Saturday, December 1, 2012

Live As You Dream

I've recently been busy with.. god knows what.
I'm probably packing my room (again..), watching a new anime, editing pictures for advertorials, eating or sleeping.
Not very productive I'd say.

Anyway, would you guys like to know the animes that I've been watching?
I actually really like watching animes because that way I don't have to look at Twitter to fill up my free time
because Twitter is always full of drama, people bitching about others and emotional tweets
(I'm guilty of all the above which is why I'm tweeting less these days...)
which spoils my mood like mad although I'm not involved in them.
It's just looking at those tweets or seeing my friends upset/angry that sometimes just affects my mood?
And most of the times the problems are usually very personal and I can't be of help
and that makes me feel worse.
So I'll just watch animes by my phone for whoever approaches me to rant/for help instead of looking at Twitter and keep guessing by myself if I should comfort him/her or not.

Anyway, I think I'm damn obsessed with packing my room (but it's never neat...) because I think that my room kind of reflects the state of my mind.
When I'm really busy or stressed, my clothes, bags, scissors, tripod stand, packages, files and all will literally be all over the floor
and my mum calls them "traps" cause you have to tiptoe and avoid stepping on them to get across the room.
Some days I try really hard to clear it out and organize everything,
just like how I try to set goals for myself and plan about what I want to do with my life,
but a few hours later, it's back to its original messy state.
It's somehow always totally disorganized,
kind of like feeling lost, all over the place, unmotivated, uncertain etc.
So I guess I'm probably hoping that if one day I manage to keep my room really neat and tidy,
I won't feel lost and without a direction anymore :)

Alright, end of rant hahah!

For now, I'll just try to do whatever keeps me happy.
Like buying new clothes and wearing them out :)

Today was just one of those days when I particularly love everything top to toe in my outfit
and decide to take a ton of senseless pictures of it :)

Oh, and my Rubeus Hagrid inspired grass-like hair... LOL just kidding

Outfit Of The Day
Leopard Shirt from ZARA (bought it 4 years back)
Live As You Dream Denim Jacket from
Black ripped shorts (blogshop)
Black Stockings (retail store)
Black Boots from TOPSHOP (bought it a year ago)
Round Shades (retail store)
Cross Multi Layered Necklace which I wear all the effing time LOL (retail store)

Let me know if you guys like random clothes-related and less-wordy posts like this as well because I actually really like them hahah!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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