Friday, January 4, 2013


You have to dream before your dreams can come true.
~ Abdul Kalam

And right now I'm dreaming of a walk-in wardrobe! :D

I feel like I'm getting a few steps closer to that dream because I got to know of this amazing online boutique called SassyDream which has EVERYTHING that I want to buy -
from classy dresses to knitted tops to casual tees, in every style, print and cutting!
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When I visited their website, my first impression was
mind = blown.
I told this to them via email, and I really do feel like they have such a dream online store and it's so insane!
Like IF I opened an online shop, I'd wish to have EXACTLY the same items they're selling haha!
Super honoured to be working with them for this post! :)

My favourite item from SassyDream is the Bart Simpson cropped sweater, which I believe is Jeremy Scott inspired.
I really love the cutting of this sweater because it's extremely flattering and it's stretchy too!
Their website has a couple more of these same crop cutting (cropped pullovers and cropped tees),
from daisy prints to other plain sweet pastel colours, so do remember to a look! :)
Good for days when you feel skinny and want to flaunt a bit hehe!
Quote "rachelltan13" to get free normal postage!

I started to like My Little Pony after I watched this Epic Cupcake Time (parody of Epic Meal Time and MLP) and when I saw this Pinkie Pie top on SassyDream, I was like I'VE GOT TO HAVE IT!

It's sooo cute and also really suitable for casual shopping dates with girlfriends!
When I go shopping or to just chill out somewhere, I like to make sure that I'm not wearing something too complicated (like rompers or button shirts) cause I just want to feel comfortable :)
And this Pinkie Pie top from SassyDream is PERFECT!
They also have a Twilight Sparkle version if you're a fan of hers :D

If you're looking for a versatile skater skirt to fit any size,
SassyDream has a really unique quilted Leather Skater Skirt which makes everything look really expensive and classy! :)
I matched it with a bleached denim vest here just to play around with different textures,
but I think this pair of skirt will look amazing even with a plain blouse or shirt.
It's just one of those staple pieces you need to have in your wardrobe for lazy days because this skirt will help make any outfit effortlessly chic!

What you've seen in this post is only about 0.0001% of the awesomeness that awaits you at SassyDream!
They're also currently having a $20.13 sale on selected items, so this is your chance!!
So do visit this shopping heaven now at 
Quote "rachelltan13" to get free normal postage!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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