Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DRx #3

If you've read my previous post about my first visit to DRx, you should know that my skin has improved tremendously! :)

Before & After

Since then, DRx has invited me to review their one of their facial treatments! :)

Plus because life is all about progress,
(because if we remained stagnant there'd be nothing to look forward to)
(okay fine, I was just being greedy.. human nature, don't pretend you're not like that too lol)
I went to DRx for a review of my skin after about a month and to do a treatment!

Dr Angela was happy with my skin's improvement and I was recommended to go for the Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment ($3500 for 5 sessions)
to help with my open pores and also to help brighten my skin.
Since my clogged pores weren't the main issue anymore with the help of the Derma-Rx product range,
Dr Angela felt that it was a good time to treat my open pores and that'll help me get closer to my dream (and everyone else's dream) of flawless skin! :)
Also because my skin is quite dull without make up, so some brightening effect would be good!
I liked it when the doctor said the treatment is for brightening, and not whitening.
Cause the idea of whitening just makes me think it's bleaching out my skin, but not necessarily to give it a healthy glow.
Whereas brightening makes me think of radiant and dewy skin! :)

This is before treatment!
My skin was already really not bad before the treatment because of the Derma-Rx products,
and compared to how my skin was before this, I really have no right to complain at all :D
(plus this was my pms period, and only one pimple!!! heng ah~)
But like I said, it's all about the progress, so I went ahead to try the  Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment!

(please pardon the super messy hair, I woke up late :X)

I was brought to cleanse my face and the staff helped me apply this black Carbon mask thing, and then they let me sit at a special waiting room where I took pictures with my black face :D

And then awhile later, I went into the treatment room and Dr Angela used this laser thingy (at that point I was imagining it's like some huge laser ray gun, cause I couldn't see cause my eyes were covered with eye protectors lol) to zap off the areas with the black mask.
It didn't hurt one bit, it just sounded like static or sparklers so at the start you might feel a little startled.
But once you get used to the sound it's actually not that bad!

Just like how when you're in the waiting room, weird drilling sounds always come out of the dentist's operating room and you're like "wtf is going on, someone's dying inside~~~", but actually it's just someone getting their teeth washed -.- hahah!

I actually asked what this Carbon Laser treatment will do, because I always like to know what goes on in a treatment, what's being put on my face etc because I never like to dive into getting treatments done without knowing what to expect. Especially when the treatment is a little on the pricey side~
So I'll try to tell you guys what the treatment does to the best of my ability... because I'm not a professional and I don't know all the proper terminologies :x

Basically the carbon mask will penetrate into your skin, especially the big open pores (which is why you have to wait for it to dry for a few minutes), and the doctor will use the laser on the areas with the carbon mask, and this will zap the carbon layer off.
When the carbon layer is zapped off, it causes a very small "wound" on the open pores and this stimulates your skin to help that area recover and naturally close up the "wound".
The word "wound" sounds scary but I don't know how else to put it hahah!
But this treatment does not have any down time, which is why I said the wound is really small cause it doesn't cause any scabbing or peeling.

Check out my alien fingers lol! Real mature~

Immediately after the Carbon Laser treatment, my skin already looks brighter!
But it's not the end yet~
After treating the open pores, there's a Cryo Rejuvenation treatment to pamper my skin with lots of beneficial serums and stuff :D :D

Unlike the Carton Laser treatment, the Cryo Rejuvenation is super cooling and relaxing, and I almost fell asleep lol!
The nurse will lay you down on a bed and put some serums on your face, and then she'll use a cooling handpiece which has low electrical currents (you can't actually feel it though) to help push the serum's ingredients into your skin! :)
I love this part of the entire treatment the most because it felt so pampering! ^~^
And the cooling effect definitely helps reduce puffiness and redness on your skin!

Immediately after the Cryo Rejuvenation treatment, my skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated!
It looked brighter, and the pimple on my forehead area looked less reddish.
And this my face a few days later with make up! (at Essensuals Bugis getting my hair done)
I forgot to resize it, but this means you can actually click on it to zoom in on all my pores to see the result of the Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment from DRx Clicnic :)

I used to dread applying foundation because my skin surface is always dry and flaky, but I think because of the products and treatment, my skin became more "obedient" when it came to applying foundation!
I'm applying significantly less foundation than I did before because my natural skin tone looks healthier now, and to me that's a really huge deal! :')

My overall review of this Carbon Laser + Cryo Rejuvenation treatment is that I really liked it and if my skin had emotions or could talk, it would be really happy and be telling me "Thank you!" lol!
I was told that results would be more significant after about 5 sessions, which is why they offer a package at $3500 for 5 sessions of this treatment.
But like I said in my first visit to DRx clinic blogpost, the doctors actually recommend trying out their products first before going for laser or any type of treatment,
because if the products can work for you, there's not really a need to pay more for laser treatments.
But if you want to be greedy (like me), then there'll be a price to pay lor haha :x

I personally can be really happy with using just the Derma-Rx products alone on a daily basis,
and will probably go for the laser treatments for extra special occasions (like CNY!!) or just to pamper myself once in awhile :)

I will still keep you guys updated on my skin condition from time to time just for those who are interested :)

And if you're interested to call up DRx Clinic for an appointment,
do remember to let them know that you are a reader of Rachell's blog or you know Rachell,
and you'll get consultation fee waived off!
Save $50 leh!!! :D
So do remember to let them know, especially when you're paying! :p

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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