Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Took this picture this morning with only 4 hours of sleep the night before x.x
My eyes cannot open at all lol
And the sunlight made me look like I accidentally shaved half my brows off hahah!

Speaking of eyebrows, I'm going to blog about eyebrows today!!

Shaping your eyebrows is like the most basic, easiest, cheapest and most accessible form of vain thing that every guy and girl can do - with tweezers, and sometimes with make up and/or eyebrow embroidery!
Even when you don't have make up on, having a nice pair of eyebrows makes a WORLD of a difference!
With eyebrows, you look a lot healthier, more awake and they also help brighten up the eyes.
Otherwise why do you think Korean stars place so much emphasis on getting the perfect brows to complement their face? :)
With a nice pair of brows, you really don't have to apply too much make up as well!
Great for girls who are lazy to wake up 3 hours earlier to slap a make up cake on their face (like I do) hahah

Sandara Park without make up (picture credit to google)

Not sure who this is.. but she looks really radiant and pretty! (picture credit to google)

Most people may think that eyebrows serve no purpose, or play an extremely insignificant role in making our faces prettier... WRONG!
Check out some hot stuffs without make up looking.. not so hot x.x

Taylor Lautner (picture credit to google)

Selena Gomez (picture credit to google)

I also tried photoshopping my brows away.. just.. HIDEOUS hahah!!!
I look like Voldemort's doppelganger or something x.x

This is me without make up (only lens + mascara) to show you guys my brows..
It's not a fantastic pair of brows I must admit, but at least it's WAAAAY better than they were before (pictures later!),
and it's not bad after I fill them in with eyebrow powder too!
I pluck my eyebrows by myself so it's not always perfectly trimmed, but I feel that when I pluck them on my own, they sort of become thicker..? (which is good because I don't have much brows to begin with)
I honestly have no logical explanation to that so I shall not try to explain hahah

My brows after make up!
But then again you can't really see them cause of my fringe......
but you STILL have to show your brows some love, just in case someone decides to notice your brows and realise that your brows are gross as f hahah!

And if you need some help deciding which brow shape you should trim/shape your brows to, you can check out the following website because it's super helpful!!!
On the website it says that there are 6 basic face shapes and each face shape suits a different style of eyebrows more!
I personally follow this guide to shape my brows.
I think my face shape is a cross between Oval Face Shape and Diamond Face Shape.. if that's even possible :/

Face Shape
Face Shape
Face Shape
Face Shape
Face Shape
Face Shape

Check out how a different pair of eyebrows can create a different visual effect on the Long Face Shape!
Here a long face shape looks shorter with a flat eyebrow shape

I sort of think that my face shape is weird as f cause of my cheekbones, but the only perk of having this face shape is that I can puff my face and I still don't look super round and fat? hahaha!
Not much of a perk lah but I'll make do with what I have lol!

Anyway, if you have screwed up brows now, NOT TO WORRY!
Everyone makes mistakes!
Just make sure you know what you need to improve on and work on it! :)
And since we're being honest, here are some of my mistakes hahah
Feel free to laugh cause I found them funny too :X

This is a picture of how my eyebrows NATURALLY look.. taken when I was 13.
I mean of course at 13 I didn't know how to pluck my brows or to get them trimmed or whatever,
so they just looked like fuzzy caterpillars crawling across my face.
And I had these brows UP TILL I WAS 18 HAHAH
But I didn't know they looked funny!!!
Cause nobody told me :(
So yes, now I'm telling you, please shape your brows nicely because it'll make you PRETTIER! :D
Embedded image permalink

And then when I found out that I needed to pluck my eyebrows,
 I went OVERBOARD and got them plucked too thinly and with too high an arch :/
All I knew was "I need to make my eyebrows thinner and with an arch", okay..
So here's how it looked x.x
PER YAO JING (妖精.. like prostitute lol) PLEASE! T~T
And again, NOBODY told me my eyebrows were fucked.
It's either they were being sweet and were afraid to hurt my feelings,
or they just wanted me to look bad lol
Either way, now I'm telling you that there is no hard and fast rule to shaping your eyebrows.
You'll need to take some time to find the perfect shape and balance to let it complement your face :)
......The eyebrow arch really cannot maintain!
Hook until like that... trying to catch fish right LOL!

Almost invisible eyebrows make your whole face look horrible no matter how enlarging your lenses are or how thick your eyeliner is :(
Lesson learnt!

No effort eyebrows...... LOL
Damn joke lah fkkkkkkk hahah
Plucked them too thin, and it's like I took a pencil and drew a line across the top of my eye in a stroke hahaha
Bad bad bad!

And idk what got into my head when I tried to mimic the thick straight korean eyebrows and plucked them using A RULER as my guide HAHAHA x.x
(and plus I didn't know how to draw them properly)
Like 2 black label tapes stuck onto my eyebrows :/
Note to self: You're not korean don't step korean please hahah
But if your face shape suits the straight brows (i.e. Long Face Shape), get a professional to pluck your brows for you to get the basic shape, and you can trim them regularly yourself from them on I guess :)
Don't let your brows end up like mine did... x.x

And finally, here are some pictures I found of myself with nice brows! :D

And I just wanted to post this picture cause I think I looked super demure and feminine and all here.. rare please LOL

I am actually thinking of going for eyebrow embroidery cause my natural brows aren't quite adequate (humans... forever unsatisfied with what they have)
so if anyone has advice on any good shops that do eyebrow embroidery, please leave a comment and let me know!
I'll publish them so everyone who's interested can check out the shops too! :) :)

Thank you for BROWsing (hahah punny or not!!!), love you all!


Rachael said...

Still really pretty! ^^


Anonymous said...

U might wanna check out browhaus :)

lydiahw said...

Hi Rachell,

You can try Erabelle or Browhaus.

Personally, I think they are the best specialist in town. =)

Anonymous said...

The second korean idol is Yoona of Girls Generation

'LYNN said...

Try No. 1 salon at Bishan. Do book 6 months in advance though, because they are quite packed all the way. Gives you enough time to change your mind if you want to! I did mine there, very natural and therapists very nice(My therapist is Amy). Try googling for reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hi rachell!
Erabelle is good!! I just did it last week! Heehee.. It is very natural looking. Email me at twinklelittlebell@gmail.com if you are going there. Becos is you mentioned that someone refer you, you will get some rebates back! :D That's what I did too! Heehee..

yeeteng said...

Hi. The one at bishan is awesome. And yes you need to engage this therapist call Amy, she is v professional. Just that she has a lot of customers, so if you want to book, you have to book 4-5mths in advance.
I didnt do brows there, but Amy did my eyeliner embroidery ^^

Valerie said...

You can also try Scents Hut at People's Park Complex! The therapist is called Jackie and she is really experienced! She's been doing it for more than 20 years and has all sorts of clients from Indonesian taitais to ladies from Japan who come to her! I can help you contact her if you like :) you can drop me an email at valerieyaohuien@hotmail.com