Friday, February 15, 2013

3rd month with braces, and still hating it!

The black top + brightly coloured attention-grabbing bottoms combination ALWAYS work for me, and I love it!
Wearing the Cosmic Galaxy Skirt from The Palettes :)
The skirt has an elastic waist band so it fits most sizes, not to worry!
I always feel troubled when I have to choose sizes for stuff online, shorts and skirts in particular (too lazy to check the measurements...),
so I personally prefer getting free-sized clothes such as this.
Plus it makes lending/sharing my clothes with my sister a lot easier too!

Practiced smiling (what kind of idiot needs to PRACTICE smiling?! oh right, me -.-) with braces today cause I think I look really unfriendly in a lot of my pictures when I don't smile, but when I don't consciously control my smile/laughter (with braces on), it looks SERIOUSLY hideous T~T
I feel like I'm getting uglier because of my braces......... x.x
Have you seen the latest videos on Reelity Bites? MY FACE WITH BRACES = CUI MAX.
(and my half-assed fringe too. only have myself to blame for using scissors to snip off my long fringe previously lolol 自找麻烦)
Now I'm actually trying to lie to myself that I'm having a terrible nightmare of having braces but when I wake up from this, my teeth will magically become pretty~ :)

And if you'd be so kind to stay with me till my weird awkward metal/ceramic-mouth till my teeth become pretty and my braces comes off and my fringe grows long again, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

Check out the swollen weird-mouthed braceface..
Quite the reason why I don't take as much pictures of my face anymore :/

Oh wait, just checked the calendar and realised it's been exactly 3 months since I had braces!
That means I've been COMPLAINING about braces for 3 months non-stop hahah
I know some people who totally embraced their braces period and THEY LOOKED GOOD.
Plus theirs were the traditional metal kind!
But I think my face shape damn weird and my mouth is too small for my face and my lips are non-existent so they look terrible with braces.

Okay I'm actually just complaining half-heartedly.
I know I should be thankful that I still have teeth and still can eat a lot of food etc :)

Just being extra whiny because my boyfriend is overseas and I have no one to whine to lol

Anyway thank you for bearing with my rants, love you all! ^~^

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where is ur top from?x