Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 resolution

I love my iPhone front camera.. it's the only thing that lies to me about me being pretty apart from my mirror.
All my other cameras and everyone else's cameras tell me that I'm really ugly.. like seriously x.x
Can't wait to remove my braces gahhhhh, it's only been about 2 months!
Felt like forever already omg.

Then I'll take pictures of my reflection in the mirror and post them instead of the ugly ones taken by my usual camera lol

Had quite a bad day today because everything didn't go as planned..
but I guess shit happens sometimes.
But I had sushi for dinner so that made everything so much better! :')

Brought my Detachable Tassels Charms Bucket Bag from Loveien19 out and it's extremely pretty and also very sturdy!
Unlike several of my other bucket bags which are kind of fragile and flimsy, the material of this is so much better!
And I guess that's why the bag's able to hold up its shape so well cause the material is awesome :D

There are instocks and pre-orders for tons of gorgeous bags at Loveien19 so do check them out :)
Pre-order is closing on 27th Jan 2013, 11:59 PM

Wore my Daisy Duke Boots (Tan Brown) from Jipaban to go with my simple teeshirt and shorts get up.
Flat shoes are sort of like a special privilege for my poor tormented feet that have to be squeezed into wedges and heels on normal days lol

Is it kind of late to do a new year's resolution now?
Well I'm still going to blog it down anyway in case I re-read this post again this year!

For 2013...
I might be re-taking my driver's license again, if I do find my motivation!
Previously I took a ton of lessons and then didn't go for the final TP test cause I chickened out x.x
Let's hope I don't screw up this time.

And I don't know why, but I seem to have a ton of things to do but nothing's getting completed!
I may want to go back to school? I may want to start going to the gym? I may want to pick up some new hobby? I may want to pack my room.....again (because it looks like a typhoon just hit the place)?

I want to have a better control of my temper and be a better person.

And I wish I could have more self-discipline, aiyo! x.x

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