Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Essensuals Bugis #10

Hi sweethearts!
Check out this pretty red dress from
Perfect for CNY!! ^~^

Quote "RachellTan" with your purchase to get $1 off!

They are providing special meet ups so that you can get your dresses before CNY! :D

Went to Essensuals Bugis recently to get a new haircut for CNY!
Okay.... not exactly hahah!
My hair is kind of the same as it was before, except I got 1.5 inches snipped off, did the Mythic Oil Ritual treatment and it feels soooo luxurious now hahah yay!
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Watch my vlog about it! :)

(sorry the lighting was super effed up at the start of the video.. idk what happened :S)

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039

Join them on Facebook for all their latest updates, promotions etc!
You can also ASK QUESTIONS about hair treatments, prices, promotions etc on their Formspring:

Feel free to post your enquiries there cause they are extremely efficient in answering your doubts!
Mention you're a reader of RACHELL'S BLOG for SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on ala carte services! :D

They now have this really big banner at Bugis so you'll definitely be able to find them! :)

Among all the treatments I've done at Essensuals Bugis so far, I think this Mythic Oil Ritual Treatment is my favourite!
My hair (I mean the individual strands) somehow feels thicker and less fragile, plus I snipped off a lot of my screwed up ends of my hair so my hair is looking really healthy now! :D

Some benefits of Mythic Oil :)
Look at my pretty and healthy "new" hair! :D

Also, I can't wait to use the curler I bought from Essensuals Bugis
(yes, I PAID the full $160 myself because my old curler is spoiled)
and I will let you girls know if it's good! :D
Hopefully I'll be able to achieve the same beautiful curls that Essensuals Bugis did for me!! :)

Here're some ongoing packages at Essensuals Bugis (applies to Stylist Level only) for those who are keen in getting a new haircut or style for CNY! :D

If you want to check out Essensuals Bugis' hairstyles and see what they're capable of,
It's undoubtedly a good place to get inspirations on new hairstyles!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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