Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So many videossss

The Ohsofickle event of the year is here!
They will be doing their End of Year Sale on
15 December (Saturday) 11am-7pm
Venue: 8 Purvis Street #04-01 (Nearest MRT Bugis, Purvis Street is located opposite the library.)
EVERYTHING is going at under $10! Buy 2 get 1 free!  You don't want to miss this!

For more details on the event, visit http://www.facebook.com/events/308801885895113/?ref=ts&fref=ts
For more details on the hosts of the event, visit www.ohsofickle.com.sg
Follow @shopohsoficklewww.twitter.com/shopohsoficklewww.inknlight.com, www.facebook.com/inknlight for more live updates!

I made 4 videos today and embedded them below!
They're all cosmetics/beauty related, so please watch them if you'd like and do subscribe if you'd like to see more of these videos! :)
It'll really mean a lot to me!

And if you're looking for enlarging contact lens for big sparkly eyes, do check out ShoppingQ-ueen as they're hosting preorders for it as low as $10/pair!!
They have my favourite IFairy contact lens too (which I was wearing in my videos) yay!! :D
I browsed through their catalogue and found this particular brand, WONDEREYE, super pretty!
Especially the Wondereye BURBERRY 4 TONE lens!!
You can get the Wondereye lens at $15/pair including free lens casing! :)
Quote "RachellTan.com" to be entitled to free postage with your order!

So I promised to do a Review on the Rachel K Cosmetics & Skincare products I received at their Skincare line's launch event previously, and here it is! :)
I also went to Watsons to buy a new tube of Rachel K CC Cream which I really like to give away to you girls (or guys)!! :)
So sorry it took me so long to do this video, I hope you'll like it!

And since I was in the mood of making videos, I decided to do a few more random ones hahah!
This one is on how to apply foundation and conceal your flaws without the use of a concealer!
I can't be bothered to spend another $20 to $40 buying a concealer cause I'm cheapskate like that, so this is how I do it usually.
And my camera DIED on me and so I had to charge the battery.. so while doing that I used my iPhone 4's front camera instead... QUALITY SUCKED BALLS hahaha!

Camera still dead, I decided to dedicate one post to all the girls with single eyelids!
I know the pain of applying eyeliner when you have single eyelids too well :(
So here's my solution for you girls and I really hope you'll find it helpful!

Finally done charging my camera battery and here's a video I did on Aegyo Sal (like.. Korean celebrity kind of eyebags)!
It's a make up technique to make your eyes appear BIGGER and it'll be suitable for both natural and thick make up! :)

Haven't made videos in a really long time so I hope you girls will like them!!
Sorry for the video spam.. I just found it really convenient to do one video after another hahah! :S

Thank you for reading & watching, love you all!!


Anonymous said...

hi, i've read from somewhere, that we should curl our natural lashes before putting on false ones, so there won't be 2 layers.

Anonymous said...

wow! really loved your aegyo sal tutorial. it looked so real and you're very cute. keep making videos!