Monday, January 7, 2013

WRWT: Tanglin Mall Part 1

School or work's a drag to the most of us, which is why we often have to look for ways to motivate ourselves to look forward to going to work/school.

I don't know about you, but a new bag can mean a lot to me!
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I secretly get these little kicks from handling my new bag hahah!
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Checked out Tanglin Mall the other day with Martin because we always pass by the place while on the cab heading home but have never been there before.
The mall was surprisingly quiet on a Saturday night, but the place was OVERFLOWING with things to see and amazing food to try out!
To name a few, there was a huge toy store (The Better Toy Store), a party supplies shop (Magic Wand), awesome pigout places like Chili's, Nando's and Cedele, this really interesting fashion furniture store called iwannagohome! and so much more! :D

Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Not sure which of us initiated it,
but the moment we both saw the myriad of colourful toys in The Better Toy Store,
it's like we knew we had to go in there! :D

The Better Toy Store
Tanglin Mall #01-11/12

Experiencing waves and waves of nostalgia as we fiddled with the toys on display!
As kids we always wished to grow up faster. But as we grow older, we find ourselves wishing we could turn back time and relive those innocent and carefree days
because scraped knees are easier to fix than a broken heart.

I exceptionally loved the wooden toys at The Better Toy Store because they're all so simple,
but yet with some help of your imagination, an exciting adventure or epic journey of some sort can emerge!
I wonder if kids these days still use plain paper as fake money, shred them up to become "noodles", or even fold their own paper planes anymore?

From wooden blocks to glow in the dark goo to cooking sets to teddy bears to stickers.. free smiles (aww!!) :D
You can find them all at The Better Toy Store!
And it wasn't packed so it's good for us cause we hate crowded places like madddd :s

Then we went over to Nando's because the fragrance coming from the restaurant was damn inviting!

Nando's (Tanglin Mall)
#01-14/15 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 62353555

It was our first time there so we took a quite long time deciding what we wanted.
But one thing was for sure - we were STARVING!!!
I've seen many people tweet or post about Nando's previously but some where good and some weren't so good,
so I couldn't decide if people posted about them with intentions of recommending the place or damning the place,
but I personally liked it, A LOT! :D
Major plus point that the place was beautifully decorated too!

Really hungry cause we couldn't decide what to order hahah everything looked sounded good please!
I wish I could've told the waiter
"Something smells really good in the kitchen, I don't know what it is, but can I order that?"

In the end, we ordered 2 bowls of mushroom soup, 2 bowls of Mediterranean Rice and a Meal Platter (a Whole Chicken for 2 to share)!

If you want to check out the Nando's menu, I actually googled it hahaha
And I've got cravings now :(

They've got one of the BEST mushroom soups I've ever tasted, because there're tiny bits of chicken meat in the soup omg!!!
And super yummy too! :)
Wish I'd known about this when I had my wisdom teeth extracted because this would have been perfect when I couldn't chew much!
I still can't bite on hard things so I soaked my garlic bread entirely in the soup until it's all soggy and kinda gross hahah

Me with braces on is not a good period for people to watch me eat because I make all my food soggy before eating it.
Just this morning I soaked PIZZA IN MILK cause I was that desperate to have a slice of pizza LOL

But Nando's was really generous with their garlic bread and that made my growling tummy so so happy :D :D

And this is the whole chicken!
They have different degree of spiciness and we ordered it Hot, because the waiter told us even he can't handle Extra Hot so we took his advice lol!!
There is no better way of describing their chicken except DAMN SHIOK b;
The hot sauce is spicy and slightly tangy, and that definitely whets your appetite.
The grilled chicken skin was smooth and juicy and I literally slurped up the skin like it was noodles lol!
Super juicy and soft meat on the inside, even on the usually dry and hard parts (like breast meat) :D
I could get used to eating this everyday omg.

And because the chicken was bursting with exciting flavours (both on the inside and outside), having the mildly fragrant mediterranean rice to go along with it was a perfect combination!

Does this get you in the mood?
It certainly does for me!!!! b;

My black draped cropped top that day is from Hana Secret :)
Super love the soft and non-sheer material!
Plus no need for ironing, scoreeeee :D 
Quote "rachelltan" to enjoy SGD2.00 off purchases. Code is valid till 28th Jan 2013!

What you see here is just a teeny tiny fraction of all the shops at Tanglin Mall and there will be a Part 2 to this post too (and even so, I wasn't able to capture everything there haha!)!
Do check out Tanglin Mall when you're free sometime
cause I think this charming mall deserves way more love than it's receiving right now! :D

Coming WRWT: Tanglin Mall Part 2 will be for those with a major sweet-tooth! :)
Be prepared for a visual sugar rush!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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