Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Random Vlog: Singapore Science Centre

Watch my random vlog about the Singapore Science centre & a mini DIY tutorial for this Quartz Crystal Necklace below! :)

And I finally got my hands on the astronaut ice cream (which I ate in the video heheh) after a really long time, also at the Singapore Science Centre at $3.90!
Super happy!! :D

It costs about $12 per adult to enter the Singapore Science Centre and you can check out their price lists here:

Some pictures from our visit there! :D

Somehow when you're at the Science Centre, you just feel like you HAVE TO touch everything lol!

Me as a fat and puffy astronaut woohoo!

Remember this guy?
Climbing up and down.. up and down...~

And there was this feedback board for us to draw/write about what we enjoyed from the exhibitions and because it was the 20th of December 2012 that day, someone wrote this.... hahaha!

So we decided to add some love and cuteness to the board to make it less morbid hahah!

Martin ♥ Rachell!

Martin's monkey and my snail :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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