Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello loves!
The weekends are here, yay!!

There's a new ASTONS express that just opened around my area so Martin and I went there for dinner today! :)
(it's near the 7-Eleven /hawker centres that stretch of walking distance from Kovan MRT)
I'm not too sure of the address as well because it's the kind of place where I know where it is because I live nearby, but I have no idea what the exact address is :/

But you can find all the ASTONS available in Singapore here:

I love ASTONS because their dishes (especially their steaks) are super worth it!
Each plate is about $7.50 to $16 (depending on what you order) and it also comes with 2 sides,
confirm will full one hahah!
It's like affordable and casual western cuisine, and ASTONS express can usually be found at hawker centres (non-air conditioned),
so you can go there in teeshirt, shorts, slippers, have no table manners, burp as loud as you want,
and still enjoy high quality, yummy and atas food :p

I wore my PASTEL LOOSE KNIT TOP from Stylexotic out today!
I'm really starting to love lavender/light purple clothes!
They look sweet, but they're not super princessy like pink, so it's like a perfect balance? :D
And I mentioned before that the purplish shade makes us look super glowy and radiant too!

 Got this little beeper thing to let us know when our food is done :)

Cause it's difficult to bite with my braces, I try not to eat steaks (as much as I love them) cause it'll take me forever to cut a steak into small slices and it'll be a super burden to the person who's dining with me,
so I chose the salmon fillet instead.
And I was scared that I won't be full enough so I asked for rice and mashed potato as sides b;
Please order the rice as a side at least once if you're going to ASTONS, you won't regret it!

The salmon fillet was not bad, I would have prefered dory fillet (which they have but I didn't order) because I like to eat salmon raw,
but it was alright!
Mashed potato and super crazily yummy rice made up for everything!!

I ordered mushroom soup as well cause I'm greedy like that!

Martin's ribeye steak with (cajun?) fries and baked potato.
nin nao hia, his one looks SO MUCH BETTER!!!
I want to eat steak too T~T

I have a ton of things that I'm DYING to eat and can't eat because I don't want to risk my braces brackets falling out when I bite too hard on them,
so I'm making a list to remind myself what to eat the moment my braces comes off lol.
(can you believe I won't be able to eat bak kwa this CNY? fml ttm I swear. But nevermind, I will eat double or triple the amount of pineapple tartsssss)

ASTONS' steaks taste amazing (I koped a small slice from Martin) and it's so worth the price!
It'll probably cost us double or triple if we ordered this at other restaurants.
I have no idea what seasoning powder is on the fries, but they remind me of cajun fries and they're delicious so I really liked it!

Total bill for 2 main dishes and 1 soup cost about $33, reasonable right? :D

And then the two of us we went to PartyWorld at Serangoon NEX to sing karaoke for 3 hours and we kind of ran out of songs to sing lol!
No pictures cause the place was dark and we were so engrossed in singing, except this one crappy picture of us seemingly taken with a potato (also known as the iPhone 4 front camera) :D

I think if I had taken a video of us singing just now..... people might just think we're mental or something lol!
It's just the kind of crazily fun moments where you really want to tell others about,
but if you do, they probably wouldn't get it unless they're there for themselves.
So yeah, no video too~~

But I did randomly record a cover of Rainie Yang's Li Xiang Qing Ren earlier today
because when Martin whatsapped me and told me we were going to karaoke, I was super in the mood for singing songs hahah
Sorry it's nothing professional, recorded just for fun!

Alright I'm going to bed now!
Have a happy weekend!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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