Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Update

Wore these Ox-Blood spiked sandals out the other day and to say they were comfortable would be an understatement!
I could have walked all night long if only the shops didn't close so early!
It's been such a long time since I got a pair of pretty sandals that I can match my outfits with
and I'm glad I finally did! :)
If you are interested in the sandals too, you can get them from

RoseatePosy is also an APPARELS+ACCESSORIES pre-order webstore!
Love their trustworthy and efficient service :D
Shop now at:
Remember to quote 'RACHELLXRP' to get $1 discount for preorder #44! :D
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Some other colours you can choose from :)

 Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend so far!
I spent mine with Martin having some kick ass spicy chicken for the first time at Nando's,
cycling, feeding cats under his block, watching tons of zombie movies
and having very serious discussions about how we should survive a zombie apocalypse.

Hahaha we're such nerds, I admit 8)
But will you guys want a blogpost on some tips we discussed? I'm being serious here :o

Will blog proper soon (plus let you guys know where to get this pullover)!

Just a quick update about some stuff:
I compared my teeth with pictures from before and they moved a bit (although I didn't realise it), so yay! Hopefully they'll move faster! Braces blogpost HERE.
Skin still looking good since the last blogpost, so I hope that keeps up!
Fringe is growing so I guess I can stop pinning my fringe up already :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!


yuyupanda said...

I really like ur blog and videos.

Keep it up and stay cute :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachell! You have really great posts! When I read your blog, I learn many new things! I really like your blog a lot! :-)

- Sarah