Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To only love the right people

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It's been about a month since I got my ceramic braces on.. and until recently, it really bugged the hell out of me.
I know I have to be patient if I want a perfect set of teeth, but I just can't help but feel ugly whenever I smiled.

And although we don't often realise it, a huge part of being happy actually comes from a simple smile.
When you smile genuinely, you feel good, you become happier, and everything feels better somehow! (and there's been studies conducted to prove this as well)
But because I didn't allow myself to smile because I was too conscious about my braces, my mood totally just went downhill for the past weeks.

Mainly because some people (not going to drop names) actually told me that I look weird / ugly / uglier with braces, and I guess that affected my mood quite a bit as well because I let their words get to me.

And I guess it's because I forgot about the quote which I used to tell myself a lot,
"People who matter don't mind, people who mind don't matter."

I feel unhappy and insecure because of all these comments from people who are not important to me.. is it worth it? Not at all.

In fact, I really shouldn't care that I am ugly to them because they aren't my boyfriend/ family/ people I love.

My boyfriend has been really supportive and encouraging me when I feel down,
despite him not wanting me to get braces done in the first place because he said he liked my big bunny teeth :')
My family has been really sweet to me too, buying food that I can chew easily back for me and all!

I have everyone I love by my side and I really don't need anyone else's approval, I'm actually super lucky already!
Guess I need to set my priorities right again and focus on loving the ones who deserve my love and totally ignore those who constantly try to make me feel sad.

Since the new year is coming,
2013 resolution: To only love the right people.

If you're feeling insecure about something about yourself right now,
ask yourself who're the ones criticising/ judging your flaws and ask yourself if they're worth you getting upset over.
Once you realise that those people leaving mean remarks (be it online or in real life) aren't anyone of any significance to your life, you will immediately feel a lot better :)

"People who matter don't mind, people who mind don't matter."

I hope to feel more confident about smiling with my braces too!
I know I will never ever be the prettiest girl around because I have a lot of flaws,
but I hope that I can at least be really really happy!!! :)
I looked at my older pictures (without braces but with unstraight teeth), and I want to smile like I used to and get my joy back!

This is me trying to smile with my braces today hahah, still trying hard!

Thank you for reading, love you all!


Yuan Xin Lim said...

Hi Rachel! I got teased when I just had braces too! Don't be bothered by what those nasty people says. They are just being jealous that you're gonna have really pretty teeth when the braces is off =D Love reading your blog by the way. You always have this cheerful smile. Really pretty. Keep smiling!!

Anonymous said...

you look the same rachell~:) just as pretty as before i swear :D keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

If u r not considered as Pretty,
Then there is no ugly people around liow!!!
Don't let those remarks get to u~
U're still Gorgeous!!! :)

LoVe, VV~

▲elaine▽ said...

You're so flippin' cute! You I didn't even notice you had braces on.. but with that cute smile I don't think it matters :)

Anonymous said...

You still look good sweetie!

Charissa said...

Hello! (: I know how you feel because when I first put on my braces, I couldn't get used to how I looked and all. But things will get better over time and your smile will get prettier. Keep smiling! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blogpost is really useful to me as i Have encounter mean people passing mean remarks about me too.. like when they judge your dressing etc really hate it. But after reading this blogpost, i shouldn;t care what those mean people said! you are right :) Thanks and u look gorgeous!

Rad said...

It takes a while to get used to wearing braces. I haven't had anyone saying mean things about me wearing braces (or maybe it didn't bother me at all?). Just be more confident! You don't even look like you're wearing braces and you look cute. :D I am still wearing the same ol' conventional braces for about 10 months now. I've only been getting people telling me that they are jealous of my braces. LOL.

It is never too late to have braces in my opinion. I am 23 and I want that perfect teeth. I'm not too sure how your teeth used to look like but mine was reallyyyy bad and even my loveliest grandmother makes fun of me. lol. So, don't bother too much about it. :))

So, chin up and embrace it with confidence! :D