Thursday, February 21, 2013

The White Carousel

Pretty dresses, funky apparels, chic structured clothing - I can never get enough of them!
And TheWhiteCarousel is an awesome site that has all of the above! :D

They will be launching new collections WEEKLY from TWC001 Armour Collection onwards,
how exciting is that! :D
Be spoiled for choice as they update with fresh new designs inspired by the latest fashion trends every week!
There is also international shipping available for overseas buyers :)
Be entitled to FREE normal postage by joining their mailing list at!

Whether you're looking for something fun, classy or just simple and casual,
you can be sure to find them at TheWhiteCarousel :)

Was feeling quite adventurous and wanted to go for a more quirky/funky look,
and this pair of striped shorts was absolutely perfect for it!
Matched it with my DIY Aztec Glasses too :D

A girl always must have more than enough pretty dresses in her wardrobe
because you will definitely want to be super prepared for any surprise special dates or occasions ;)
This embellished neckline LBD from TheWhiteCarousel is perfect for me because I love to wear black (safe colour haha!),
and also because the cutting and material of the dress looks formal and expensive!

Gotta love the extra blinged-up neckline and pleats at the bottom of the dress!

And last but not the least, here's one of the most comfortable pants I've ever worn, from TWC!
These are mid-waisted, which means they're good for hiding our tummies haha :p
Also, if you're not a huge fan of the tight denim jeans material, you should DEFINITELY get a pair of these!
They're soooo comfortable, it's almost like wearing leggings, but the material is not sheer at all!
Plus I think the structured lines running through the center of the jeans helps create the illusion of longer legs, love it :D

Do also check out the following TWC websites for their latest updates on brand new collections!

They are also currently having a giveaway on their Facebook page! :)
Giveaway ending on 26th Feb 2013!
Fastest fingers first :D
Happy shopping!
Love you all! :)


Kacey said...

vlog on how to make that aztec glasses please! you're awesome in diy-ing! there're bound to be haters out there, so cheer up! :D

Sharmaine Swee said...

Hello! May i know where did you get the spaghetti strap nude colour top that your paired with the green jeans from???? ITS SOOO PRETTTYYY~~~!!! <3