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Whenever I hear people say that Singapore is boring and has nothing to see,
I always beg to differ.
On the contrary, I feel like I haven't even finish exploring 1/10 of my own country yet, though I'm born and raised in Singapore and have been living here for the past 22 years!

More than "nothing to see", I think most of us just "do not know what to see" in Singapore because we're not well-informed enough,
and I don't mean visiting the usual tourist attractions like the Singapore Zoo, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the likes.

There are still so many quaint cafes, quirky vintage shops, cool restaurants, awesome hang out places in Singapore that we've yet to see!

Which is why this application called Feecha is going to change our lives forever! :)

Feecha is the neighbourhood news app to see what’s around you, and also what's happening around you!
You can now know when there's a live band performing at the local bar, a really good dish at the hawker center, a funny observation on the MRT, a sale at the corner shop, or just a nice café to chill with friends :)
Version 1 for Feecha launched last year to 50,000 readers in Singapore and Malaysia
and they're now launching a Version 2 that is faster, bigger and better!
Version 2 is now available for download worldwide, and they have content for all major Asian cities plus London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and most of Japan.

Click HERE to see all the press mentions about Feecha :)

Getting started..
After you download the Feecha app and Sign Up (left of screen), you can click on the Guide (bottom left of screen) to help you get started.
Or you can visit HERE for a brief tutorial for Feecha on iPhone.
I think that the options on the app are really easy to understand and follow, and once you get the hang of it, you'll be using it like a pro in no time! :)
You can also click on Settings (top right of screen) to connect your Instagram pictures to Feecha to post simultaneously. I love how convenient this is!

What is a feecha?
Each feecha is a piece of news, and they appear as cute cyclopean blobs on your Feecha map where that news was posted.
The bigger the feecha, the more popular the post is (more people viewing it, heart-ing it and commenting on it),
and unpopular feechas get smaller over time.

The Feecha map shows only the biggest feechas.
Zooming out to all of Singapore, for example, will show only the top stories for all of Singapore
and you can see the smaller feechas as you zoom in on an area.

You can also use the Activity view to browse through smaller feechas that aren’t big enough to make the map.

If you see a good feecha, remember heart it so it can grow bigger! :)
You can also use items like Protein Shake and Coffee to increase the size of the feecha to promote it on the map.
For example, if you and your friends are having a booth at a flea market and want more customers to visit your booth, increasing the size of your feecha on the map with the help of these items would be a good way to gain more exposure! :D

On your map, you will also see these adorable animals (like cats and rabbits).
If you follow an animal, that animal will bring you feechas from its neighbourhood,
and this may be useful if you want to always know what’s happening in a certain area.

For me, I followed the neighbourhood cat near my home just in case something huge happens near my place so I can be informed of it :)
If you're a driver, you may want to follow the neighbourhood animals around the expressways in case there are feecha posts about terrible jams and such
so you can properly plan your routes before travelling too!

My experience with Feecha
I personally like to browse the Feecha app the most when I'm on the train, queuing for something, waiting for my food to be served, or even when I'm on the bus!
Being on the bus/cab gets me the most tries at the Feecha Treasure Hunt feature (will talk about this below) and it's really exciting! :D
And I'm glad that Feecha keeps me inspired about where to go next, where I should dine at etc.

One of my biggest pet peeves is indecisive people who tell me "anything" all the time!

Me: Where do you want to go later?
Friend: Anything
Me: What do you feel like eating?
Friend: Anything
Me: Are you craving for anything? Japanese food? Chinese food? Western food?
Friend: Anything

@.@ How frustrating is that!!

So when faced with this type of anything people, I'd rather ask the Feecha app for answers instead hahah!
At least Feecha will give me some good suggestions! :p

Some feechas of places with yummy food that people (including myself) recommended!
It tells you how far away the restaurant/cafe is from your location above the feecha post and I think this really makes decision-making a lot easier! :)

This feecha makes me feel like going to Bishan Park cause the picture attached is so pretty!

Feecha is unique compared to other platforms because it pulls from multiple sources like Instagram, Foursquare and Meetup,
and will only show you what's relevant to you about your location or neighbourhood!
The FeechaRank engine curates what’s good and relevant versus what’s not,
and it’s the only app that can tell you what’s happening all around Singapore :D

Apart from helpful feechas that show us interesting places to visit, explore, dine at,
or feechas that update us about events going on at various locations,
my favourite feechas are the humorous and silly ones that make you L.O.S at your phone in public unknowingly hahah!

The #shoesandsocksthrowaway hashtag on this feecha regarding the flood is so epic!!!
And if you'd like to see more of these entertaining tweets, click HERE to view daily picks of cool feechas! :)

Thankfully, the Feecha app doesn't utilize GPS in the background so it doesn't drain the battery quickly,
which means I can use the app all day long! :)

Treasure Hunt on Feecha
Whenever you're in a new area, be sure to open up the Feecha app and play the Treasure Hunt to dig for prizes!
(For me I do this when I'm on a bus/cab!)
If you're at the right place at the right time, you could win real-life prizes like tablets, speakers, gift certificates, t-shirts, caps, tote bags, wireless headphones and more!
Check out for more details :D

If you win, you will see this pop up telling you your prize and how you can go about collecting it! :)


And now that you know so much about Feecha...
How do you get the Feecha app?
Feecha is free for iPhone and Android, and you can download it from:

So don't miss out! :D
Download Feecha and start posting today!
Who knows, you might just have beginners' luck and win yourself a cool prize! Yay!!

Check out Reelity Bite's episode on the  Feecha app featuring a special guest, Qiu Qiu!!! :D
In this episode, we visited some of the coolest and trendiest places in Sunny Singapore using the Feecha app and it was so much fun!
Click HERE to watch, "like" & "comment" on the video and you'll stand a chance to win some sweet prizes from Feecha too!

With the Feecha app, I think more Singaporeans will grow to appreciate all the interesting sights, amazing food and cool places we have in our own beautiful country,
and also be more informed of what's going on in our neighbourhoods! :)

Remember previously when I blogged a few posts under the label of WRWT (Where Rachell Went Today)?
I think I'll now be able to explore a lot more areas confidently with the help of the Feecha app and I'm really excited!!
So if you'd like to discover more delightful places on our sunny island as well, do look out for my upcoming posts! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!


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