Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Look Skinny in Pictures without Photoshop

Remade one of my old videos "How To Look Skinny in Pictures without Photoshop" because the old one was too long and draggy, plus the video quality wasn't as clear.
I'm not a professional and I'm just showing how I do it, hope it helps! :D

The super pretty and flattering Pink Offshoulder Top I wore in the video is from PEARLMILKTEA :)

It's actually a  Pink Offshoulder Top x Skorts Set, which means you get a pair of pretty pink skorts as well and I think it's super worth it! :D

One of my prettiest tops ever!
And it makes me look like I have a nice tan here, lol not bad, maybe I should go tanning some day! :D

Thank you for reading & watching my video!
Love you all :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi babe! what video editor you use?