Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fillers: Part 2

I mentioned that I'll do a part 2 with before-after pictures and so here it is! :)

Sorry I took so long though :X

These are some before shots! (with my previous hair colours too haha)
I think my favourite angle of my face is my side view because I think I look quite weird/bad from front view..
So going for fillers really made my love my side profile even more!

If you noticed, the tip of my nose was already of an acceptable height, although it wasn't super tall, but still quite alright.
It's just that I felt like the nose bridge part was lacking by a lot and so it creates that dent,
so going for fillers was awesome! :)

Previously, I had to using shading powder to contour the sides of my nose bridge quite a lot to create that high nose bridge illusion.

And this is how my nose and chin looks now! :D
A whole lot less shading on the nose and I LOVE IT!!!
Sometimes shading powder can make your face look "dirty" if you know what I mean,
and so fillers was the perfect way for me to have a nicer but still natural-looking nose :)

My side profile!!!
A bit self praise, but omg I think my chin looks sooooo good after the fillers!
I still have a double chin, but it's way less obvious now and I'm super happy with both the nose and chin fillers! :D :D

Also, the fillers are still going strong and haven't dropped in height yet, yay!

And here are some questions that I didn't get to answer previously!

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: I think the only "side effects" are the bruises for about 2 days and they'll fade away real quick.

Q: Is there an age limit to getting fillers done?
A: I don't think so but I think if you're not 21 yet you might need to get your parent's/ guardian's permission.. I think!

Q: Is there anything you cannot eat or do because of the fillers?
A: I was super kiasu and asked the nurse this question too hahah!
No food restrictions immediately after getting fillers done, thankfully! :D
I think the main things you have to pay attention to is to try not to frown or wear heavy spectacles (like oversized shades) for the first few days
because you don't want your fillers to move around (it needs some time to stabilise).
And don't sleep flat on your face or rest on your chin (for chin fillers) for the first two weeks.
Apart from that, you can do everything else as normal :)
I'm quite careful with my nose and chin now because I want the fillers to stay there for as long as possible hahah!

Q: Can I pay by installments?
A: I don't think so because I never tried asking the clinic, but you could probably try asking them about it? :)

And for those who are interested in the clinic I went to,
I got my nose and chin fillers done by Dr Karen Soh at Privé Clinic :)

Privé Clinic
390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871
Call: 6737 6639

Oh and before I forget,
previously when I did a make up tutorial for Aegyo Sal (love bands), I mentioned that you can get fillers for it if you don't want to draw them on.
So I saw this picture on Privé Clinic's Facebook page and apparently you can get this done at their clinic as well! :)
Maybe this will be my next aim! :p

Alright so that's it for this post!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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