blue Berries
Strawberries are effing pretty and looks awesome in pictures, but most of them are more sour than haters printing pictures of celebrities, writing insults about them and pasting those pictures in public toilets.
Raspberries as well :S

The only berries (which I've tried) which are nice and sweet and also super cute and tiny are the little blue berries.
I think they tastes like grapes, but sweeter and without that siapsiap grape skin.
AND THEY HAVE NO SEEDS!!! Btw I effing hate it when I buy a box of "seedless grapes" and I find seeds in ALL of them -.-

And this is from World's Healthiest Foods website:
"The authors of this study were encouraged by the results and suggested that blueberries might turn out to be beneficial not only for improvement of memory, but for slowing down or postponing the onset of other cognitive problems frequently associated with aging."

Makes you smarter and look younger, and tastes waaaay better than supplement pills and collagen powder drink.

(pic credit to google)

4. Bananas
One of my all time favourite fruits are bananas!
They're so sweet and so easy to eat!
You don't have to wash/use the peeler to peel off the skin, you can easily handle it and eat it without dirtying/washing your hands, AND THERE'RE NO SEEDS :p
(you can probably guess that I'm an extremely lazy person. I like convenience even when it comes to eating, yes.)
And they give you energy too!
But you probably shouldn't spam eat them (like 4 at a time or smth) because they give you so much energy, and if you don't work that energy out.......
BAM! Your body shape will turn from a banana into a mango.

(pic credit to google) HAHAHA

5. Apples
Apples are nice but I hate to cut them, get rid of their seeds and bite them cause it's so mega hard to bite and I'm lazy (again..).
Recently, because of my braces, I've been blending apples to make my own super thick apple juice cause I can't really bite into hard stuff in case the ceramic brackets crack and I'll have to pay :S
And I remembered that in secondary school/jc the canteen used to sell Apple Yakult juice, so I blended apple and yakult together, tasted awesome and feels healthy too! :)

6. Golden Kiwi
Kiwis are good for you and have a lot of vitamins in it, but sometimes they're kinda sour :/
Golden Kiwis (super pretty and the insides are sunshine-yellowish actually) are a lot less sour than your usual green kiwi, but they're also more expensive than the regular green ones.
Definitely not one of those fruits I can afford to eat everyday but maybe you can so yeah haha

(pic credit to google)

7. Almond nuts
I only found out how yummy whole almond nuts are when I attempted making macarons.
You HAVE TO try buying a packet of plain almond nuts and eating them like snacks (instead of potato chips), damn addictive!
Previously I simply thought they were a nuisance hiding inside my Cadbury chocolate hahaha!

But unfortunately now I can't risk ruining my braces so I can't eat them :(

Got the following from WHFoods again:
"In addition to their cholesterol-lowering effects, almonds' ability to reduce heart disease risk may also be partly due to the antioxidant action of the vitamin E found in the almonds, as well as to the LDL-lowering effect of almonds' monounsaturated fats."

8. Yogurt
I'm assuming yogurt is healthy because everyone else says so hahah
And with all the froyo out there now, you can occasionally ditch your fat-loaded ice creams when you have cravings for dessert, go for froyo instead.
I like my froyo with rainbow fruity pebbles cereal the most!

(pic credit to google)

So far everything sounds like fruits and snacks and non-filling stuff right?
I think so too.
But I refuse to list any of those "bland chicken soup" kind of dishes down because it's suppose to be healthy AND YUMMY.
I like salty and flavourful soup, whoops.
I don't really think any of the filling meals that are SUPER YUMMY can actually be SUPER HEALTHY, but I guess there are always ways to make it less unhealthy.

9. Nutella Raspberry Sandwich
There was one night when I tweeted that I was going to have a nutella sandwich, and then Sophie tweeted me (thank you babe!!!) to add raspberries in it because it tastes awesome, and then I tried it out...
Call me a suagu (mountain tortoise) but I've never heard of this way of eating nutella bread before!
Maybe it's a western kind of sandwich.. like peanut butter & jelly sandwich (never tried it before btw),
and maybe westerners have never heard of condensed milk + pork floss sandwich before?

So I was saying, this is probably not the healthiest sandwich around but it's sort of a bit better than your usual nutella sandwich? And that alone is good enough for me, cause I'm the kind of person who won't compromise and eat bland yucky food no matter how healthy you tell me it is :S

10. 老火汤 Soup Master
When you go to Kopitiam, there's usually a store called 老火汤 Soup Master which has lots of huge pots of soup at the front of the store.
My mum always says that soups (like our chinese soups) are good for the body and have a lot of nutrients in them and they usually boil the ingredients for a super long time and all the good stuff is in the soup so you don't necessarily have to eat the carrots or whatever in the soup? How convenient hahah!
So I'll believe her because the soups always taste really nice and goes well with rice too :p
If you're eating out, instead of going for nasi lemak or char kway teow, maybe you could go for 老火汤 Soup Master to make yourself feel healthier once in awhile? :p
I googled 老火汤's Facebook page in case you want to see how the store looks like:

I've tried everything from their menu, ALL TASTE EQUALLY GOOD!

(pic credit to 老火汤's Facebook page)

11. Fish
Somehow people always say that fish is good for the body, good for this good for that, so I'll just eat it I guess.
But it has to taste nice though lol!
Plus no one says "eat less fish" like they say "eat less steak/fatty pork", so you can never go wrong with fish!

By the way, as a kid I ate A LOT of fish brains (cause initially it was quite fun to pick it out of the head lol sounds damn gross I'm sorry) and it tasted not bad, like salted tofu?
And I even asked my mum if they sold fish brains in a bottle so I can eat a lot at one shot :S Now that I've typed it out, I think it sound damn gross too hahah!
But it's my childhood memory okay, and I scored 6 points (4 if you minus my 2 CCA points) for O levels so yeah I guess the fish brains helped lol!

Moving on to more normal sounding fish dishes, I like Grilled cod fish, Salmon sashimi (LOVE X99999), steamed pomfret, fish sliced beehoon soup and all,
and I rank having them on the same level of satisfaction as eating fried rice, ebi tempura, laksa and what not, so it does feel healthier in a way :) *self-comforts*

12. Very very few vegetables
As I mentioned above, I HATE vegetables and I can't stand the mere taste of it.
They're plain disgusting and even when fried with delicious oyster sauce, the vegetables are insulting the oyster sauce.

I'm a damn picky eater, I know....but this is my blog post so just bear with it :D
I only eat vegetables that DON'T taste like vegetables.
But still, better than not eating any right? hahah
Meaning, I only eat vegetables that are not leafy and green (except kangkong cause it tastes great with sambal and they usually fry it super saltishly and it's damn oily and shiok haha).
I think eating leafy green vegetables make me feel like I'm eating the grass right out of my garden and I don't like the thought of it :/

So anyway, some of the rare few vegetables I eat are:
- Broccoli (tastes best when boiled with A BIT of salt. Healthy too!)
- Cauliflower
- Bitter gourd (tastes amazing when fried with minced pork and egg)
- Carrots
- Corn
- Potato (I LOVE POTATOES!!! Not sure if it's actually a vegetable but for easy categorization purposes it shall be called a vegetable)
- Lady fingers (especially in Fish Head Curry and it's super soft and soaked in gravy)
- Spinach (ONLY CREAMED SPINACH I mean cause I really like cream/cheese etc hahah)

Anyway, if you sometimes have cravings for those creamy soups (like me!!) and want to feel less fat, I would personally recommend cream of broccoli! :)
Simple to prepare and you can easily google the recipe of it online too.

Alright I guess that's about it!
The rest of the food I usually eat are fatty and crappy, but I do TRY to make them healthier okay lol.

Instead of "Healthy & Yummy Food", I should probably rename this post to "My life as a picky eater" or something.
There was once when I was young my mum sent me to the back of the kitchen to eat by myself and away from the rest of my family
because I kept picking my food and she got soooo frustrated and said it was affecting her mood to eat hahah!!!
I think it must have been quite bad considering that my mum has a great temper lol :p

Anyway, the above list isn't exhaustive but it's just to name a few off the top of my head.
I hope my list of yummy and healthy food will keep increasing as time passes so I can eat more types of food without feeling so guilty! :p

**disclaimer: when I say "healthy" think of it more like "not as fatty" so please don't preach me with all the hardcore health food salad crap, sorry!

I guess two of the benefits of eating heathily would be it helps with your complexion and moderates your weight (won't be too skinny, won't be too overweight)
Health is more important afterall :)
If you look like a goddess but you're dying tomorrow cause of bad health, you won't be able to fully enjoy your goddess-ness anyway!

So what are some of your favourite healthy foods?
Leave a comment via the NuffnangX app and share the love!

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

omg, 6 points?? Any tips on how you got such good results??

Anonymous said...

6 points?! What school you go after that? Then never go uni? I tried the nutella bread OMG SO NICE!!

Anonymous said...

as written on her profile, Schools: Rosyth Primary, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Victoria Junior College, National University of Singapore

Anonymous said...

U guys didn't know she was from NUS? She quit before she graduated to be a full-time blogger though.