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Fillers: Part 1

Sorry that this post came a year late (oops),
but I went to a Nuffnang's Blogger Event at Privé Clinic along with several other bloggers last year to learn about Facial Re-Contouring! :)

These are some slides from the presentation at the event which I think are the most important :)

These are some areas you can have fillers and botox done at!

The doctors talked about the ideal heart-shaped face, which mainly means a v-shape chin, slim jawline and full, youthful cheeks.

And we can achieve that through botox and fillers.
I'm not very sure about the details, but from my (very shallow lol) understanding, botox is to reduce an area to make it smaller (eg, squarish jaw), and fillers is to add up for areas where you feel like is inadequate (flat cheeks, short chin etc).

Both fillers and botox are temporary (last for a year), which is good because if you really decide that you don't like it anymore you can stop anytime? :)
For me I'm really fickle, so I think I'll prefer this to surgery.
Because just like fashion, even facial features have their own trends.
So anything too permanent will definitely be harder to remove / alter should you decide to change it in future.
For example, nowadays people appreciate aegyo sal (love pouches) more because people now perceive it as a more youthful and innocent type of facial feature,
whereas in the past people would kill to get rid of their eye pouches.

And among the different types of fillers, Radiesse was recommended.

"Many plastic surgeons prefer using Radiesse injections due to its ability to naturally adapt to the face of the patient and mold to the existing collagen. By doing so, this gives a much smoother look compared to patients who have undergone invasive surgical procedures that have cut into the skin to reshape its contours of the face. This procedure takes generally from 15-30 minutes, but does not require local anesthetic for certain areas of the face, making it an outpatient procedure with minimal operating time."

"The tiny calcium-based microspheres form somewhat of a ‘scaffold’ to support and stimulate the growth of the body’s own collagen. Over time, these calcium-based microspheres break down gradually and are safely absorbed by your body naturally on top of temporarily filing in facial folds and wrinkles."

Two of the doctors at Privé Clinic, Dr Karen Soh on the right :)
Dr Karen Soh is sort of my favourite/most-preferred doctor for fillers because I've watched a lot of her videos on YouTube prior to the event
and I feel like I've known her for a long time (although it was the first time I saw her in real life that day haha)
and I've always liked the results she delivered, so she was sort of like a celebrity doctor to me.
A bit star struck when I saw her haha!

Then Dr Karen Soh did a live demonstration of cheek fillers on Valerie, Miss Universe Singapore 2011, who was already very pretty before the fillers,
but the fillers will add on more dimension to her face to achieve the ideal heart shape effect! :)
I think that botox and fillers isn't really about changing your face, but it's sort of like how we would contour our face using bronzing powder and highlighter!
To enhance what you already have,
so you'll still look like yourself, but prettier!

They also asked for 2 volunteers on the spot to get complimentary fillers done by Dr Karen Soh!
We all crossed our fingers and toes to get picked, but sadly only two girls out of the many could get it, aww.

But it was really cool to see that anyone chosen at random can benefit from fillers and still look good!
Cause most of us might be skeptical (as always), thinking like
"Miss Universe Singapore definitely looks pretty, with or without fillers. How about a normal person like me? Can fillers really help me?"
So the demonstrations really answered our doubts!

Dr Karen Soh discussed with the 2 lucky winners and they decided on which areas to do fillers at.

This girl did chin and cheek fillers!

And this girl did nose and chin fillers! :D

When she sat up from the chair I was like HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOUR NOSE!!!
And I kept staring at her face omg super nice!!!

And then we mingled and had Q&A! :)

Some camwhore shots from that day~

With Peishi, and somehow we two really looked like sisters that day!
Jiejie and meimei lol
It's probably the hair (now our hair isn't alike anymore)!

Us with the super mei nv Clara!

With some of the Nuffies Huixian, Jayne and Melissa who helped make this event possible! :D

And Miss Universe Singapore definitely lives up to her name!
She attended the event WITHOUT make up, lens or even falsies, and still looks radiant and pretty,
compared to my make up cake I spent 3 hours to apply lol whoooops :S

The 2 doctors and the 3 prettier and more confident girls!!! :D
Fillers is just amazing.
You basically walk in to the clinic and within 10 to 15 minutes you leave a prettier and more confident girl with a enhanced features you can flaunt!
Kinda like magic huh :D

So after the event I kept thinking about what we learnt fron the event, the process of getting fillers done, the results etc
and I really really want to get them done on my nose bridge and my chin as well!
It was like on my mind for MONTHS!

Fast forward to a week ago, I finally got them done at Privé Clinic with Dr Karen Soh!!! :D

This is my before photo, unedited!

My nose tip isn't very tall or exceptionally pretty, but it was okay,
mai hiam buay pai (still acceptable if I don't be picky),
but the bridge was definitely lacking in height
and I've always wanted to know how it feels like to have a high nose bridge, even if it's just for a year (or maybe more after that if I really like it hehe)!
And also, my chin is really short (runs in the family) and my face always looks extra round because of that, so I discussed with Dr Karen Soh about it during consultation! :D

I think it's quite obvious when your nose bridge is lacking compared to the tip of your nose when the light shines directly down on your face and you can see the tip of your nose looking extremely illuminated and round like Rudolph's and the nose bridge is just hidden somewhere in the dark :(
It'd definitely look better if the nose bridge is higher!

The nurse at Privé Clinic helping me remove my make up from my nose and chin where I'm going to be getting fillers at!!! *excited*

Numbing cream applied for a few minutes to reduce any discomfort for the patient! :D
Love the numbing cream!
For me I felt almost nothing. No pain at all so it was awesome hahah!


Reading the pamphlet about Radiesse fillers while waiting and feeling excited (and I probably was smiling to myself like an idiot) cause that's the one I'm going to do (cause I knew about it from the Nuffnang's Bloggers Event last year)!

Being an extremely big goof while waiting hahah
double chin please be goneeee!

Random note, I had a nice soft comfy blanket that matched light brown coloured knitted top in the waiting room, yay!

And here is my part 1 vlog showing the process of me getting fillers done! :D

I was to expect swelling and maybe some bruises after the prodecure and the nurse told me "Most patients actually like their swelled up nose".
Initially I didn't know what she meant, but now I do hahah!

This is me IMMEDIATELY AFTER getting the fillers done.
Check out the extra high exaggerated nose bridge and long chin lol!!!
I looked like a completely different person hahah!
Like quite nice ah! :D
But of course this was due to the SWELLING and IT WILL SUBSIDE, so please don't freak out if you think your nose looks "too high" or "unnatural", although I can't deny it was really fun while it lasted :p

My swelling went down quite a bit the next day, and now I'm only left with slight bruises on my chin which I can easily cover with make up!
The doctor says that on average bruises and swelling will last about 3 to 5 days depending on the individual, but you can definitely conceal it.
If you have work or school, I'd advise doing your fillers on a Friday afternoon so that by Monday you'll be a prettier person (and without bruises/swelling)!
The fillers look totally natural now so I still look like myself, but better than before :D

I haven't had the time to camwhore much yet (also cause of my braces, sigh), so I'll just leave you guys with these pictures to show you how natural it looks now :)


Q: How much does fillers at Privé Clinic cost?
A: $900 per area

Q: Did it hurt?
A: NOT AT ALL! All thanks to the numbing cream hahah!

Q: Why did you choose Privé Clinic?
A: Cause I've seen/heard about a lot of good reviews, seen the results they were able to deliver and wanted that kind of result for myself.

Q: How long do the fillers last?
A: About a year.

Q: Why fillers instead of rhinoplasty?
A: It's very mildly invasive, no need to go under the knife, less risk, instant results in about 10 - 15 minutes, no need for bandages, I can still eat seafood (lol!!!), no down-time,
the Radiesse fillers they use has collagen in it and it's safer than an implant, it gives about the same results as a rhino but more natural,
and if you calculate the cost, if you do fillers every year it's about the same as a rhino too but it's more convenient and you can always add on to make it higher anytime? :)

Q: Any regrets after getting fillers done?
I love the results! :D

That's all the questions I got from you all so far!
I might do a Part 2 to this post with a vlog, so do let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try my best to answer them! :)
More before-after pictures soon when all my bruises disappear totally, I promise!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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