Monday, December 10, 2012

Like a Diamond

I've recently been exploiting this quilted studded bag I got from ShopStrayedHeart because it literally matches every single one of my outfit!
Not to mention how gorgeous it looks!
Can't resist bringing it out all the time the past few weeks haha!
Quote "PXDKITTY" for $1 off your total bill before 31st December 2012 :)
They have also opened spree #46 which will be closing on Wednesday, 12th December 2012, 11pm, so if you'd like to place an order, do hurry!!

Took all of these out to prepare for the Tsubasa lookalike contest the other day
I love all my DollyWink & Candydoll products so much!
Just looking at them makes me happy :) :)
Make up products with cute packaging are the best!

Went to meet Eric the other day before he enlists into the army!
We actually planned to go to USS and take roller coasters until we puke but we reached there at 5pm and it closes at 7pm.... :S
So we took the monorail to Sentosa to lepak instead hahah!

Anyway I will miss him like mad because he's one of the most real people I've met via Twitter and one of the few people I trust :'(
Can't randomly whatsapp him (or vice versa) at 4am in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep anymore T~T

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Eric made a huge impact in my life and changed it positively in many ways
Be it in the truthful advices he gives as a friend, or the way he kp about stuff that makes Martin and I laugh xD
and remembering the both of us even when we're busy and don't meet up all the time
I appreciate every single thing!! :)

OOTD for that day!

Looking fab in his clothing line - MachoNachos!
I've got a couple of apparels there for Martin already and we both love them!
Anyway the best part about being a girl is that you can easily buy guys' clothes to wear oversized and still look good in them haha! :p
Super proud of Eric for having such an amazing online store, and it's JUST the beginning!

Did some catching up and then while on our way back, we saw the Chairlift and Luge ride and spontaneously bought tickets for them hahaha
The view from the chairlift.... quite creepy and scary cause there wasn't any safety net below :S
I was so scared my flats would fall off lol!

Too scared that I'll move the chairlift too much, but will still pose for a photo!

This is the Luge ride in case you haven't tried it before.
Basically you'll take the chair lift to some really high up place at Sentosa and then ride this little car like thing that runs only on potential energy(??) and gravitational force(??) (sorry I forgot all my basic physics already haha) down the hill.
There's a brake for you to slow down in case it's going too fast and I was stopping it every now and then cause I'm damn scared I'll crash HAHAH
If you like thrills, I think you'll like to ride this at night.. cause the trees and all at the sides look extra creepy T~T

And that's it for today! :)
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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