Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I cut my fringe!

Blogging with the iPhone again!

My stevenlim-superstar-sghunkxxyyzz inspired fringe says hello to all of you lol!

Anyway I got really annoyed by my fringe and decided to cut it short.
And I've NEVER looked nice in straight bangs all my life but you know how girls are like.. -.-
Cut our fringes and then regret the heck out of it hahah it's almost like we WANT TO regret.

And for those who have voted for us, thank you so much!!
Peishi and I got shortlisted for casting for the Tsubasa Masuwaka lookalike competition yay! *throws confetti*

So I kind of cut my fringe cause of the casting tomorrw as well, so hopefully we can get chosen!
I think I might look more like CL from 2NE1 than Tsubasa though :x
Quite a big sacrifice for me cause I was just getting to love my center parting again~

No effort made in adding filter to this picture cause it looks beyond gross hahah

And this is a few snips later....

Plus I tried to do the Tsubasa-inspired make up again today to prepare for casting tomorrow..
It's so light I'm totally not used to it T~T

I don't even know if I can walk out of the house with such light make up D;
I swore off light make up previously as well.. but this competition really damn awesome
- the winners get to go to Japan!!!
Hopefully I won't look crap IRL because iPhone pictures always make people look better so it's not totally credible as well :(

Here is me trying damn hard to look like Tsubasa Masuwaka hahah

I even tried to curl my hair.. but I only curled one side cause I got lazy, so here is half of my face!

I've only went for casting ONCE in my entire life so tomorrow will be the second time.
I always think it's damn cool when girls on my timeline tweet that they're going for casting
so maybe tomorrow I get to tweet "going for casting" too and other people just like me will think I'm quite cool LOL

Hopefully it all goes well for Peishi and I tomorrow!
KOAS jiayou!!
They're casting quite a number of girls and only choosing 15..

Please wish us luck!! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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Lynn Chan said...

Hello there ! :D Goodluck for your casting tomorrow ! ��