Sunday, February 17, 2013

+20% FREE Nutella

Just received these two gorgeous tops from VogueAvenue!
They have the smexiest cuttings and they're sooooo cute!
Fell in love with the polkadot off shoulder crop top (in Navy) the moment I saw it!

They also have a ton of gorgeous dresses as well that's chic enough for work, and hot enough for play :)
And I think that one of VogueAvenue's biggest strengths is definitely having an eye for apparels with AMAZINGLY FLATTERING cuttings!

First tube top I ever had that DOES NOT squish out your underarm fats!
(Plus it has a lot of padding :p)

Anyway I baked Nutella heart shaped cake and Nutella cupcakes last night and they were DA BOMB!
Nutella makes EVERYTHING taste good!
Instead of just frosting the top of the cupcakes like I usually do, I decided to dump spoonfuls of Nutella into the cupcake batter before baking the cupcakes.

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I can taste it in my mouth by just looking at this picture.... :D
Just kidding, I actually am eating one right now lol!

And the heart shaped Nutella cake was for my friend Jaslyn's birthday!
Jas and Ting came over today to do a dance routine with me
and we also did a lot of other random things because we get distracted easily because that's what girls do hahah!

And Ting bought the random tidbits to decorate the cake! :D
We finished eating the entire cake immediately after dinner :X

And these are just some bloopers from today, and watch my eyebrows shake for harlem shake!
*ahem* New girl group ah, we're called The 3 Blind Cats hahahah!
Watch this space for the actual video! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!


Dawn said...

cute top! :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell us the recipe! It looks so delicious!! :D