Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halloween Wars

I used to LOVE watching Cupcake Wars on YouTube, until I saw Halloween Wars.
This show totally kicked every other competitive cooking show's butt!
Each team of 3 is made up of a PROFESSIONAL pumpkin carver, candy craftsman and a renown cake artist,
so their food aren't only made to taste good, but they also look SPECTACULAR each and every time.

Made up of pumpkin, potatoes, cake and sugar.
I LOVE the stained glass made of sugar pieces wtfffff!!!

Sleeping Beauty gone wrong! Damn gorgeoussss!
Made of cake, fondant, modeling chocolate, pumpkin, and the beautiful vines at the side are pulled sugar!

Here's Season 2 Episode 1 :)
Compared to Season 1 where there was an obviously stronger team compared to the rest (less competition there),
Season 2's standards were way higher ever since round one so it's really intense and fun to watch!

Watching shows like this always gets me thinking..
when can I be really really good at something too?

They might not earn as much as superstars or celebrities who are born with naturally good looks etc,
but they have such strong passion and skill in their field of expertise which can only be achieved after years and years of hard work and dedication, and I think that really earns people's respect!
And some of them are REALLY REALLY YOUNG too!!

I want to be really good at something too..
I MUST be good at something too, just that I don't know what it is yet? :(

On my deathbed, I want to know that I have committed my life to something I'm really passionate about and was good at what I love to do.
No amount of riches and fame can replace that feeling of KNOWING you ARE amazing at doing something and have mad skills at it.
Singing, dancing, baking, decorating cakes, carving pumpkin, gaming, shooting guns, inventing things, being a doctor, saving lives, sewing, writing, designing...

Now I just have to find what I can to commit my life to...
if only it was that easy :(

Does anyone else feel the same way too?


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Anonymous said...

totally understand how you feel. I wish I was super good at something too. well but it's not too late to invest your time in something now. I always tell myself not to give up on something just because of the time it takes to be successful at it, because the time will pass sooner or later anyway.