Monday, February 4, 2013

Love & food ♥

我有预感, 我会一辈子只喜欢你~

My bestest friend and my love ♥

Had another fun weekend with Martin! Yay :D 
But I have some bad news..
He's going overseas for deployment for about a month (army stuff) soon :'(

I might lose all my appetite, I might lose all my joy, I might feel listless and lethargic, I might not smile, I might not laugh, I might die of boredom.... I might die x.x
I don't know, and I really don't want to know T~T

Martin's my boyfriend, my only best friend and my closest friend ever, and I hardly ever meet my other friends in case you didn't know yet

So anyway we took a lot of pictures together this weekend cause we're planning to print them out next weekend to put in our wallets, so that we can bring the pictures around no matter where we are!!! :D
(and we'll still be able to look at our pictures even if our phone battery died hahah)
(also in case of a zombie apocalypse and we get separated, we'll still have each others' pictures with us to keep us going :S *geek mode*)

We got our "What's Up Bitch!" and "L.O.V.E." couple teeshirts from NaiseClothes 
Quote "Rachell" and get 10% your purchases!
I wore S size and Martin wore L size :)

NaiseClothes started with the idea of "clothes need not be in fashion as long as it's naise", because the owner of NaiseClothes personally loves wearing clothes that are timeless and will never go out of fashion!
This led to NaiseClothes launching collection Naise Tees: the collection where tees never go out of trend. 
Do Like their Facebook page as well:

We started out trying to take decent-looking pictures, posey and all...

And then we got more comfortable with these goofy ones lol

Thank you for bearing with all the nonsense I put you through and silly things I make you do, baby, you're the best hahaha XD

And then I was like "okay okay, let's try to look more professional like those real models"

By the way he usually isn't THIS much taller than me...

It's more like this, but I think his height is perfect for me ^~^

Here's a damn crazily handsome photo of Martin with his favourite smolder face lol!

Me: Baby...
Martin: Yeah?
Me: Can you don't stand on the little chair already? You look too tall for me....

And that is the secret to why he looked so insanely tall in some pictures :p

Weekends are the best because all we do is to eat while watching shows, and then fall asleep on the sofa,
and then wake up, prepare more food, eat, watch shows and fall asleep again! :) :)
No worries, no stress and neither of us gives a f about gaining weight as long as we accept each other the way we are~

Our current favourite food/snacks are:
Chips more! dipped in milk
Canned corn soup with Ritz Biscuit
McSex (McSpicy + cheese - lettuce + change sesame bun to Fillet-o-fish's bun)
Prosperity burger
Twister fries

We HAVE TO eat these every week.
and everything else we eat is just additional! :D

And this weekend we also ate this delicious claypot rice at a hawker center!
I love the moment when you first open the cover of it and the orgasmic fragrance literally explodes out of the pot
Look at the smoke~~

And my talented lil brother also made his own home-made beef bowl (like the one from Yoshinoya)!
I was so impressed cause it tasted so much like the real deal! (and this is an all-you-can-eat, lol!)
I love my family and boyfriend so much :')

Happy happy weekend!
Hope you guys had a blast this weekend too!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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